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Several weeks ago I participated in a global meditation event based upon an inspirational and widely circulated email. Are you able to say if the event was a success? If so, can you describe how? Was the specified date and time as relevant as was publicized? Also, and I mean no disrespect, it seems that every time I turn around there is yet another call to action and another date that is supposed to be even more vitally significant than the last. Is our world really that fragile? Would everything we believe in unravel if we did not respond to these urgent requests? Lastly, are these events more noteworthy than our individual moments of prayer or contemplation with Spirit?

Your question, though well thought out and expressed, is reminiscent of something that has been swallowed, but cannot be entirely digested. Your generous deeds and desires for humanity and for the earth juxtapose the obvious contradictions that you feel. Know that you are not alone in your concerns, as countless other well-intentioned members of a growing community of consciousness think and feel as you do.

Your participation in the global mediation, and that of others, was perceived at a deep vibratory level throughout the globe. This means that for the duration of the cycle of intention, the earth was in direct resonance with a shared concentrated vibration that transcended the common and the known. The known has many relative boundaries and most of these are based on agreed upon beliefs. Certainly there are many beliefs regarding the limitations of the third dimension, but there are even more beliefs entirely dedicated to the limits of the human mind. These belief systems are as dense and out-moded as the concrete and glass buildings that imprison your creativity far too much of the time.

The limiting belief systems that humanity holds about itself are the very reason it now consigns itself to address the challenging and potentially life-threatening situations that have the power to free it forever. In order to do so, humanity must break through the old, ironclad half-truths that have long stood as substitutes for original and creative thought. With many present-day systems bound for collapse and failure, humanity must rise above the problems it has created with solutions that benefit its tomorrows rather than those that expired yesterday.

The event you participated in was the brainchild of a moment in which inspiration and desperation became one. Odd as it may appear, these two seeming opposites are more complimentary than not Opposites both attract and repel one another, the farther the stretch, the quicker the rebound effect. Thus, dramatic moments, however unfair or inconvenient they may seem at the time, can be thought of as blessings in disguise. Moments of divine inspiration are ones in which an isolated or limited thought becomes quickened by the intensity of limitlessness. This creates combustible catalyst– a fire that must consume itself, and because the law governing the infinite surpasses the more temporary law of the finite, a potential solution emerges in place of a persistent dilemma. The solution is born as pure potential, it is an immaculate conception, do you see? It is a potential solution, in that it can all too easily be dissolved in a moment of ignorance, doubt or fear. Very few original thoughts become actions, at least not in the third dimension.

This original thought became a prime directive for the individual who conceived it. Divine will, when coupled with human will, is a match made in heaven and made creative on earth. It is both creative principle and that which the principle created, do you see? Please follow along carefully. Do not allow yourself the luxury of becoming sluggish or glossing over these words! You will find the virtues of this law useful in almost every area of life should you apply it carefully and measure it equally in all directions. Natural Law, like Universal Law, is diverse and specific; always supporting that which is greater than itself and never undermining it as human law often does.

An original thought is almost always a success if for no other reason than it puts true creativity first. But true creativity, like an infant child, must be protected and nurtured until it can sustain itself. Ignorance, more than anything else, will subdue and even smother it before it has even known the breath of life. Such is the case with many grand and creative ideas that seemingly fall over the mirage called the horizon, as if the earth were truly flat. The individual whose efforts sustained the idea of a global meditation until it became of a force of its own reckoning held its vision beyond the point of no return. That this is the principle behind all creation is more important than the event itself, those who participated in it, and its overall effect.

The event can be deemed a success, but it is one of many in a succession of events. Where hearts and minds come together there is no limit to what can be achieved. The benefit of this event is that it became a living mediation, one whose directed energy was empowered by those who themselves felt powerful in their participation. The earth as a whole was able to draw upon that power and use it purposefully for the well being of the all and the All. Do not assume however, that a global meditation with awareness on peace means that the earth must use the energies gathered for that purpose alone. Energy flows based upon both necessity and creativity via the path of least resistance. Your bank account, for instance, does the same. Why does it seem to flow to your debts more quickly than to your creative notions? Because those to whom you owe have no resistance in allowing the repayment of that debt. The act of receiving is both creative and natural, do you see? As your creative instincts become first nature to you instead of second instinct, you will have more funds in your bank account with which to accomplish your creative means.

You wish to know about the specific success of this event, which is difficult to format into words. Can you specifically describe what makes you awaken to a more profound sense of purpose one day and not another? Or what makes you feel that you are part of a galactic race of beings whose evolution is linked to an indivisible net of consciousness? Can you explain what makes this unique awareness available to you in one moment and absent in the next? It is not that these questions cannot be answered so much as that the answers are found at the experiential level. These experiences are at the root of why, as individual souls, you risk everything again and again as units of human potential. There simply is nothing else like in the Universe. To be in service to the Wholeness is to be whole. To be whole is to be everything and all. Moments such as these approximate the experience of being All, rather than one with the All.

The specific date and time in this case was of less relevance to the global interests that can be considered Gaian or human so much as it was a catalyst, that be agreement, touched hearts and minds alike. The depths of sorrows and the heights of amazement to which the human spirit can soar are unequalled in the galaxy as far as the third dimension is concerned. The prime directive of the third dimension is experiential growth (not escape) through and beyond the veils of perceived suffering. Your participation in events such as those reflected in your questions indicate a desire to be a part of something greater than your individual thoughts. By the way, it does not matter if your motives are selfless or selfish; the effect is the same because your point of origin is the same. Energy is energy; the electrical outlet does not care if you are plugging in a refrigerator or a television. Do not confuse intent and motive, as one applies to focused thought and the other to reason and motion.

The date became something like ‘the shot heard ‘round the world’ but that is the nature of this period in time. Humanity is looking for signs and symbols in-between every crevice and under every rock. It is in consummate fear that it may miss the one and only link between its past and its future. May I promise you that this will not be the case? May I plead my case with you in this regard? You are made of the breath and substance of the One and the All. There is no error in your thinking and no temporary forgetting that would make it possible for you to get lost or left behind. Even the dust beneath your feet knows this. Please do not succumb to the urgency that you see in the hungry eyes of those who continue to dine at the table whose host is but the maker of the latest doomsday device.

Are all global meditation dates insignificant? No, but for the most part they are coordinates, indicators of humanity’s ability to come together as a community for a common cause. The inner knowing that guides you to join in thought to effect change, will one day guide you to join in thought to cause change. Events such as these promote the growth of certain cells within the brain that recognize ‘the family of man’. In other words, they recognize the signature call of divine human will. Does this mean that those who choose not to participate in these events will not develop this cell structure? No, this is one of many triggers that will guide you beyond doubt and into true instinctual knowing.

The world you live in is not fragile or brittle. Life upon earth is not tenuous. It is sound, secure and stable. It is currently in a state of adaptation, it is in the process of changing to fit new circumstances and conditions. All of life upon the earth is being modified to suit a greater purpose and there are no exceptions in this. All of life is undergoing the development of physical and behavioral characteristics that will allow it thrive under new and different circumstances. These conditions will continue to prevail and some will increase in intensity. That being said, some of your more difficult reactions will diminish as your sensory responses become more able to sustain new vibrations and other stimulus.

Please do not respond to the pleas of those insist that your participation in these events is necessary to save the world or save yourself. There is a tendency within those who advertise and broadcast these messages to unreasonably magnify their importance, making them into a mockery of the unjust and the unconscious. Let each invitation stand on its own merit Whether or not you accept or decline an invitation is up to you. Both heaven and earth will look favorably upon you either way. Refrain from believing in lack, and instead celebrate the abundance of resources at your disposal.

Your individual moments of contemplation are intimacies whose secrets rest within the divine. There is no comparison between these and the global moments of which you write. One does not stand in place of another. Each is a sacred act unto itself. Many believe that their inability to meditate prevents them from communicating with Earth and Heaven It is not so, A simple desire to share and expand your Beingness placed in or near your heart is strong enough to melt the lead of resistance and gain a foothold with Spirit! There is no substitute for this and your silence is not necessary. Sing your thoughts and your prayers if you like, do not underestimate Spirit’s ability to understand all languages. Do not measure yourself by the rewards or lessons of others. Be one as a conscious community and unique as a creative individual.

Do allow yourselves to celebrate the solstices and the equinoxes. Soon enough these dates will change. Do not chastise the melting of the poles! Good things will yet follow the thawing of that which has been long frozen. Your beliefs have also been frozen in time, and have prevented you from seeing beneath and beyond the limitations of this life. Whenever possible, acknowledge the new moon and the full. Give thanks that the sun returns each day and the moon at night. What you struggle with today you will look back upon in sweet nostalgia.



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