Hope For a Spiritual Economy

Question: Is there hope for a world economy based upon spiritual principles? I would like to change how I earn a living to something that feels more fulfilling and supportive of a world I would like to live in. I have watched others become healers, practitioners and channelers, but most are barely surviving financially, and the stress of not making ends meet seems to be the same regardless of one's work. I know that many make a practice of exchanging or bartering services, but that doesn't pay the rent. Topping this off, the spiritual community I know seems competitive and petty at times. I have seen compromises in principles that rival any in the hard-core business world! Is there a solution for this? Can we make a difference in the world and still earn a respectable income? Can we be spiritual and wealthy, too?

Answer: Spiritual principles are no different than other principles when they are supported, upheld and considered vital. A principle is an essential and underlying standard that assumes moral and ethical thinking and action. A principle is a primary thought; one that comes before all others. Principles, or right-thinking, is under the direction of First Cause, or that which came before Itself; the first before there was a first, and the zero before there was one. This principle, an absolute cause, assumes that right thinking will lead to right-action, the most natural and obvious effect.

This may surprise you, but the world is based upon spiritual principles, and for the most part they are upheld. Why doesn't it look that way? Because principles and higher laws are transparent and invisible. You cannot see cause, but you can see effect. Cause, being subtler than effect, is also more refined. Divine Law is the foundation upon which human law rests, but human law does not rest lightly just now, in fact it barely rests at all!

The difficulty with today's workplace is that very few feel that they are making a difference in their environment or the world they share with countless others. There is a nagging and persistent emptiness that remains largely unfulfilled. Starved for the kind of affection that only Spirit can bring, humanity goes in search of a more fulfilling job instead of a more fulfilling path. With so many hours spent at work per day, per week, and per year, it is not difficult to imagine why humanity would want to change to a more satisfying endeavor.

Why is the spiritual community brimming over with healers, channelers, teachers, facilitators and practitioners of every kind? Because those who have invited, welcomed or stumbled upon the warmth of Spirit into their lives cannot help but want to share it with others. There is a throne-like place within every being, a seat for the soul. Once Spirit enters this place and warms it with agni or soul-fire, a change unlike any other takes place, one that transforms lives and sets purpose on course.

As if intoxicated by a love potion, Matter and Spirit now joined, set a course that will take them beyond the sun and back again. While on this journey the being is able to revisit many of its previous expressions, and at each of these crossroads, another memory and another gift is added or recalled. Eventually the raging fire becomes a controlled furnace and the inflamed being settles into a new pattern where matter is sustained by spirit. Patterns are natural emulations of perfection, which is why they are so attractive and inviting. Inspired by perfection or Cause, one cannot help but want to share in the expansion of perfection. Those who offer themselves in this way describe a nearness to Source that they feel is less available to them elsewhere.

Why are so many of these well-meaning, well-intentioned and deserving individuals barely surviving financially? In some cases the individual and his endeavor are not well suited for one another. The same fire that can never be extinguished can and does burn. When Matter and Spirit are not kept in balance perfect law cannot be upheld. As perfect law is the foundation beneath human law, a less than perfect foundation will lead to a less than perfect pattern. Perfect patterns expand perfectly, but less than perfect patterns expand in less than perfect ways, often creating challenge in their attempt to rejoin perfection. Even those who are guided by Spirit must use that guidance to create or manifest in and with Matter. Nowhere is this law more in evidence than upon third dimensional Earth where suffering and ignorance of natural law reflect one another irrevocably.

Conditions where lack persists are reflections of a skewed polarity. Using the above premise we must conclude that Spirit or Matter, or both are out of balance where the individual or his work are concerned. Perhaps the desire to heal must be expressed in another way. Often, those who have a strong desire to heal others must first heal themselves, or at least allow its energies to so as they will. Higher law requires this and demands it when necessary. The world will be healed one heart at a time regardless of whether currencies or favors are exchanged in the process. Oysters are irritated into making pearls by persistent grains of sand. Humans are not unlike oysters.

Modalities and techniques belong to the moment and to the day. Certificates of Completion, like diplomas, are remembrances of energy already spent. Empowerment to heal or to teach emerges from the inner spark that alone recreates itself because it is a reflection of Light. Those who approach their practice as students of life will find that they prosper more than those who profess knowledge from the divine. Divinity is wholeness undivided. Modalities and teachers who divide and decry the works of others obscure their own light, slowing its progress and miring it in shadow.

Long ago, a preacher who believed in a blissful heaven and fiery hell began circulating an unhealthy rumor about who might be worthy enough to guide his chariot to the kingdom above. He told his parishioners that Heaven and Hell were in competition to see who could attract more candidates. To prove his point he set two of the town's shoemakers against each other by whispering to each that the other would secretly like to see them out of business. For a time the two shoemakers eyed one another suspiciously, counting their coins in secret and wondering how many coins the other was counting. When their workload became less they imagined a conspiracy was at work and they began to plot in counter-measure. They dreamed of the heaven they deserved and of the hell that awaited the other. Bitterness filled their hearts and vengeful thoughts filled their minds. Each became ill and was certain the other had cast a spell of ill will upon them. Good fortune eluded them both. Bias overtook the town and many fell ill under a consequential moon that seemed in shadow for a quarter too long.

One day a hungry beggar entered the town barefoot and with a rag for a cloak. He offered the first shoemaker a week's work in exchange for a few warm meals and a used pair of shoes but he was turned away gruffly. He approached the second shoemaker and offered him two weeks of work in exchange for a soft cot, a few warm meals and a used pair of sandals. He was turned away, albeit more gently. As day turned to night the beggar sought refuge in the town's parish, hoping for a bench to lie upon.

Staggering and leering as the delirium of hunger and exhaustion threatened to claim him, he startled the preacher who promptly had a heart attack and died. The beggar feared for his life and thought it most likely forfeit, especially given current circumstances. Thinking that it was never too late to make a better first impression, he decided that he would prefer to meet his maker on a full belly and wearing some better clothes. He supped well on the pantry stores and later dressed himself in some of the deceased preacher's clothes. Try as he might he could not fit the preacher's shoes and sadly, remained barefoot.

The beggar set off in search of the town jailor, but on the way encountered the first shoemaker who did not recognize him dressed and pressed as he was in the deceased preacher's garb. The shoemaker welcomed him to the town and promptly offered him a custom made pair of shoes, which the impostor could not help but accept. He weighed the harm in accepting the gift and found that it was little, comparatively speaking. Continuing on his way he all but collided with the second shoemaker who apologized profusely and insisted that he repay the unfortunate injustice with a new pair of sandals. Afraid of being recognized before he could confess his crime the impostor accepted the gift and made his escape.

By offering gentle greetings and making polite inquiries, the beggar discovered that the jailor, a resourceful and kind man, had received some training in the medicinal arts, and was even now away gathering yet another round of herbs to add to the latest balm and salve in an attempt to heal the many different symptoms that were beginning to afflict the entire town. The beggar returned to the parish promising himself that he would return on the morrow to be judged and most likely sentenced.

In the meantime, he allowed himself the pleasure of another bath and yet another meal. He could not imagine what hell would be like but he thought this current moment as close to heaven as he had known thus far. He lifted his head as if to heaven, and gave his thanks. Then he dropped his head and whispered to Hell that he would come calling soon enough. Silently, and from opposite sides of the room the two shoemakers entered the parish, bowing low as not to disturb a prayer in progress lest it not be answered because of their intrusion. As the moment became more appropriate they greeted the imposter, who was already looking and sounding somewhat like a real preacher.

Noting that he was no longer alone, but somehow comfortable in his new environment, the beggar accepted and fawned over the gifted new shoes and sandals as they were presented to him by each of the shoemakers. Convinced that they could no longer identify him as a beggar, and as an extension of his gratitude, he invited his new shoemaker friends to share a cordial with him and to sit by the fire, which they gladly accepted. A sweet melancholy permeated the three as each in turn told of goodness bestowed upon them in moments least expected. Unbeknownst to the beggar/preacher, the two shoemakers looked upon each other with sorrowful sidelong glances. Interestingly, no one asked what had happened to the original preacher or where he had gone.

Sunday morning came and the jailor had not returned. The beggar was beside himself with angst. He emerged from the small room he had allowed himself to live in to find a room full of parishioners. In a frightful moment he asked hell to claim him now, but nothing happened. Too embarrassed to heaven for any favors he took his place at the pulpit and bowed his head in shame. As he did, so did all of the parishioners. Moved to tears, he began to speak of unenviable hardships that sometimes befall the good until they begin to look bad. His simple words tumbled out of a soft heart that had survived in a harsh world and was now telling its tale. Without knowing it, he had performed his first oratorical.

A grateful and gladdened parish responded to him and stood in respect as he walked past them. They shook his hand and thanked him as they shuffled past him and said their fare thee wells. A few could not help but bait his soft eyes with promises of dinners, cakes, firewood and more. All offers were joyfully accepted. Strangely, no one asked what had happened to the original preacher or where he had gone.

Legend has it that Heaven and Hell meet once a year to exchange residents and to claim new ones. Legend also has it that a barefoot reformed preacher greets each new arrival and mediates on their behalf. Afore doing so he is known for saying "lest ye not judge, and be neither beggar, lender, borrower or thief."

The above is a true story (I was there) is a parable, a simple truth that is meant to illustrate and to inspire. There is no grand lesson here, and certainly none that is new. Competition, whether between shoemakers or teachers, tethers one to one's own fear, whatever it may be. Fear tends to consume passion, extinguishing it before it has even warmed the soul. In a competition against oneself, who can be the winner? Pettiness comes from small thoughts, and generally those that are based upon the perception of unfair yesterdays. It is best to speak less and to contemplate more, particularly before casting a vote of no confidence. Even silent words, like a magical salve, will make all that is invisible appear in plain sight. Less than honorable words will also be seen in the garish light of day. Surround yourself with those whom you admire and welcome and allow others to do the same.

Compromises in principles are based upon lack of self-respect, as well as a diminished trust in the field of plenty. Higher law will not bow down to lower law, thus human law must raise itself or suffer its faults. A compromise is a settlement in which two or more sides agree to accept less than they originally hoped for or thought possible. Most often the dispute is between the higher and the lower self, which is where principles are studied and tried. The hard-care business world is constructed of the same energy platform as that of the New Age or the Stone Age. Many of today's healers and teachers have only recently escaped the business environments that threatened to consume them. The new language they are learning to speak has not erased the platitudes of their past. Patience must prevail as they settle into the task at hand.

The bartering of goods and services is an old and established tradition. It upholds the exchange of useful commodities without engaging coin or currency. Long ago those of a lesser class were forbidden from owning property. As they were also unable to sign or fulfill the obligations of a promissory note, they created a system of their own, one that established and maintained a value based upon a word and a handshake. It was an excellent system and still is, except for the fact that those who abide by it most are still under the illusion that they somehow belong or are related to a lesser standard of living. Uncertain as to their worthiness, or that of their unique talents, they offer them to friends, family and even strangers at reduced, minimal, or non-existent rates. They barter and trade for skills, products and services without establishing a true value or upholding they're banner-of-life.

It is good to be well schooled in many different systems of thought, both social and economic. It is also important to know one's worth, and to be as honorable with oneself as one is with others. In all things there is a point of balance, and in each exchange its equivalent must be achieved so that the results will be optimal. The unfolding of value is the expansion of wealth. Wealth is not the accumulation of money. It is the gathering of resources, as well as the knowledge that accompanies all things to their rightful place. This includes the swift repayment of debt when owed, and the delightful blend of Spirit and Matter as it enters every place in and throughout one's life.

Spirit and Matter are a part of every system of measuring abundance. Wealth of Spirit knows that matter is its companion, and Spirit dwells even in the densest Matter. Those who bank and trade and confer value upon the current monetary system enjoy their task. One is not less than spiritual because they have found a chord of balance in this system where others have not. When the current system yields to the next, perhaps others will become more prosperous. Accumulate as much as you care to or discard that which no longer serves, it matters not other than you will be best served when the decision is your own and not that of another. Where Spirit and Matter are well in balance there is no difference between spiritual wealth and monetary wealth.

Matter wants to do, and Spirit wants to be. God is a Divine Being, not a Divine Doing, because God is the Spirit that animates Matter. Humanity is both Matter and Spirit, it is both a Who and a What, and one cannot live long without the other. Humanity is at its best when both are in balance. One's job or doing does not secure a spiritual foundation anymore than being a spiritual visionary feeds a hungry family. On the other hand, finding one's own chord-of-life, that unique frequency that speaks from a deep and profound place, stimulates and fulfills an essence of perfection that eases and brings peace to even the most ancient stirrings and yearnings.

Does the world have a solution for the casually employed or those who are dismally unhappy in their current positions? Yes, but it involves stepping outside and beyond the belief systems that bind the ankles and trip the first step as easily as the last breath. The third dimension is heavily steeped in density. It is one of the heaviest dimensions as evidenced by its gravitational pull. You cannot escape the pull of gravity any more than you can ignore the many expressions of suffering that manifest daily. The third dimension is as the third dimension does. In other words, being comes before doing. Spirit comes into being before matter. Again, Spirit enters Matter and then creates through it. That is why questions that begin with ‘what can I/should I do?' are so difficult to answer – Spirit has not entered them yet, so there is no Matter yet. 'Nothing is the matter' means that Spirit has not yet been detected in Matter.

In order to create a new reality, a change must be detected in the current one. That change is called Beingness; it is also called Divinity, Creativity, and Activity. Activity is as aspect of being, not doing. An active being, like an active principle, is a dynamic expression of possibility. A dynamic is a full range of energy, not unlike full spectrum light; it is will (pure desire) expressed as a force (energy), and it is characterized by the production (and secretion) of an activity (being and doing) that produces change, development, and motion. Do you see? This is the formula for how to be the change you will also see!

This is how to change your world, one thought at a time, one job at a time, one currency or system at a time – or all at once! You do not have to destroy your world or your beliefs; you can replace them with a higher truth and a higher law. It is a science; it cannot deceive or mislead. It cannot be manipulated or controlled. The understanding of this law will free you to escape the sentence that your belief systems have imposed upon you. The law is the key, and as you may remember, there is no jailor, only a gentle metaphysician gathering all that might yet heal the ills of the world. Will you be my companion in this?



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