Magnification Zones II: How to Reignite a Stalled World

Dear Readers: This is the second segment of an ongoing series. If you are unfamiliar with the first part I hope will take the time to find it and read it. To recap, this is a detailed account of a dialog between a young woman of extra-terrestrial origin and myself, with assistance from Gaia. She was born here on Earth, the daughter of two ET parents. When she turned five (based upon earth chronology), her parents arranged for her to visit her home world. She lived upon her ancestral world for the equivalent of twelve years, although less than one earth year had elapsed. She is a grown woman now, able to exist upon two worlds with relatively minor adjustments, and with vital and purposeful messages to offer both worlds. Uilora (You-ee-lo-ra) is not a literal name, but an anagram that is representative of her style and substance.

Pepper: The last time we spoke you told me about your parents. That was very interesting, but now I would like to know more about you. I know that Gaia has a purpose in our coming together and I am eager to discover more about that. I know that you were born here on Earth, but under different circumstances and conditions. Can you tell me more about that?

Uilora: I was born in 1967 in Northern California. My parents conceived me in an earth-like fashion, through intercourse and lovemaking. Our rituals are a little different than those on earth and there is less real or imagined courtship. We have the ability to see farther into the future and it is not as difficult to determine whether or not a partnership will have longevity. Some of us are even able to determine the length of our physical embodiment (lifetime). This information is provided to our potential partners, but in most cases it is already known. Some of our partnerships resemble human marital relationships, but we do not obligate each other in contractual ways or hold one another accountable for changes in life or lifestyle. We respect honesty and independence, love deeply and greatly, and resolve to experience all of the things that life has in store for us. It is not uncommon for us to await the arrival (embodiment) of a loved one for a longer time than is common or even possible on earth. My parents have been together many different times and prefer each other’s companionship to that of others, but they have also had several other relationships and would consider doing so again. Jealousy among mated or unmated couples is not common because we are free to choose each other, but it is not unheard of. Sometimes even those with very far reaching vision cannot see far enough to know that life will bring them what their heart desires. We do not consider jealousy or envy something to avert or deny, as it is a matter between the self and its subjectivity. Eventually, objectivity will return and balance will be restored.

My parents conceived me elsewhere but chose to give birth to my physical form on the earth. They thought it was an honor to do so and a way to celebrate and cement the work they were doing on the earth at the time. Their choice was made in the spirit of partnership and was endorsed by those who knew them and their origins well. They also knew that giving birth to me here would make me a hybrid or an alien in the eyes of some, but they trusted that this would one day be considered an asset. My mother’s pregnancy was as obvious as those of any other woman and my parents made no effort to keep my birth hidden or secret. They decided against the sterile hospital births of the time and opted for a home delivery. My father delivered me with the assistance of a family friend who was aware of the few preferential customs that make us physically unique. There was nothing unusual or difficult about my birth, which I am told is much less difficult or painful than those of typical earth pregnancies.

Our bodies seem better able to accommodate and adapt to pregnancy. Our density (physical being minus the body) is slightly less than that of the average human baby, which makes our birth weight less as well. We are generally taller than you by a small margin and more trim; our hearts are slightly smaller and our lung capacity a little less. We are able to self monitor our health. This does not mean that we never become ill, but it rarely takes us by surprise. We can usually plan to rest or regenerate our strength when necessary. We take healthful vacations (we call them variations) when our physical, mental or emotional bodies request them.  These messages are clearly and accurately received. We do not second guess them or delay them. We are rarely the only ones who work on a given project so our efforts do not come to a standstill while we are away.

My parents tell me that we lived in a medium-sized suburban area within an hour’s drive of the Bay area, but my memories are not specific. For some reason I have never thought about it as very important and I have not made it a point to revisit that time or that place. I do not think about it in the same way as someone else might. I had a very diverse childhood and we traveled quite a bit. I don’t recall ever thinking about whether or not I had a happy childhood as I have seen others do. I was a child in every sense of the word. I did not think of myself as different and my physical features resembled that of other children in every way. My parents never told me that I should act differently or withhold any information about my background.

My parents worked together as a team most of the time, so when they traveled I traveled with them. Home schooling was not as popular then, but it was not unheard of. At times my parents worked on projects that were of interest to the military. My school knew this and assumed that this was the reason for my absence. There was never a need to lie or mislead anyone and I cannot think of one instance in which this happened. Most people believe what they want to believe based upon their own sensations and sensibilities. My family has always been very interested in the earth and the welfare of all that is upon it and I am certain that everyone we knew felt this.

When I was between five and six years old my parents decided that it was time for me to return to our home world. I had been there several times before but had only a faint memory of our time there. I was very comfortable with the idea of calling two different worlds ‘home’. I felt no different about it than any other child who is born in one country and then transported to another with its own unique language and customs. I have always felt equally at home upon both worlds. I have had the opportunity to visit a few other worlds as well, and although I was grateful for the experience, I did not feel attracted or attached in any way. To account for the short time that I was away from Earth, my parents told my school administrators that I had an opportunity to visit the place of my birth and that I would receive a proper education while away. This, of course, was the truth. They promised that I would be up to date on all subjects upon my return.

I was away from Earth for approximately ten months, the equivalent of about twelve years on my world. My body gradually remade itself to represent a youthful girl on my home world and remade itself again upon my return to Earth. Your bodies would do the same if they had something to emulate and good reason to do so. Bodies are made of physical intention and very eager to please and reward higher thoughts. A mind’s ability to imagine and create many different ideas and experiences should be exercised and not wasted. One of the reasons that human bodies do not stay in shape as well or as often as they could is that they are not used according to their potential. This is also one of the reasons why they age more rapidly than you would prefer.

My studies upon my home world served several purposes. I learned (or remembered) how to resurge and reestablish contact with many different aspects of self, which allowed me to know the deeper meaning of my thoughts and chosen activities. My parents had observed me daydreaming and wondering about known things, and this at least in part, prompted their decisions to have me revisit my roots, so to speak. I relearned how to accomplish tasks that were simple on my world, but still difficult here on Earth. For instance, I could look at a rock and accurately determine its volume and weight, as well as almost every use it might offer in the aggregate. This knowledge allows us to make better use of our resources and our waste is very small compared to that of the earth. We have described this ability in great detail to many upon the earth because it can be applied to many subjects of interest to your world, but thus far it has been met with only modest interest. I would like to share some other ideas that may be of interest to you regarding this subject, but first I would prefer to provide you with adequate and complete details regarding my background.

The time spent upon my home world was invaluable to me in a variety of ways and I have very fond memories of it. The many friendships I have there were forged during that time and I am still in contact with almost everyone I met. Their interests are very unlike my own as is almost everything else, but this diversity only gives us more to share about. We are still in contact with one another; there are many ways beyond email and SMS texts to stay in touch! At times, my friends have expressed that they feel I am at a disadvantage here on Earth, but I have never felt so. I am here by choice and I have carefully and diligently evaluated that choice whenever other opportunities have been present.

Upon my home world I lived with my aunt, except that she is not related to me by birth. She is my father’s sister in familial sense, but not genetic. Since genes can be bent, modified and restructured, we do not give them as much importance as you do. Most of our children would be considered adopted by earth standards and most parents’ surrogates. Based upon the complexity of the work my parents came here to do they could have opted to follow this custom, but they chose to observe earth customs instead, and to celebrate their many lifetimes together. Either way, I would have become their child. My aunt was very generous with me. She had a quick wit and a good sense of humor. She teased me about being a little too human and told me that I would have to return to my home world more than once so that I would not forget what I had relearned. She has been correct on this and many other subjects and I have found that it is a good idea to return, at least for a short time here and there.

My world is a handsome one, but it is not as beautiful as the Earth. Our cities are well constructed and laid out in concentric circles that intersect with those of other cities. Every point of intersection is landmarked by something significant or beautiful that both cities have contributed to. These shared and interactive spaces appropriately belong to the citizens of both cities. Most often they are social and intellectual centers, gathering places for young and old alike. Those who gather here have diverse interests and preferences, yet it would be rare to find prejudicial treatment of one citizen over another. Our history is scarred with remnants of old wars where collaborations between inter-planetary species did not go as hoped or planned, but this is ancient history now. We learned a great deal about each other from these experiences and there has never been a need to repeat them. This is one of the reasons why we are ideally suited to work with humanity. We understand the difficulties associated with learning about one’s own world second hand. We know what you long to know and to feel, as well as what keeps you from it. Along with you, we want the best for this transition time upon the Earth.

I learned a lot about my home world while I was there, which is what my parents had hoped for, but I also learned a lot about the Earth. It is very difficult to be objective about something when you are immersed in it, and my time away allowed me to see things from a variety of perspectives. I was only five years old when I made this journey, yet I spent almost twelve years there, enough time to see things through semi-adult eyes. Young minds are highly respected, as is young wisdom; even when it is not completely thought out it is still welcome. I could have chosen to stay there, but that thought barely crossed my mind. I have a home world, but the Earth is my home. I have never regretted or second-guessed my choice.

I returned to the Earth and to my parents in due time as planned. They did not miss me because I was tethered to them mentally and emotionally. They were aware of my activities as well as any thoughts or feelings that I felt compelled to share with them. Our minds do not invade each other’s thoughts but a web of awareness connects them. For instance, I would not need to remind my mother about a conversation we had years ago; my thought process would guide us both there. It is similar to what horse and rider sense, a slight shift of weight or a subtle movement of the reigns is all that is needed, it is a natural process. In the near future you will share your thoughts in a similar fashion, but first you must overcome fears related to the privacy of your thoughts. Your thoughts are not private. They are easily seen and felt. Your feelings are private, though you would do well to share them more often; doing so would allow your thoughts to accelerate the creation of beneficial experiences more often. You may ask me more about this later on if you choose to.

Upon my return a spent a few weeks with my parents, reestablishing our bond. Although I had spent twelve years away (or ten months), they already knew almost everything about my time away. Even so, I felt compelled to add a few details so that we could savor the experience together. I thanked them for the opportunity, but there was no need to do so. It was more of an earth-gesture, which is our family word for things we do here and not there. There were no costs associated with my trip ‘abroad’ and it was not a hardship for them in any way. I was eager to get together with my earth friends again and my parents arranged for this as soon as I was able to reconfigure my body’s awareness of being only six again. I told my friends all about my experiences. I did not leave anything out and my parents did not ask me to keep anything about my identity or experiences a secret. My friends were interested, but no more so than had I gone to Europe. The rest of my childhood was relatively similar to that of others my age, except that I have been exposed to other worlds and to proximate versions of the Earth. Thanks to my parents I am able to exist upon both worlds. At this time I am primarily interested in my work here on Earth, but this could change.

Pepper: I am very interested in you and your life, but I am more interested in humanity and our future upon Earth. I always have been. Do you have specific information that could benefit us?

Uilora: Our mutual mother has brought us together to convey messages that might not be heard otherwise. I am not interested in offering my words publicly. My identity is not a secret, but I prefer that it remains protected by anonymity for the time being. The earth is home to many different residents, some of which have been here longer than humanity. It is time for humanity to become more aware of this. The earth would certainly benefit by a closer association between some (not all) of these races and it would be better if your race made the first overtures.

Pepper: We have been looking up at the stars and the planets for a long time and many of us already believe in extra-terrestrial races. Some have been biding their time and chomping at the bit waiting for an announcement. In many ways it seems long overdue. Countless predicted announcement dates have come and gone. What makes this time different from others and why is it important for us to make the first overtures?

Uilora: The earth is better poised to support an association of races at this time, and to assist in the bonding process, if necessary. The earth speaks to us in a different language than the one you listen for. Humanity is overly concerned with the earth’s resources at this time, yet it has over extended how they are used. Crops must be rotated to accommodate seasons and cycles and the same is true of many of the earth’s resources. The earth can replenish and restore itself over an extended period of time and has done so many times. Humanity is also capable of doing the same, but has not done always done so successfully, especially when populations have soared. It would be easier upon humanity and upon the earth if there were less people aboard.

Upon certain worlds there are times when it is better to allow the planet to birth itself anew and to await its invitation to rejoin. Of course, many of these races also have somewhere else (off-planet) to be during these transition times, such as an alternate moon or ships that are as large as cities. It would also be appropriate to say that other races are not as attached to their physical bodies or their planetary identities as members of earth societies are. The earth is a willing participant in everything that humanity thinks up; it is a permissive mother. It will not deny humanity, but it cannot protect it under all circumstances. Certainly you have seen the devastation that follows an earthquake or other physical release of energy. In the future you will be able to avoid such calamities, but not until you fully understand the physical planet and its various cycles.

Humanity has put a great emphasis on compelling ever more of the planet’s resources, but it cannot control its own voracious appetite for more. The earth will continue to yield to humanity, but the unforeseen is around the corner. It would be better to say well and enough and to look elsewhere for its needs. This is a subject we know well. We could lend assistance in this and other regards. Humanity has a long history of forgetting what it has learned, and it cannot find what it does not know how to seek.  Over and again it has settled for an imagined history with only a few to challenge or deny it. Without a greater truth to serve, too many masters await payment and humanity becomes a debtor with too many debts to repay.  As this increasingly becomes a near impossible task, humanity gradually abandons its effort and itself in the process. The outer markers of this boundary have already been breached, yet there is no retreat. If humanity were to make the first overtures it would change the course of events; it would change your future and make it impossible to repeat the same pattern.

Pepper: I don’t doubt that what you say is true, but if we were so close to making the same mistakes, what would be the worse that could happen if we did not make the first move? Would it be so bad if your race or another race came to our assistance prior to something happening and we thanked you subsequently? If we were able to do as you suggest, what would your assistance look like? How soon would it be before we were able to know that things had changed for the better?

Uilora: If another race came to your aid uninvited the same pattern is exponentially more likely to occur, because humanity would rewrite its memory to coincide with our arrival. That moment would mark your rescue, not your beginning. The genetic material that you are made of would remember prior moments when you were subdued or subjugated. You would forget the future that you have been building and the strengths that you have acquired. You imagine how different your life would be if you won a lottery; you imagine yourself working less, not more. You daydream of miraculous endings and beginnings instead of creating them. Other races are not the answer to your prayers and it would be inappropriate for them to take on a role that would only further a fantasy whose fairytale ending expired long ago. It would not serve you to follow other races into oblivion. You must empower yourselves to seek a larger truth before you empower us to serve you. It would not be appropriate for you to be in servitude to another race and we can only be of service to you for a short time.

Our assistance would be in specific areas. We would show you how to rearrange your sequencing so that you could free yourselves from your past patterns. We would show you how to build bridges between thoughts so that your realities would not seem so futile. We are sovereign. No one else claims our authority or our resources. Our resources are borrowed from the planet and then returned to it in different ways that are of benefit to all. We are more adept at harnessing only the necessary and vital resources. The same applies to what we eat. We do not over-indulge. We do not place our bodies’ health at risk. We have no personal or governmental debt. We owe no favors. We do not save for the future because the future always receives us with what we need. We know that lack is a temporary condition, thus it does not occupy space in our thoughts; we see it as cyclic, but not quickly recurring. Under specific and permissible conditions we could help to rewrite your history. We can tell you much more about your Egyptian pyramids and other mysteries that elude you, but doing so would require you to set aside many current thoughts and theories. Our medical knowledge is more advanced than your own. We have non-invasive instruments as small as a pen that can heal many illnesses. Our assistance with your physical bodies alone would increase your longevity and keep you from becoming ill. As you might imagine, these changes would also impact the planet and must therefore be well understood. Our assistance would last no longer than a generation so as not to interfere in your ability to remake your world in the image of your own thoughts. The results of our interaction would be measurable and memorable.

Pepper: How does your world view ours? What kind of things could or would you not do for us?

Uilora: We see the Earth as a reflection of our world. We do not think of ourselves as more advanced. Instead, we see a world and a people in struggle. We have great compassion for the trap you have stumbled into, a trap that was set a very long time ago. We know that this is not the first or the second time that this has been the case, but your memories are not complete enough to recognize this. We would like to assist you in freeing yourselves from that trap. We have nothing to gain by this and nothing to lose. We do not think of the Earth as belonging to humanity and would prefer it to be shared with others openly. Based upon the passage of chronological time you believe that today’s Earth is more advanced than that of ancient times. This is not necessarily the case. Handmade shards of pottery discovered at archaeological sites are not adequate indicators of an age or a people. More sophisticated and advanced items were removed long ago. There is no reason to leave these things behind to rot. Everything that was brought here from elsewhere was relocated to a more adequate place. Remnants of the past are manmade and earth made, even if the technology behind them originated elsewhere.

We would be willing to lend our assistance in implementing new concepts and ideas. Some of these would seem innovative, others controversial. We would make no attempt to sway you or to tout the benefits of our suggestions. That attempt failed long ago and is responsible, at least in part, for humanity’s fear and fascination of other species. We did not take into account that your previous interaction with an alien species involved a more militaristic example and that your sequencing would order any newer interaction in a similar fashion. This is unfortunate, but has not changed. It has been validated many times and found to be consistent. Our most recent interaction with several of the world’s leaders yielded a very small net result as each of them in turn requested our assistance in securing their military superiority over a perceived adversary. In an attempt to reverse this trend we showed some of the officials we met with several potential futures, only one of which required a small military action. Their response was to prepare for the eventuality that a small action would later require a larger response. They overlooked the other potential futures, particularly those that resulted in a higher standard of living for their citizens.

Understanding humanity’s current fascination with technology, we offered enhancements to current laser technology as expressed in holographic environments. These advantages would have benefited the military, but only within its medical branches. Unfortunately, while it would help to restore mind and body to a pre-battle condition, it would not restore a soldier’s desire to soldier. We proposed to make this available to medical communities and universities, but this was met with little interest. That is why we say that in order to ensure a successful outcome, humanity must make the first overtures. We are actively interested in cooperating with humanity, but we are not interested in making your current lifestyles a little bit better. Our aim is more universal and this must be clearly understood. In answer to your question, we will not stop a war or prevent bloodshed. We will not interfere in humanity’s ignorance unless it is to restore the balance of the magnification zones, as these affect many worlds beyond your own. As was said earlier, the Earth does not belong to humanity. Soon it will be time to consider the welfare of others as well as yourselves.

Gaia: Long ago, someone from a distant indigenous earth race said something to the effect of, “in order to truly see a thing you must exchange eyes with what it fears most. In order to truly hear a thing you must listen for the sound it makes as it walks to you and then away from you. In order to truly feel a thing you must know if the heart leads or follows. And in order to understand a thing you must observe it until it becomes something else.” Wise words such as these often passed from one generation to the next, but were rarely recorded, at least not in the conventional sense. The same is true of most of the interactions that have taken place between members of the human kingdom and other races and beings. Regardless of their importance they have not been recorded and you will not hear or know of them unless you look beyond the more obvious “known” things.  That is why I have brought Uilora to you at this unique interval in time, and at a threshold that you all know well enough, although you have crossed it at different times and on your way to other destinations.

My words are soothing to humanity, and for the most part they allow you to sleep in safe and restful repose, even while the world moves and shakes and remakes itself. Some of my messages have alluded to other beings and races that share the earth with you, as well as those that have come and gone over time. Uilora was correct in that I speak to her and to those of other races in a different manner and in a different language, this is not preference so much as it is protocol, as they know a different earth than yours. Their earth is a dimensional one in which the 3rd dimension is not of predominant importance. Their earth supports them, but they are not dependent upon its resources for sustenance. They are visitors and you are inhabitants. They know other worlds while you still imagine them. I am their host, but I am your mother. They are my companions and you are part of my family. That being said, they are wise teachers and it would be wise of you to begin to relate to those who can assist you in making the future one that is to your liking.

If the earth were flat you would be standing upon its brink, poised to fall or to fail. As it is not, you are in no such danger. However, you are standing upon a hard edge where time and dimension lead in many different directions. Without guidance you may stumble and follow one of the paths that lead to your past. This path may look new to you, as timescapes like landscapes recover their looks and layers, thus it is a time for both adventure and caution. Your souls have prepared you carefully and without reserve, helping you to develop your awareness and your gifts, and pointing out the pitfalls that might prevent you from stumbling. The corridors of time are open now, offering you the benefit of memories past and future, as well as the benefit of teachers and visitors who have been to places and spaces that you may not have seen yet. It is through this corridor that Uilora and her parents passed through long ago. Their home planet is like ours, except that it is not physical. It is in our own solar system, but you would not know it unless you could read its signature. Physical (dense) things have nonphysical (density-free) counterparts and Uilora’s world mirrors our earth in ways that are both strange and wonderful, which is one of the reasons why the earth is so fascinating to her.

Uilora’s words may seem boastful or aristocratic to you. They are not. They are the words of a hopeful ally and she has been waiting for this time as long as you have. Do not fault her lack of poise; instead compliment her sensibility, shared vision and common purpose. Human social graces are acquired over time and are relative in importance. Soon you will meet other teachers and it is likely that they too, will be from somewhere other than here. End times, like beginning times are often pocked, scarred and a bit chaotic. They can be strained at times and less than imaginative. Be realistic in your expectations of what a wise teacher should look like and sound like. Be in praise of the wisdom received if that is what you are after and forego the pleasantries of personality if it is not as forthcoming as you would prefer. Perplexing times such as these require new solutions and strategies, let this be your goal.

How Magnification Zones Work

In our last segment I introduced the concept of Magnification Zones to you. This is not a new concept, simply one that has been far removed from humanity for several thousand years. This is how it works: Physical worlds offer resources in exchange for stewardship. Stewardship is both the honor and responsibility of the most advanced species or kingdom. It is self-realized in that every being who is part of that race automatically becomes a steward. This is one of the very understandable reasons that humanity has always (with few exceptions) felt that the Earth belonged to it. Long ago, dinosaurs were earth’s stewards as they were the dominant species. Other versions of humankind existed then too, but the earth may as well have belonged to these giants. Believe it or not, they managed the earth’s resources quite well until their size created an imbalance that could not be righted. Without knowing it they crossed into the first magnification zone, a space that is neutral or void; its only purpose is to remain so. These zones are not unusual and they serve many purposes. For instance, first magnification zones protect the space between dimensions as well as the space between the conscious and the unconscious. Other examples include that which surrounds your auric field or that of the earth. A breach of Magnification One means that something has fallen out of balance through lack of respect; one or more conditions have been imposed on an unconditional place. This is a true violation, and its magnitude (as the name implies) cannot be ignored. There are five magnifications based upon the five indispensable elements. Any significant breach in the elemental organization of these elements is sufficient cause for the earth to enter one or more magnification zones. The first magnification is a breach of the element called space.

The second magnification is a breach of the water element. It is the second magnification, because while space is null or empty (insofar as this subject is concerned) water is not. It helps to support life on earth and almost all species depend upon its availability. There is water enough on the planet and ways to make more. Water does not need to be managed, but it is. Water does not need to be hoarded, but it is. While unconscious and ignorant acts can and do pollute important waterways, the effects can be mitigated and later reversed. Unconscionable acts on the other hand are far beyond what is considered reasonable and their effects are much more far reaching. Unconscionable acts stem from morally unacceptable places. An unconscious act is disturbing, but an unconscionable act is shocking. The oil spill in the gulf coast of the North American continent is a breach of the second magnification because it will affect the entire planet; it is not a local problem. The earth’s oceans belong to all of the species that share the earth and require its elements for their continued survival.

The third magnification is a breach of the fire element, which includes explosions of varying degrees and origins. The bomb explosions of World War II were breaches of this magnification, but the 9/11 events that took place on the east coast of the United States were not. Why? Magnifications are not based upon harm to human life or even acts of aggression; they are based upon the far-reaching effects that guarantee continued life on earth. The gross misuses of elements in the former example have affected several generations. These effects will be carried in the genetic structure of the affected races far into the next age. An act perpetrated by arson is unconscious and based upon a chemical imbalance in the brain, but the use of the nuclear device would be unconscionable. Humanity has breached this magnification in the past and is in danger of doing so again. The purpose of this discussion is not to review prior acts, but to explain how magnification zones work and why they are of particular importance at this time.

The fourth magnification is a breach of the earth element. The effects of this breach are often irreversible as the Atlantean civilization discovered. This element includes all of the earth’s minerals, and these along with all other elements, belong to every representation of life on earth. You may drill, excavate and extract what you will as this has relatively little bearing on the earth as a whole. There are unique places upon the earth where the crust is thinner and even spongy. Other unique and cavernous places lead far into the earth and touch other worlds of expression. Gross negligence, exploitation and disregard of these places have caused havoc in the past and would do so again. The ocean floor beneath the gulf coast is soft, silty and more brittle than elsewhere, more like crackled glass. It is not an ideal place for oilrigs or for any technology that affects the earth’s crust. The oil in that region is bleeding from more than one place, it is seeping into other waterways and humanity does not know how to staunch the flow.

The fifth magnification involves a breach in the element of breathable air. Such a breach would involve all or most of the earth; it would make the earth unable to support your life form and almost every other that you have come to know. One of the reasons that humanity fears the greenhouse effect and the thinning of the earth’s ozone is that long and longer ago the planet was evacuated during which time its elemental structure was reorganized. This took place before life on earth as you know it today, but the events associated with this time were witnessed by many elsewhere. So you see, it is not always a human frailty or fault that makes these magnifications necessary. In this example, humanity was not yet present upon the earth.

Magnifications are not punishments; they are conditions that require immediate awareness and attention, and sometimes intervention. Magnification zones allow the earth to communicate in natural, but immediate ways. These zones cross and even bypass the boundaries and borders that separate worlds and species. It is a request for assistance and can be interpreted as a planetary distress signal. Since humanity is in current stewardship of the earth it will be required to participate in the restructure or reinvention of all affected areas and elements. In this way it will relearn how to reclaim its position. There is no shame in this and the earth does not require any act of contrition on humanity’s part. There is no loss of love or compassion on my part for humanity; therefore feelings of guilt and remorse, repentance, or resolve not to breach any other zones are completely unnecessary. The earth has served many purposes and will continue to do so. In the next segment we will explore the near future of life on earth as well as the goodwill efforts that will be necessary as you move into the next age.


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