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I believe that I have weathered many an emotional storm 'on a wing and a prayer' and I credit my spiritual awakening for a well-balanced disposition regarding life's ups and downs. I consider myself more positive than most and can usually be counted upon to assist others when they are down, but I must admit that given some of the more recent large-scale world events it is getting harder to do so. Can you offer some suggestions on how not to succumb to the latest round of global bad news?

Dear Readers, the above question expresses what many of us are thinking and feeling at this time. I have asked Gaia to address the subject as a topic rather than a question so that it will be of greater benefit to us all. Some related questions were received during the channeling process and these have been included as well.  ~ Pepper Lewis

There is but one world, and it contains many peoples
There is but one world race, and it is multi-cultured in appearance
There is but one world religion, and at its head is a Deity of Consciousness
There is but one measure of prosperity, and its root is layered in compassion
There is but one earthly resource, and it is called Man
There is but one truth, and it is visible within all that is invisible
There is but one thought which alone precipitates itself, and it is called Mind
There is but one thing that alone precedes itself, and it is called Light
There is but one origin of Man and one solution for Man, which it is to restore Himself and suffer not the effects of the wheel of birth and rebirth

These above words are protected, meaning that they have always existed in one form or another. In desperate moments they have been one breath away from extinction, but even the breath, which is holy in origin, contains two parts and is dual in nature. Therefore, even when hope surrenders fate intervenes, the opposite being true as well. Although these words have been revered and kept secret (protected) by brotherhoods and initiates of certain means, they have also at times been offered to laymen (men who follow the rule of law first and higher law second) to solve and to save as the case may be. Those who have tried in error over countless eons of time to interpret the words by ones and by twos have called them a riddle and even a curse. But for those who dare, they are words to live by, for in them and by them the future of Man also lives, but which future that will be, and what it will look like is still to be seen.

The world of today with its modern inventions and complexities is little different than the world of many yesterdays ago. Your world faces the same problems as the world of the ancients. They too believed that their resources yielded less plenty and would not last. The coin of the realm changed in value as quickly as it changed hands, and many who were installed in office were ousted before a bust could be carved or a statue dedicated. History records many, but not all who were felled by those who waited their turn with less patience than modesty or diplomacy preferred.

An individual life is fulfilled when it is lived in support of something greater than itself. This simple truth has been inaccurately interpreted as a warning to the selfish. One can live in support of a skill, a loved one or even an argument. The purpose of life is to make the hollow whole; it is to fill erstwhile adventures with sovereign memories. A superior life is one that is self-reflecting and endeavors to improve upon the day by the light of the next day and the next. A successful life is one that is lived in spite of or even with adversity. A successful life is one that is not easily surrendered to the stroke of a pen, of the strike of the clock, or the absurdities of those who will call the day their own.

Humanity's future depends upon its ability to reclaim its will and to raise it to a standard of pride that sits above the prejudices of the day. Hang the head low and the heart will follow. Idle the mind and the feet will not carry you. Swallow the acrimonious words of others and they will poison your health. Do not allow the hostilities of the world without to weaken the walls of the harmonious environment within. The surrender would be a silent one, but the lament would be heard in the heavens nonetheless.

Q: But how do we do this? With all due respect, how? You are a wise sentience and knowing comes easy to great beings such as you, as it does to other masters. You have the ability to see far into the past and into the future too. Our vision is more limited than yours and when fear creeps in, we are more limited still.

Your vision is not limited by your human form, it is colored by the belief that what you see outside of you is more real than what you know to be true within. You have the same ability to see into the distant past, especially as you have lived it. And it does not take a master to know that much that has been written is false. That I can see a variety of potential futures I grant you, but as you are the ones who will choose the one you most prefer, I would argue that you have bested me again. Fear is not your enemy, but indolence is. Humanity is slow to change and quick to blame. It is time shake of the torpor that numbs the mind and slows the body. Coax the body to obey your demands and coerce the mind to think new thoughts. The spiritual awakening you credit was akin to an audition, the spiritual studies you have undertaken were your dress rehearsal, and now prepare to rise to the occasion as all that you have learned is put into practice. The prize is not a diploma or a degree; it is mastery of self and self-awareness. Initiates and initiations do not dwell in the relics of the past or in soft classroom moments where personalities become pampered pets. They exist for those whom they exist, in moments where the maker and the made in fury clash and there recognize each other as one. The battle for one's own sovereignty (if it must come to that) is the only one worth the struggle. It is the only war in which two victors without surrender learn the meaning of peace.

Q: Our leaders tell us that things will get worse before they get better. Is that true?

It is not leaders, but elected officials that tell you this. In proclaiming this warning, they are buying time, and hopefully patience. Some will grant it and others will not. Those who govern are not necessarily born to lead. Leadership is a skill that comes to those who live in support of something greater than themselves. If by 'things' you mean the further deconstruction of the world economy, the answer depends upon how soon the citizens of the world would be willing to accept another model.

The current model will soon expire, and even a significant infusion of currency will yield lopsided results at best. The burdens of debt have been fastened onto the backs of the common man, but even those of heroic strength cannot carry the world upon their shoulders for overly long. New economic models will soon be introduced. They will immediately be embraced by some and rejected by others. Eventually the new model will become the norm. New academic models will follow and the world will change. Instead of a middle class, a variety of sub-cultures will emerge; subtleties will define some, uniqueness others, and even strangeness for some.

Q: What will happen to the many thousands who have already lost their job and the many who continue to do so?

There are many who spend years loathing their jobs and wishing things were different. Like slaves chained to their post they have sacrificed themselves so that others in their family could live better or at least more independently. Some believed in their employer, their economy, their debt or their retirement years. What they will do depends upon who or what they think they are capable of. Some will become wards of the state for the time being, and collect the benefits of compensation [unemployment insurance]. Those who depend upon local and state support will receive accordingly, but not as much or for as long as they would like. State and government coffers are emptier than most think, as are the pockets of the average politician. These, once lined in green, have also been picked clean. It is likely that some of the states will pour out the contents of their treasuries in this regard and then demand that the federal government replace its risk by taking over the task. Renamed, and under a different flag [agency] this is likely to happen.

As wages become scarce other sources of expression will be discovered. Certain segments of the economically displaced will gather together with extended family members and reinvent the family unit. The decision to do will at first be considered one of 'last resort' but later and it hindsight it will be embraced as a true cost saving measure, as well as a uniting factor in relationships that have been distant and scarce. It will renew some relationships and establish new ones along the way. The effects will be long lasting and contribute to a change in how cultures evolve.

Upon discovering a spirit of adventure, some will relocate to other cities or countries where new opportunities exist. As has been noted before, this is a time of vast migration for all of the kingdoms, including humankind. Regardless of appearance, and in spite of irregularities of fortune and misfortune, all is not lost. Do not allow yourself to be defined by a past that has already been lived while the present and the future are yet before you. Do not allow the tide of change to spell out omens for you or that which you hold dear. Great resources are still at humanity's disposal, not the least of which is humanity itself. Creativity will cause inventiveness and entrepreneurship to rise again, even if on a smaller scale at first. Those who remain eager and curious will be among the first to recognize opportunity and to seize its advantage.

Please remember that who you are and what you do to earn a living is not the same. Even if finances fail, life will provide an option here and a possibility there. You can never lose everything, only what you have today. You did not arrive with your present resources and you will not depart with them, therefore they are only for your use in the here and now. The same applies to those whom you would leave your treasures to, and to those who assume it is theirs by rights of inheritance. The same is true for everyone. If you have lost a fortune in this system perhaps you will increase your wealth in the next economic model, therefore pay close attention to its nuances when it is first introduced. Those who believe in the benefits of a new reality will find them sooner than those who do not.

Q: Do you have any thoughts about the auto industry, American or otherwise?

This form of transportation has become rather arcane, and as seen from afar by those who uphold humanity as a creative and evolutionary species it seems somewhat of an insult to human ingenuity. But until humanity tires of it and conceives of a more popular idea that suits the individual at large it will remain in place. Contrary to popular thought, it is not control by the oil rich nations and corporations that prevent a transition to another model; it is humanity itself that believes that an automobile is a defining attribute of individuality and status. It is an old belief, but one that is still strong and represents a significant number within the earth's population. Humanity has not yet conceived how to build without cranes for heavy lifting, or other giant scale machinery to fulfill its demands. It has not yet created the next model for how to replace trucks that haul garbage to landfills or how to transport its necessities beyond diesel trucks and coal based trains.

Q: Can you say when that model will be introduced? This year? Next? You say that many will embrace it, but why would they?

The new model will be introduced when the current one is almost exhausted. It is moving in that direction very quickly. That is one of the reasons why there is such little concern for how or when the current accumulation of debt of will be repaid. It cannot and will not be repaid. Like the Queen Bee in the beehive, it lives for many seasons in service to those who have installed the queen as their monarch. The queen is protected at all costs, but in the meantime those who serve also feed off the queen a little at a time. Eventually the queen exhausts its usefulness and a replacement must be found.

The present system must first be proven obsolete. It will not be allowed to die easily or generously. It will be slain and its head (or the symbol that represents it) will be mocked. Its weaknesses have already been exposed, as have the riches of those who have lavished upon themselves its largesse. The rescue plan that is being mounted is already too late, but it must appear otherwise for the time being. Eventually, under the restorative efforts of the newly elected, the benefits of the new model will be introduced. The advantages of the new model will be obvious and will include something for almost everyone, from those in the highest echelons to those in most need of charity. The new model will do away with the accumulated debts of the old, and it will allow almost everyone the same advantage. It cannot be said with specific timing how soon it will come about, simply that it will or that it already has depending upon how it is viewed.

Q: Will established religions and other spiritual entities be impacted as well? Will they be credited or blamed in any way?

Everything and every being that is part of the old paradigm will be impacted in some way. Everything and every being that has believed or not, participated or not, assisted or not, voted for or against, etc. With or without honor, that which is condemned to die is allowed its final rights of passage. Those who are asked or forced to abdicate the thrones of power, whether of religion, government or economy, will not do so lightly. The will of the mighty will be tested. Some will fall and others will fail. It is not the religions themselves that will come under attack, but what they believe will.

In the immediate future there will be a renewal of interest in all things spiritual, established or otherwise. Established religions will be favored, at least in the beginning, because in the current moment there is an increased need for stability and security wherever and however it can be found. Established religions will seize this opportunity to increase their membership and advance their cause. Most will enjoy at least a temporary gain. Some will even go to market [advertise] with their cause by hiring agencies to make their words appear more golden. Those who are experts in their field will indeed gild the words as offer them as if they were heaven sent.

Newer religions and offshoots of established ones will have their own say, as will more cultured and open ended secular movements, including those who unfold themselves from within the branches of the New Age. Expect the advent of more mystery schools, modalities, and modern traditions. There is value in that which empowers the individual to author one's own life. Be aware (beware) that which scorns the beliefs of others or drags through the mud the good name of those who have earned it. Trust the voice of Spirit as is unveils itself from within and displays itself throughout your life. Spirit is not constrained by religion nor constrained by the good opinion of others or lack thereof. It is resplendent in the form and the formless and you will recognize it as it speaks the language of Universal Law.

Q: Are you aware of the kinds of headlines we see daily or the news reports on radio, television or the Internet? Are you aware of the consequences, spiritual or otherwise, that affect the individuals in the headlines?

There is an awareness that is inclusive of all that takes place upon the earth, but it exists from a detached perspective and is very different than your own awareness. The headlines are not accurate for the most part, and in many instances they are less than true, therefore there is little validity in them from the greater context within which Gaia exists. Gaia is aware of them because you are aware of them. Better put, I am aware of your awareness or interest in them. A headline is an exclamation point that reinforces a thought. There is little reason to dwell upon most thoughts as they become denser (but not more true) in the process. Why stoke the fires of the disenchanted when there are more creative endeavors to envision and pursue?

I am interested in the consequential, or the relationship between cause and effect where humanity is concerned, but on a larger or macrocosmic scale for the most part. The exception to this is when I am invited to participate to a larger degree. Prayers, invocations, ceremonies and celebrations are invitations that link my awareness more specifically than otherwise. Likewise, my full participation in your interests and personal endeavors is brought forward during a personal session, for instance. I do not however, have an opinion or preference as to the outcome of an event, public or otherwise. It is for those who are more directly affected by such events to participate wholeheartedly in them. It is true that the earth is affected by large-scale events of a global nature, but not as an individual. Gaia is not an individual presence; it is a sentience.

Your spiritual awakening occurred at the dawn of time, which was long and before this life. There is a subsequent 'new dawn' or awakening in each life, which is unique to the purposes of that life. This life is no exception as by your own acknowledgement an awakening has already taken place. The latest round of world events are just that, a virtual carousel that goes around and around the same track. It only appears different than the last time because the frailties (not failures) of human nature make it seem so.

Carousel horses are always beautifully painted and decorated. They go up and down and even seem to speed up or slow down to make the ride more interesting. When the music stops the rider dismounts and another rider, whose experience will be completely different, is invited to take a turn. There will be another turn, and then another one. Some will be simple and beautiful and others more difficult or complex. After many turns on the merry-go-round, the wise carousel horse recognizes that there is no race to win, and he makes no attempt to pretend that there is one. On his stationary track, he is no less eager for adventure than he was before this realization. The difference is that he can now relax and enjoy the ride.

Look for good news, not in the day's headlines, but within yourself. Look for the good within you and put that to work for you, for everyone else, for the planet and for life itself. This tool is lifetimes old and will always serve you. Offer something good to others and to the world every day. To offer is to extend; it is a presentation or extension of quality. Even as large-scale events unfold, remember that life is lived in the smaller, more personal moments. You are more affected by the breath of a butterfly you have never met than by the heated breath of world debate. Breathe deeply. Breathe because there is life force in the breath and this same life force has the brilliance of a thousand suns.

Those who promote global headlines are well trained to coax a response in their readership. Your response, while not trained or rehearsed, is often a collective response. You can train yourself to respond through your higher awareness rather than through the more obvious human collective. You will not be less than human or less compassionate by elevating the vibration of your response. Rather than the sigh of exhalation, respond with a deep inhalation and you will see an almost immediate difference in how body and mind relate to one another and to the collective. Spirit will see to that. You can share the world with others without sharing the same worldview.



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