Maturity in Adolescence: The Role of the Next Generation

I am 17 years old, and depressed or angry a lot of the time. Sometimes I think I know why, but most of the time I don't. Most people don't think I should feel this way and they say things like, "wait till you're as old as I am, then you'll have something to complain about". Someone told me recently that there is something different about me and special about my generation. Is that true? If so, how?

There is something unique about every generation and every individual within that generation. In the grander sense it is not possible for one generation to be more or less special than another. In fact, there is a Universal Law that states, All Things Being Equal, All Things Are Equal. Universal laws are higher expressions of truth that apply to all things equally without exception, regardless of location, point of origin, etc. Universal laws do not conflict with one another in ways that man-made laws do except in cases where misperception or misinterpretation at the human level make it appear so. This same law also states that while all things are equal they are not all the same, which explains why every atom and particle in the entire universe is unique, without exception.

A generation can be defined by different parameters such as the interval of time between the birth of parents and the subsequent birth of their offspring. Using this definition, a generation would be about 30 years, give or take a few. A generation can also indicate a new type of being, a new phase in a life cycle, stages of successive improvement within a cycle, and much more. Sociologically speaking, members of a culture or society who were born at about the same time are considered to be of the same generation, yet this definition does not seem to apply to you, does it?

You are very different, even from those within your same age group and gender. Modern social scientists have been studying others like you in an attempt to explain the particular behavior patterns that make you unique, but until more of the changes are apparent they will not be successful. Of course, by then it will be all but obvious and many will rush to center stage to take credit for the evolutional strides you are painstakingly undergoing. It is almost always this way, and I reveal it to you now so that later on, you will smile and wave your hand in mock surprise rather than shake your fists in unresolved fury.

On the scale of linear logic and reason, you are what and how you are at this time, because you were born at a time where linear logic and reason is in short supply, do you see? Any material (cosmic or earthly) or thought that is either over-abundant or deficient at the time of your birth will somehow be reflected in the patterns and purposes of your life. On a simpler scale we might note that young adults (your age) who were born during the Viet Nam war years tended to be more vocal about antiwar sentiments than those who were born a generation before that.

Since it is difficult to be precise as to when one generation ends and the next begins, social scientists generally focus their attention on specific customs and events as well as the prevailing attitude of the previous generation. Other study factors might include climactic changes, geo-political events including elections, movements toward or against conservative or liberal thought, economic influences, and much more. Because studies cannot explain all of the behavior patterns that make a particular generation unique, they eventually concentrate upon the more striking characteristics such as the differences in attitude and belief that often cause misunderstandings and antagonistic feelings between generations. Of course, this still doesn't explain who or what you are in the scheme of things, or why you feel as you do.

Above and beyond the scale of linear logic and reason there exists a more expansive and flexible band of energy that is fairly accurate in its ability to measure a quality within the available spectrum of light that can best be called, spiritual awakening. Simply put, there are certain aspects within the visible and invisible spectrum of light that are more alive than others and when these are amplified a door from here to there and there to here opens. In other words, those on this side of the spectrum of light can cross over easily and those on the other side of the spectrum can do the same.

Births and deaths during periods of grand spiritual awakening are unique in and of themselves, and when they are combined with and within the greater cycles that accelerate the evolution of words, it is no less than miraculous. That being said, miraculous does not mean easy. For instance, someone's life may be miraculously saved from death, but they may spend the rest of their life with a severe handicap. A miracle is something that transcends the higher range of powers attributable to the laws of nature and humanity. This definition leaves much room for discovery!

Like generations, periods of spiritual awakening are repeated from time to time in unique and specific ways. Every cycle includes new and interesting aspects of awakening, but none are as notable as those that take place at precise intervals when the waning of a great era of time and the birth of the next era are both present. This accurately describes the time period into which you have embarked upon the adventure you are on, even if it does not seem like much of an adventure yet. The overlap period between great cycles includes a certain amount of upheaval, for evolution and change do not always come easy, especially when every facet of life upon a given world is being challenged to evolve in some way or to face the possibility of extinction. As you might imagine, this can be very stressful even at an unconscious level.

Overlap periods offer opportunities for awakenings and great leaps of consciousness on both personal and planetary levels, and it is during these periods that many courageous souls emerge from the recesses of time to do their part to assist the world they committed themselves to. There are many different worlds taking place simultaneously upon the earth. The earth is a planet, a celestial body, and should not always be exchanged synonymously with the word, world, an area of activity and condition of existence associated with a domain or dimension of experience. The earth that you know today is the known 'home' of third-dimensional human beings and all of life associated with that.

Overlapping periods last an average one hundred years or so, during which the majority of change takes place. But to a larger extent and when viewed from a greater perspective the cycle could easily extend to two hundred fifty years or more. One recent cycle reached its peak in the 1740's, when those of a revivalist nature entered the spiritual scene. Their zeal for the spiritual life was stimulating and enlivening at first and they were generally welcomed. Before long, however, their fervent devotion to the various causes they supported drew criticism and even rejection, particularly by those of a more settled and established order who saw the revivalists as a means of spiritual destruction and a threat to their way of life. It was not long before emotional battle lines were drawn.

As you can see, periods of great awakening bring about varied effects, some of which are quite contradictory in nature. In community after community this movement disrupted religious and spiritual harmony and replaced it with discord and tension. Nevertheless, the prevailing winds of change drew supporters together and eventually produced a sense of transcendent unity that spilled over political and denominational boundaries. About a century later the Theosophical movement stimulated unconscious minds into an awakened state and also managed to ruffle the feather of the status quo. Less than a hundred years after that, the New Age was born yet again, and continues to stir up a fair amount of (r)evolutional dust. This is just a small part of your ancestry and your heritage.

Those of your generation are encoded with and even programmed with a strong desire to open the next world while simultaneously closing the current one. As was mentioned earlier this does not always or often come about gracefully, but there must be those who are willing to be the first to turn the new light on as well as be the last to turn the old one off on their way out or through the next corridor of time. It is a specialized path and not all are suited for the responsibilities associated with it. Yours is a cultural generation, the result of a youth that is shaped by a particular set of events and trends, which includes being born during a period of spiritual awakening. Cultural generations are shorter than familial generations and many different generational facets and anomalies may appear within a time period as short as a decade. As an example, how many versions of you have you met within just the last two years? It is no wonder that you are confused and distraught!

In all things it is best to know yourself. Know your SELF. Know what you are and what you are made of. Know what your cells and molecules are made of. If you seek intelligence as regards your body then begin there. Become aware of your body's cellular and molecular structure. Study the relationship between thought and experience. One moment of self-influenced, pure intelligence is worth a year of digesting and processing information. A well-organized, intelligent structure nurtures and supports every system of your body. Your body is subject to a variety of environmental influences and toxins, but beyond and beneath these resides a system of pure and divine intelligence that has existed for a millennium and before then as well. Begin by trusting in this.

Your generation is a reactive one. It is hasty in its thought process and given to knee-jerk reactions that can seem disruptive and disrespectful to previous generations. This is not a criticism, simply an observation by one who both knows and understands, perhaps more than most. Your reactions are chemically inspired, which means that a certain set of stimuli or events can be almost guaranteed to trigger processes and decisions with an almost certain outcome. You have an instant aversion to all things that are institutional in nature, as well as innate knowledge of that which lives in contradiction to itself. In other words, you do not suffer fools lightly or those who would pass themselves off as persons of authority when no such in-dwelling authority exists. Young one, this is where your anger comes from and while it is too soon to tame it, it is worth your while to understand it so that you will use it to your advantage.

You and your similars will more than likely remain a generation of nomads in the larger sense, travelers, migrants and members of an itinerant people. You will thrive in 'learn on the fly' environments and in other self-made jobs. Most in your generation are peripatetic in nature, students and followers of the school of Aristotle from which the term was derived. Your best work is achieved out of doors as it was long ago at the park-like Lyceum, outside of Athens. Under the peripatein, the covered walk where Aristotle himself walked and lectured, his followers developed their own ideas about nature and the study of ethics.

This too is your lineage; you will be stirred to great heights by the value of ethics and those who employ them as well as stimulated to act against those who are unethical in their words and deeds. And here a word of caution, for this is where you must take great care. Know that the blow you strike in your own name and that of those who are incapable or unwilling to do so may be a severe one and the consequences that follow will be yours to bear. Your shield in this life is your own badge of honor and whenever possible it is to remain as unblemished as your name. Other will follow your lead, if not now then later, but you must maintain your beacon of light and your ray of hope, even when your arms tire and the path is made unwelcome.

Aside from the more common characteristics credited to your generation it is important for you to know that you are also synesthetic by nature, a term that refers to an automatic ability to associate and thereby strengthen one sensory or cognitive pathway by the involuntary or unconscious experience of a second pathway. Basically, this means that you perceive and therefore order things and ideas in a different and sometimes original fashion as compared to others. This trait may cause you to prioritize the events in your life in a way that is both pleasing and important to you, but difficult for others to approve of or even understand. The effects of this neurologically based phenomenon are harmless for the most part, but do lead to significant differences in spatial sequences, sometimes affecting even how hours and days seem to be ordered. Given this sequential scheme, time may seem to move counter-clockwise, lengthening a day or a night as the case may be. Colors, letters or numbers may likewise be ordered in unique sequences that would appear to be out of order where common reality is concerned. Know that you will more than likely be singled out in this regard and perhaps even judged harshly by those who see this as a lack on your part, rather than an improvement on the more common and ordinary perceptions of reality. Wear your badge of honor brightly when you can. Hold your head up, not in anger or arrogance, but so that you will continue to see up to and beyond the next horizon, farther than the panorama than most are able to behold.

While your physical eyesight is not much improved from the average human being your hearing is and already recognizes the tri-tonal waves that are able to better balance the accelerated movement of time. Energetically, you can perceive when someone or something is nearer or farther away, even when physical contact is impossible. This ability to sense "flickers" of energy resonance is attributed to cross-sensory perception, a feature that will be common in the human structure in the near future. Synesthetic perceptions vary between those of your generation and some may not even be aware that they possess such abilities. The narcotic influences of alcohol and drugs markedly increase the effects of synesthesia, making them more noticeable and available. Many who are not aware of this phenomenon mistakenly find themselves overly interested if not addicted to the influential effects of modern-day chemically infused substances. You have an inherent knowledge of pharmacopoeia, but your more delicate system is less tolerant of chemically altered drugs. Your youth will likely invite you to experiment in this arena, therefore whenever possible choose the most natural substances and use your sensory abilities to screen those who would tell you otherwise.

Of necessity we must explore the higher than normal rate of suicide among your peers; a topic that bears an enduring question mark where you are concerned. The journey of those who straddle the worlds is never an easy one. The only preparation for such a life is life itself. And the in the grander sense, the only purpose of such a life is to further define life by extending its possibilities to future generations. The rewards are many, but suffice it to say that most of these will not be seen with the physical eyes, or at least not until much later. Many who have accomplished much at other crossroads where time and dimension meet, take for granted the amusements, distractions and densities of this one. They do so at their peril for an average life is deaf, dumb and blind to the challenges of those who will stop at nothing short of true sovereignty for themselves and their companions. Another word of caution is inserted here. Let it be noticed by the wise and ignored by the half-wise who will read on in hopes of recording only the complimentary and more praise-worthy words -- aside from the courage and bravado afforded by your personality you are made of a more delicate fabric than most. Over time you will develop the ability to measure your successes based upon subtle and understated details. But today you judge yourself on the obvious, and when the gains are slight or not at all you dismiss your refinements. You compare yourself to sackcloth when you are made of silk; you decide your fate on a scale of pass or fail, and when your error in judgment says death instead of life you defy life itself by taking your own.

Life is a perilous journey and it is meant to be so, at least at this juncture. Make yourself impervious to the wounds that life inflicts by being your own teacher and friend. Find a mentor, a believer, a follower or a guide. The road ahead is still a treacherous one, fraught with the invisible demons of many lifetimes ago, if not your own then those of your companions. Make allowances for this and do not take them for granted when lesser moments prove more difficult than first imagined. In difficult moments make your roots deepen until they catch hold the very center of the earth and wrap themselves securely around the core of the earth for it is strong enough to hold you. Likewise, extend a tether to the farther reaches of the heavens from where you came that you will not forget the honorable journey that has guided you to here and now. Sorrow will surely overtake and surprise you one day. It will turn you inside out and threaten to toss you into the abyss of forgetfulness. In those moments claw and scratch your way back, even if that is somewhere and this is nowhere. Know that a hand will always be extended to you, perhaps even my own. Clasp it and begin again, even if it is with your first only breath. Br prepared to do the same for those of your generation for those outside of it cannot always recognize the refined nature of your being. Sometimes it really does take one to know one.

You will find that for the most part others will not celebrate the intelligence or ingenuity of your generation. They will not sing your praises or herald your heroic nature. It is not quite time for this yet and you must forgive them their ignorance. While you live for the next moment many are still stuck in this one. They are afraid of tomorrow and what it will bring. Many are followers and without leaders they are blind to the young scouts that are preparing to lead the way. Know that the world at large still sees you as strong-willed, self-destructive, entitled, resistive of authority, and mostly lacking in responsibility. So be it. Let the words stand or fall of they're own accord. You will find that the earth's axis will always tilt toward the truth, reconciling merit or lack thereof without any effort on your part.

The traits that accompany your more rebellious aspects are well worthwhile and include self-definition, a clear and strong will, independence, and high intelligence. Other traits that are still developing include paranormal abilities such as telepathy, precognition, psychokenesis, and extreme empathy. An over-emphasis or over-use of under-developed traits will weaken your immune system and unbalance your emotional body so that it's response will not be a natural one. Disrespect for the amount of rest your mind and body needs will further weaken your immune system making it prone to colds, viruses, migraine headaches, and other no-name physical and mental anomalies. In short, be as unconventional as you like, but remember to recognize your own authority in these matters.

Scientific research has not revealed any evidence that you exist. Imagine that! They have studied, at least to some degree, the subject of synesthesia and have interviewed many candidates. Although some of the individuals studied did exhibit some anomalous brain activity and demonstrated some rather unique responses to ubiquitous questions, the studies were abandoned for lack of substantive evidence. Only lately has psychological research admitted that synesthetic experiences could have measurable though abstract social consequences as evidenced by the appearance of identified differences in patterns of brain activity. Interestingly, one of the most common rejoinders among study participants was a systematic rejection of scenarios involving authority, as well as a lack of response in scenarios where guilt, fear, or manipulation was in obvious evidence or thinly veiled.

Does this make you an Indigo? Only if you want to be one. Depending upon the interpretation of the word, it can be worn as a crown or a crown of thorns. Is it a label? A title? An overview? An excuse for poor social mannerisms or a rejection of them altogether? If it is helpful to find yourself in a category along with your peers, then by all means make it so. If you reject the categorization of others then feel free to reject this one as well. The Indigo light is an expression of the blue-violet depth from which you have come; a reminder of the midnight sky on a moonless night and an invitation to look to the heavens when you can make no sense with that and those of earth.

Your future is a bright one for the most part, but this statement will hold the most truth as you live your own truth. Live another's truth and you suffer, perhaps more than others do. Look to a future that is different than the one currently imagined. If you must, walk the path that runs alongside that of others, even if it is that of those you most love. You need not lead, but take care whom you follow. Trust in a wisdom that does not belong to you yet, but is near and accessible when you most need it. Push beyond what others say is possible and a little further than those who believe in the impossible. Walk in disguise when you feel unsafe, yet do not fail to unveil yourself when the moment or the task demands it. Be boundless in your undertakings; yet here and there imitate the path that others take, if for no other reason than to please a friend or to prove to yourself that you are indeed unique. Lastly, even as you take your warrior's stance, remember that your coat of arms reads, Peace on Earth.


IshaRa 12th July 2009 12:34 pm

I loved, this - it made me laugh - why??

Because Gaia may just as well have been describing me - and I am 51 years old!!! My father was an "indigo" too and he's 77.

So much for defining "generations" using linear time.

To all those indigos out there (of all ages) please check out my web site as it may interest you.

And remember, even if you feel crappy or angry sometimes (or even a lot of the time), you are all AWESOME!!

Love n Blessings,


netdragon 13th July 2009 1:11 am

I am in generation Y. I guess really young children are on generation Z now. Interesting how it works out to be the last alphabet letter...

E 20th July 2009 2:15 pm

I love you! You are awesome!!!



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