Solstice Eve - The Mystery of the Midnight Sun

Winter solstice has always been a quiet and introspective time for me. At the darkest point of the year the dawning of the midnight sun symbolizes the first day of creation. I am about to be reborn. I will be new again. Winter Solstice is the birth of the new solar year and is symbolized by the dark, or midnight sun. The midnight solstice aligns the world of humanity with the world of the eternal, joining both in a sacred union that repeats each year at the same time.

The night before solstice is not another revival of the past, not another opportunity to recap the difficulties we have endured. The midnight sun of the winter solstice invites us to see our past as a journey of a thousand footsteps; the lotus blossom open and resplendent, its petals illumined by a light that is free of illusion. Regardless of where we have placed our awareness our journey has brought us to this moment.

The dark before the light reminds us that something eternal and sacred permeates our life. Tomorrow, highest darkness could consume us, but instead the physical sun will give life to the external world and the spiritual sun will be renewed within each of us. As the winter solstice approaches, the womb of the earth awaits. Amidst darkness and chaos our spirit is about to be reborn. Tonight, my wish for you is peace.

Please enjoy the words that Gaia and I have shared with you on this video entitled, 

The Mystery of the Midnight Sun. Share it with friends and family, those you care for, respect, honor and love.   



COBALT 20th December 2012 8:57 am


Neil 20th December 2012 9:38 am

I think today, 20-12-2012 is also a special day for a number of spiritual reasons.


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