The Conscious Development of Land

I own a few parcels of land that are very unique and special to me. Over the time that I have owned this land I have experienced encounters with a variety of animals, both common and uncommon, as well as elementals and other energies. I am sure that all of these beings enjoy and appreciate this land, which pleases me very much. Strangely, I also feel that the time may be right to either sell these parcels or to develop them, and I am currently exploring these possibilities. Any decision I make would have to acknowledge and include a sense of good will for and from the land itself. How can I be confident that I am acting correctly?

It is best to begin by re-introducing yourself, even if you and the land have been intimately acquainted with one another before. It is likely that either you or the land have changed in some significant way, so becoming re-acquainted will benefit you both. A parcel of land can be identified by certain characteristics. Like a personality, its terrain might be rough around the edges, but soft on the interior, or gnarly and thorny, or even overly soft – like quicksand. Interestingly, land can also be influenced by several other criteria including whether its owners are local or live elsewhere, as well as how and by whom the title for the land is held. Land that is owned by an individual has different characteristics than federal land or land that is corporate owned.

Some would be quick to correct these words almost before they have been spoken, by reminding me (as if I didn’t know!) that the earth cannot truly be owned, and rightly so! And now that we have got that out of the way, we can proceed with an answer that is of use to you. For if we were to negate your ownership we would also do away with the question itself, and it is one that is far too valuable to you and to others. Truth be told, you cannot own anything. You do not even own your body – at best it is leased for the duration of your life after which it is returned to the earth, as its elements belong to the clay from which it was formed. The only thing that can be owned are your experiences, which are maintained infinitely and lovingly by the compassionate observer of miracles called ‘your soul’.

The earth cannot be owned though attempts to do so have marred its surface, your history, and the availability of certain resources. Over time the earth will be rearranged many times over and its uses will many. Imagine, just for a moment, the variety of resources your land currently offers -- not simply those on the researched and recorded deeds that your current protocol requires, but those that may extend beyond that. How many times might the boundaries around this land been drawn and redrawn? This land is much older than your memories, but you are much older than the land – a paradox best left for another day, heh?

As the land’s current owner you can do much, but as its custodian you can do even more. A custodian is someone who is sworn to protect and uphold something that is considered both valuable and precious. A custodian is linked in some inexplicable way to that which they have sworn to protect. Those who recognize this relationship as sacred also know that it entails a moral concordat, one that exists beyond the social or legal entitlements of a deed. If you are not certain that you are your land’s custodian, ask it. Yes, it is that simple! Place yourself comfortably upon it and ask the land to speak to you in one voice (rather than through its elemental makeup) so there will be less confusion.

If you discover that you are not the most appropriate custodian then you can evaluate the choices that present themselves, including selling or turning over the land to a more appropriate owner. If you discover that you are its custodian you will enter a new wisdom within yourself that binds you to the land’s well being. This does not mean that you cannot develop or sell the land; it simply assures that your decisions will be made in the highest good.

Because there seems to be a shortage of land it also seems that what remains must be stayed from development, but that is not necessarily so. All that is life is designed to be useful and purposeful. In your time this has come to mean that something of use to humanity’s commerce must be erected atop it., and this has led to certain imbalances as you already know. So it is for the nature outside of you that is yours, and the nature within that is you, to co-create a conscious response to the questions that arise.

A response is not the same as an answer. An answer is the result of your reasoning and logical thinking; it is based upon the vibrations of linear time. A response is the natural knowing that emerges from the resonant harmonic of life itself. Do you remember hearing or reading about how the great stones of the pyramids were lifted into place by the science of sound? A resonant harmonic response is based upon the same science and it is available to all who acknowledge and attune themselves to the kingdoms nature. It requires a bit of practice, so do not abandon the idea if nature does not immediately make itself known to you!

You and the land are both part of Earth’s resources, and you are not as different from it as you may imagine, at least not while your essence is merged with your journey here. Your body is made of a mix of the same minerals the earth requires. When these are included in your diet you are more apt to respond from a naturally resonant place, but if your body is devoid of these important elements it will be more difficult for you to be in your natural knowing. Therefore, it is important to be a careful caretaker of your own well being as you evaluate the future of this parcel of earth.

As you continue the practice of sound resonance, begin to include image resonance, or the process of actively envisioning the future you would like to share with others. If you envision the best of all worlds, you will live in the best of all worlds. Image resonance is an activity that is enhanced (and protected) by the third eye center. This center regulates your well-being and connectivity to all of your environments, including all that you participate in on the earth plane; it is not limited by your personality though it can be influenced by it. The third-eye center is always present in the Now, which is one of the reasons why so many of you have difficulty connecting with it. Most of you are still anywhere but here!

Image the present moment as you envision the highest potential it (and you) can attain. You may begin to feel a distortion in your electro-magnetic field similar to the sensation associated with crossed eyes. This sensation is due to the merging of two semi-realities (soft potentials) into one. Stay in the moment until the distortion passes. Other side-effects of this exercise may include dizziness and a slight headache, though these are not mandatory. (Resist the temptation to manifest these symptoms in order to ensure or confirm that you have done the exercise correctly).

Lastly, be honest with yourself for any attempt to do otherwise will result in a condition that is less than desirable. If you wish to become a developer of land and to profit by it, then say so and do so. Let your thoughts match your words, and your words match your deeds. If you wish to be a protector of wildlife, then be an inspiration to including other lands in the scope of your Imagineering. And if you wish to sit upon your good fortune for a bit longer before deciding what to do, then pull up a rock or two and invite a tree, a squirrel and a bear to share a meal as kin. The canopy of stars by moonlight will set the mood, and the god within all will be language enough.



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