The Power of Ceremonies and Rituals

Sacred Ceremony + Ritual Response = Freedom/Release. This is one of the simplest, yet most overlooked equations.  The earth benefits and rejoices in it, and it is a gift for our body, mind and spirit.

May is a perfect and important month for regenerating our life force and the animas vigoras, an ancient term for the fire of inspiration, which when invoked, ignites our passion to thrive.  Look around. Some of us have been in hibernation mode while others hover near survival. This is not what we came here to be and do!

The moon is the earth’s most prominent partner, even more so during this May 2012 cycle. We have already experienced a Super full moon due to its elliptical orbit and its exaggerated proximity to earth this month. On May 20th there will be a potent solar eclipse that is forecasted to have great influence on matters large and small. In addition, we are all in the process of shifting our focus and energy, as directed by our own soul’s code.

Take a few moments to consider the thoughts and things that you would like to change, redirect, complete or begin. This is a perfect time to make it so. You can help the process by creating or participating in ceremonies and rituals that exert their force beyond the realm of ordinary time. When we call upon the wisdom of the earth, our own inner wisdom also responds, often with surprising and fast results.

There are many techniques whereby ceremonies and rituals lead to transcendent and sacred discovery, but the main principle is always the same – let go/receive, dissolve/unite – you get the idea. For my own simple homemade ceremony, I gathered a few meaningful items that I felt attracted to and added something from nature to represent the kingdoms and elements of the earth. I wrote some very simple intentions (no need to complicate this) and offered it to the ALL. Then I meditated (briefly) and feasted (greatly!). The ritual and the intention are the same, one is a simply a physical representation of the other.

I invite you to celebrate the month of May with me. You are my brothers and sisters; my family. I wish I could break bread with all of you one day, but for now I send you a sincere wish — that you engage life fully, and discover the vivid beauty, meaning and purpose of your life NOW.



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