Time for a New Mythology

Mythology and folklore is humanity "attempting to explain its world to itself," triggering the unconscious to "remember its own way to create, to unravel the old so that it can then weave the new and the next into this particular life."

I bid you good day. We begin this topic with an exploration of a subject that, in some ways, has been considered mythical, a little of the folkloric, and a little of the ancient mysteries, as well as a topic that in modern times is what you would consider your science fiction. Of course the topic relates to all of these and to none of these, as we will soon discover. I have purposely decided to introduce the subject to you of my own accord, without the channel's assistance, for I wished to unfold it for you gracefully, that you would see all of its aspects.

Now I will tell you that we will begin to explore aspects of a "dark magic" of sorts - of a fascination that humanity has with what is on the other side of the veil that could be considered of a darker nature. Where is the power of these darker aspects? What is its status? And why is it celebrated?

And now I will tell you that of course the name that this topic would go under for the topic to unfold is that which you would typically consider the subject of vampires. And of course, to place you at ease, I will say to you that there is indeed no such creature, no such thing - not as it is depicted in your common time, nor as it was depicted long and longer ago. Yet it is a subject itself that is older than time - not only upon this world, but upon others as well - and so we must ask ourselves why this is.

The Unconscious Explores Human Nature through Mythology

What is it of this subject that is fascinating to humanity that it continues to live on in story and in myth? Well, in some ways, it has to do with your unconscious - an aspect of the unconscious that goes ignored to some degree. Because it goes ignored, it must then find another way to surface, and in essence, it finds its way and its voice in and through every culture. This aspect of your unconscious, then - whether it is a fear of or a fascination with the unknown or of what is the beyond the veil - finds a voice and a visual quality, and even if it is illusion, it comes forward.

Now, in the modern time, when you look upon your own image in a mirror, of course you might wish to erase a few of the lines that give you character, a few of the extra pounds or two, or an element of imperfection that you may find in your image. Well, now you have the true image of the vampire today, for if you will see its modern imagery, you will observe that it is portrayed as very strong and very youthful, handsome, or good looking. It is seductive and strong, intelligent and, of course, even eternally youthful. That is the modern imagery.

Of course to the young hearts, the young minds, this image seems so very attractive, and to others as well. And so they imagine, "Can it be so? If I sell my soul to the dark side," [chuckles], "if I sell my integrity, what is it worth? Is it worth a good-looking eternity? What value does it have?" In this way, the unconscious explores the value of your integrity, of your imagery, and of all that is held important in the world of the mundane.

Why are we exploring this subject, then? It is important to say. "Oh Gaia, how many wonderful and spiritual subjects are there to explore?" Well, this one is as well, because it goes unspoken, particularly among the folk who consider themselves of highest category and highest integrity. But you see, when you are not being in your highest truth, where are you? When you are not living to your highest ideals, where are you?

When you are exploring the ideas of your culture such as the accumulation of wealth or beauty or maintaining your eternal image through rejuvenation, while there is a secret part of you that finds this is well - well to do, well to consider - there is another part of you that says, "Oh, that is a very vain thought," or "that is a very mundane thought, and I had better turn my thoughts to more spiritual concerns or to upholding my integrity or to making the world a better place." And because you do not allow yourself to consider the lower thoughts or the lower motives - because you truly believe that you have outgrown these in many ways - your subconscious continues to consider them and to compare itself against them to see where it fits.

You see, it must do this. It cannot truly consider only that which is of the light or of the sun, for then your beingness - truly, your eternal beingness - would fall more into chaos, more out of balance. So that this does not happen, your unconscious self considers all of the qualities of your nature, and it always has. All of these aspects are not so much a part of human nature; they are a part of nature itself. They are a part of the nature of the Earth, and each dimension has its own way to consider them. Each dimension considers the darkness as an extension of itself or as dark matter. And as we begin to consider the topic, we will see that to those who were uninformed long ago, dark matter and dark magic were considered similar.

Now of course you may approach this topic as you will, but I will give to you the guidance that the best way to approach this topic is to allow yourself to truly consider the more mundane aspects of nature without calling them "the frailties of human nature." These aspects are simply a part of nature itself, and these beings - both as they are interpreted in folklore or myth or as the aspects of them that can be considered real - are a part of you as well. They are a part of humanity. They are a part of humanity's thoughts. You share your world with light and dark, with the finest minds and the highest ideals, and with some of the lower vibrations as well.

The Origin of Tales of Death and Rebirth

So we will say then that this theme has two factors associated with its popularity: One is the representation of sexuality, and another is another aspect that we will simply call "mortality," whether or not you believe in your mortal self that part of you continues to live on beyond the body's existence in the third plane. Again I will say to you that though you may think the subject itself a bit of illusion, a flight of fancy, or a little bit of folly, I tell you otherwise. I tell you that the closer you come to the fifth dimension, the more all the aspects of human nature and of nature itself, of the darker aspects of the personality or self - self-lust, selfish, self-full, all of these - are to be examined and, as much as possible, explained.

In essence, that is what humanity is wishing to do with itself. It is attempting to explain its world to itself. And of course the world is made up of many things: those that are seen, those that are unseen, those that are seldom or sometimes seen, and those that only some beings can see and others not. As you know, those things that are invisible to some are quite visible to others. The unreal is real, depending upon who will explore the subject.

To take the subject far into the distant past, as we are known to do in some of our explorations (I have said to you that the subject is considered upon other worlds as well, but we will leave those aside and dedicate ourselves only to how humanity and those of ancient times have related to this subject), every particular nation, every particular history, and every culture has its own variation of the stories of the dead or the walking dead - or those that are simply dearly departed. Of course, some of these have now fallen into the time of myth; in fact, most have. But here and there, we will touch upon the reality or the historical aspects and how they came to be known or woven into your history as well.

Indeed, there come tales from the ancient times, and the most ancient that we will speak of are those of the temple schools of the Babylonians. Those living then understood that there was a change of the seasons, just as you do now. But in those times, they believed more in two seasons: the lighter season and the darker season, or the growing season and the sleeping season. The sleeping season was at times also considered as the time when all things appeared to be dead.

Now, among the educated, of course, there was much of an understanding of how all things grow and regenerate and move through a variety of cycles, but among the less educated, that was not the case. When something was not growing, it simply appeared to be dead - not dormant, not regenerative, but simply dead. This is how they came to wish to please either the gods or even those who were the most educated among them who would then come and show how to regenerate a seed or how to bring the proper amount of water or sunlight and to teach the uneducated. And of course those who wished to have themselves held in high regard and in high esteem would make certain to come about at a time when the season was just about to come forward, when everything was just about to spring back into life. There it seemed that they would do their magic and such, and this impressed the others. And at the very least, they would be given a parcel of land or held in high regard, or some benefit would come to their nature.

In these particular times came different gods, as you well know from your own historical perspective. In Babylon, then, there was a doctrine that allowed for two kingdoms: one of this world, or the living world, and one of the world beyond, or the world of the dead. It was thought that there were indeed two sisters, one from the other. One was known to bring the plagues, while the other was known to bring life. In that time, Ereshkigal was known as the sister or counterpart of Ishtar, and she was seen as the particular symbol of nature during the nonproductive season, during the dormant season.

Here you have the two opposites, one against the other - two sisters thought to rival each other - one who wished to give life to all things and one who came in the season of darkness, or the season of the dead. Of course there would be what could be done to banish the "evil" sister from that kingdom and to give all of the accolades to the "good" goddess. While there were one or two holidays or celebrations in which there was a reconciliation between light and dark - certain occasions in which they both shared the honors and they both were known to rule over the land - of course one would need to be declared the victor, and so one again had to be banished.

Therefore, long and long before you have your Halloween activities, your Hallow's Eve, and all else, there are indeed certain days of the year depicted or given to moments in which light and dark both exist as one. There is a certain day, a certain time when the doors are open, when they are not at odds or at war with one another and, in essence, when they have reconciled their differences for the good of all.

A Metaphor Turned Myth

That is one example I give to you that began the lore of long and longer ago. Now, of course, we can then take our journey of historic perspective and fast forward to the times that could be called the High Middle Ages at their highest point. Here we would then take our imagery to Great Britain and to the Western Europe and to Irelands, and there again came medieval depictions of all types of the living and the nonliving of that time. And, of course, in those stories there were common aspects associated to those who walked among the living but were not.

Most of those stories had to do with those who were considered wrongdoers, those who could be depicted as wicked or vain, and particularly those who spread disease or who were called "the unbelievers," for this was a common term as well. The unbelievers were those who did not believe in good or evil, who did not believe in the "good" word of the church that was known to bring about the rulership of that time. Of course, it was often claimed that those who walked of the dead would come to the unbelievers much more often, or that they would return to the unbelievers in some way to bring some wrongdoing to them. Most of all, the walking dead were said to bring a revenge of one kind or another, along with any other aspect of plague that could be put upon an unbeliever.

The word "revenant" used to describe these walking dead is a very old term from the Latin revenir, which means "to return." And so here the original term was not "vampire," but that which simply returns. The word was simply returning, and in the oldest forms of literature, the walking dead are no more than those who return, not to avenge their own killers or such (although that was known from time to time as well), but the ones who simply returned for their unfinished business.

Now, among all of the stories that were told, those who understood the folklore of it understood that in a time in which it was not sanctified to speak of certain terms such as reincarnation (for that was taboo then), understanding had to come a different way. And so it was explained carefully - again, to the educated - that one returns again to complete that which is unfinished. This was a way to say, "Get busy with your life, with nose in your own life. Work for your betterment; learn your lessons, discover your truths, and work compassionately for others." It was therefore a way to explain the cycle of birth and rebirth. It was a way to explain the seasons, reincarnation, and all of the cycles of the soul.

Remember, however, that in these dark times, one needed to hide some of the truths - or at least to couch them within other, more approved truths. Therefore, those who were said to "return" were thought of in one circle as the highest, the most important way to rediscover yourself - to complete and then to raise your self, to raise the unconscious to the conscious. But of course those who would not hear of it or whose indoctrination was too deep and too severe interpreted "one who returns" as one who rises up, as the church would say - as one who rises up from the dead to eat the living.

Well, from there came some of your oldest terms, and from there came some of the great separations between dark and light as well. This is a battle - the battle of the skies, the battle between the living and the unloving, the battle of light and dark, consciousness and unconsciousness. All of this is an ongoing debate that plays itself out in many different ways.

Again, I bring this topic to you now for levity - for we explore all of the different sides of it as well - but it is more than that. Remember that I have greeted you and that I have told you that as you move closer to the dimensional gateways (for you are almost near the threshold now), you will begin to see these "threats" rise again: threats of potential plagues, threats of those who carry them.

"Do they come from a certain culture?" some will ask. "Do they come from a certain belief... or lack of belief? Is it true? Is it untrue? Who is a carrier?" And I will tell you that even those who follow the more scientific truths will say there are some with "an advanced case" of this or that, a DNA that is capable of expanding and one that is not. You see, even from science and from all of the different frontiers you will begin to see what can be ascribed or fall under the umbrella of this topic.

So we explore it here from a different vantage point, you see. I could easily have brought the subject to you and said, "Look here, we will speak of plagues and we will speak of dimensions, and we will again speak of the 2012 and what comes." Oh, but some of these terms have been so overused, would you not agree? And so here we have a very different exploration, one that is current, one that is woven into your culture of believers and nonbelievers.

Your Young Ones Are Activating Themselves Through Myths Retold

You will notice, of course, how taken the youth among you are with the subject. Have you noticed it? How taken they are with the new folklore. You see, they are not as interested in the old; they have a new version of it now. And you see, this is how they are teaching themselves about dark and light, about who to trust and who not to trust, about hidden powers and how to cultivate that power, and about how to free themselves from overlords or over-power.

You see, they are teaching themselves how to disarm those who seem to hold power or reign over them. You will see that in their own way, they are teaching themselves (and perhaps you) about sovereignty, about truth, about the eternal quality of goodness and nature. They are teaching themselves how to be leaders rather than a followers, how to surround themselves with certain force fields of god or light, how to trust in the invisible, and how to manage that which appears out of nowhere. Can you begin to see the importance of some of these lessons? Can you begin to see some of what is hidden beneath a simple story or an epic followed by the youngsters?

This is the way that your culture goes about the same myths, the same stories of long ago, retold, re-invented, re-imagined and, in their own way, made real - because yes, that which is invisible is visible to many, particularly to the younger ones. They see what you do not. They see that which is more obvious than you do, and they see that which is more subtle than you do, for the most part, because their range is beyond yours, their hearing a little bit different, their vision a little bit different.

Of course, by your own scales, if you were to measure their auditory tones or their 20/20 eyesight, you could apply the same measure, but you would take finer instruments, you would see that at their depth, they are truly able - some of them - to see a bit more dimensionally than you are, a bit more depth of fore-field. They are able to see, they are able to control, and they are able to make manifest within a certain field that which is active. In other words, they can separate and activate molecules and atoms to dance or be excited in more ways. Their ability to bring forward and to manifest something out of the nothingness is already active. And their interest in these subjects is bringing that about even more than it has been.

So that is an aside for you for you to consider: Can you also do what the younger generations can? To some degree, there are a few who can. If you can summon these abilities and strengths, you will know that you can, and with some practice, there are those who can do so more than others. But all is not lost even for those who cannot, for you will see that as the abilities of the younger ones become more and more common, they will become contagious in their own way - "viral," you could say - so that some of those of the next generation, those most proximal to them, are the ones that can be brought into their realm of understanding.

Guilt Manifested as an Etheric Double

Now, to go back in time a little as we move forward and backward on the subject, we will speak then of those who began thinking of the darker arts or of what those who had perished were able to do. Of course, you did not have the forensic sciences that you have today, and there were many who had perished by wrongdoing, by murder, or by foul play of one kind or another, and much of this went unstudied or unpunished. And of course the very guilt that some lived with consumed them. In essence, they drew not upon the light to forgive or to bless or to allow, but their own guilt brought about an essence of their own being - what you could imagine to be an etheric double that was of their darker nature - to instill guilt within them so that they would then release themselves from that guilt while in life rather than after their life.

So their own soul, for their benefit, manifested a darker side of them to plague them, to haunt them, and to speak to them in their dreamtime and their waking time. This was so that they would take consummate advice from themselves, so that they would liberate themselves and bring forward a truth, not carrying it into another dimension or another life. Sometimes the soul was successful in this; sometimes it was not.

When it was not and these beings then terminated their lives, part of them - that part that was considered guilt or at fault or dark - sometimes, because of its density, did not stay as closely associated with the lighter aspects of them. In essence, you could think of it as the comet's tail: It simply lagged a little bit behind the light that transitioned into the next world, and so the denser aspect of that being stayed a little bit longer to see if it could complete something of itself before following into the next dimension.

Of course, from here you may extrapolate that we could, if we would, go on to explore what you would consider ghosts or poltergeists, but we will not take it there - not in this speaking. We have enough to concentrate upon with this topic, and I do not wish to deviate from the original thought that inspired the topic.

Misunderstandings Borne of Ignorance

In either case, the bodies, the corpses, were then buried - and of course, remember again that we have said that most people of that time did not have the benefit of the sciences you understand now or know how to properly prepare a body, a corpse, for burial. Many times, this was very rudimentary, and so because of this, and also because where they were buried at times was not always considered consecrated land or a graveyard and such, there was often the need to unbury the body and to bury it again.

Well, when these corpses were unburied, at times a variety of aspects to their appearance could be noted. Now, you must understand that where a corpse is buried, what particular vessel it is buried in, what particular soil, the very composition of the soil, its mineral content, the temperature, its moistness, and many other factors have to do with how quickly or over how long a period it will decompose - if, in fact, at all. And so at times then when it was exhumed, the appearance of the body was rather, well . . . a little bit more plump than expected, and sometimes it did not even show signs of decomposition.

There are reasons for this as well - very particular reasons. For instance, when a body begins to leave its signs of life behind, there are many gasses that are in the body, and they begin to accumulate, particularly in the torso. This begins to increase certain pressures within the body cavity, which will also then of necessity force blood to rise up into the upper part of the body. And at times some small or a larger amount of blood may have come from the nose and then even from the mouth.

As you might imagine, when these poor corpses were then exhumed, looking very fresh and almost radiant (depending, again, upon the soil) and with a little bit of blood to color the lips or the nose, that is part of your history there associated with the vampire art. [Chuckles.] And there I give to you a very simple definition. Even those who were of a thinner nature could sometimes appear to be very plump, if their bodies would swell; they appeared to be very well fed. And so then came the wrong assumption that they had fed on blood.

To add to that, when these gasses were trapped in the corpse, sometimes even a groan-like sound could be known to come forward past the vocal cords. And oh, did that not send many a grave robber running! [Laughs.] And why not? And who not? For those who were the robbers of old - well, did they not deserve a little scare here and there? Perhaps yes.

Of course, folklore would add to this other aspects as well. Imagine that there was anything at all in a small village that had to do with stealing of cattle or sheep or any similar aspects: These disappearances were attributed at times in the darker ages to with the vampires or the unbelieving or the undead, for who wished to admit that the neighbor or the brother had been the very thief? And so here you have some of the myth associated with mysterious disappearances as well.

Then there were also many different forms of paralysis that were known at that time - precursors to what you would consider polio and other forms of paralysis. Some people would wake paralyzed in this way, and it was said that those who had walked among them before had come back in the night and pressed themselves so close to life in order to catch the breath of the sleeping that they paralyzed or deadened the body of some.

Those beliefs then brought rise to what could be called apotropaic practices, the practices of celebrating both mundane and sacred items for protection. Here is where you find the use of the branch of wild rose and the hawthorn plant, of garlic and the holy water - all of this celebrated between regions and religions to ward off evil. To protect a house with mustard seeds or with any other aspect such as a crucifix or a rosary then came to be understood as a form of protection, including all other inventions that were given to the different regions, such as crossing that which is a burning bush, crossing that which is running water, and more.

The Celebration of Blood as Sacred Is an Integral Part of Human History

Now, again, if we are to speak of blood, there are many ancient cultures that have been known to celebrate with a drop of blood, a prick of the finger, or other blood arts. And even those you now celebrate, those of the Maya and those who lived in great temples and that are known for many, many great feats of construction and mathematics, those that are upheld today as ones that you would wish to emulate - they too had their own ceremonies that at times involved bloodletting.

Blood is something that is sacred and consecrated to humanity. It is something that is a cup of life. It is something that is known to give birth, to give the flowers of life, the flowing waters of life, even in death, as you can see. And so you see, this way to celebrate is also known as that which brings fear - that which gives life and that which appears to take life. The celebrations that you now enjoy that have more to do with sipping of wine are derivations of rituals from long and long ago that began from the blood. This also is a part of all that is of your history and all that is of the mysteries as well.

So in our own way here, we are traipsing through history, bringing to you a bit of the historic that has accuracy while also noting the folklore and how it came to be. The reason to note this is that your culture, this culture at this time, will make its own stories. And in some ways, these stories are already being fashioned. It may seem to you that the popularity of the myths that are currently being brought forward is fleeting - it is but a movie here; it is but a story there - but you see how spellbinding they are. You can see by their very popularity that myths are being born again. This is why it is important to take note of this subject and of others that will come about as well. It is the time for new mythology.

You see, many of the older ones are becoming obsolete now. They have been ruled out by science. They have been set aside by religion or by those who have brought about a more historic accuracy at this time. But the world lives by mythology and creates its new world based upon the myths of the heavens and the earth. And so as the new is about to be birthed, there are some myths that are being set aside, but the more of them that are set aside, the more that in essence wish to come forward - and must come forward.

Explore the Truths of Your Unconscious Self

I bring this to your awareness because you may work with your conscious and your unconscious to establish for yourself a certain myth reality that works for both of them, for both of you. As much as possible, do not allow so much separation between light and dark, between right and wrong, or between integrity or its lack. Do not allow yourself to place blame upon those who have not yet figured out for themselves that there is another way. This is not to say that you are to celebrate or uphold wrongdoing, but it is to say that there is a place within you that can weave it together.

The more you weave it together into one garment, the more you will see that it is light and dark, shadow and shade, that give texture to your life, that give a reality to your being, and that will give you a certain courage to rediscover all of your aspects. Do not turn on all of the switches to light and ignore all of the others, because in essence, just as on a circuit panel, devoting yourself so much to this and not to that might overload your circuits. If you will gaze at the Sun, then gaze at the Moon as well. If you will look to the light of blue skies, then look in the dark night and see the most distant stars as well. Do not allow yourself to focus on only one and not the other.

You see that we explore a subject here that brings to you another aspect of nature, another aspect of your beingness and of your truth. Here, in essence, we are exploring your unconscious - not your subconscious, the unconscious - a very powerful ally in your life. Your unconscious is very interesting to your soul. Your soul works with your unconscious. In some ways, it is more studious than your conscious mind. While your conscious mind seeks to attain more in terms of information and guidance - "do this but not that, steer clear of the other, and here is a new teacher and a new book" - your unconscious is only interested in following the very next natural step for you.

Your unconscious is in tune with nature. It is in tune with all of the lifetimes you have ever had. It is in tune with your sleep state, your dream state, your consciousness. It is not simply the opposite or that which opposes your natural self or your awakened self. Your unconscious self is your ally. It holds your greater truths. It is more neutral, it is more balanced, and in its own way, it is much more awakened than what you believe is your consciousness.

So I bring this topic to you, I reveal it to you, and I present it to you for your consideration. Of course, the mythology, the folklore, and the older stories will stay just where they have: a bit for your entertainment, but a little bit as well to trigger the unconscious to remember - to remember its own way to create, to unravel the old so that it can then weave the new and the next into this particular life.

Look for Sparks from Nowhere

Again I tell you that in this next cycle you are just entering now - as a matter of fact, this year brings that cycle forward - is a time in which light will define itself. Truth will enlarge itself, and some of that which is more true that you can imagine is also a little bit more unreasonable than you might imagine. You have waited for a very long time for explanations and for truths to come forward, and of course you have heard it said that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. I will confirm that for you.

So while your mind is attempting to make order out of the chaos of this time, when certain truths come forward, your mind will wish to order them, to sequence them, to make them appropriate in your logical and linear world, but you will see that it does not always come together in this way. You will see that instead, it has a dimensional quality. Truth will rise to the surface. It will be spontaneous at times; it will spark as if from the invisible. You will see a spark - a spark of life, a spark of hope, a spark of truth. And sometimes that spark will have come out of nowhere: out of a past image, out of a modern myth, out of something that is only now beginning to create itself.

We are speaking here of the unbelievers becoming believers - and in some cases, those unbelievers will be you. As much as you would consider yourself a believer, saying, "I can believe this; I can believe in that. It is what I have worked for; it is what I believe in," you will see that there will come moments when you say, "I did not believe it would come about that way," or "I can believe this much, but not that far." And in those moments, I will say go a little bit further, a little bit longer, a little bit deeper, and you will see that I will accompany you in those moments.

So, sweet ones, until the next moment - explore, discover, reunite, invigorate yourselves. I will endeavor to do the same and to bring to you such topics as will tickle, tantalize, and coax forward aspects that, on your own, you would perhaps not consider. Until the next time, I bid you good day.


Satya 9th May 2011 1:34 pm

Absolutely fascinating. Thank you!


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