Warriors of Peace and the Far East

I have spent a lot of time in Indonesia and the people there are very dear to me. They are a simple people, but they are filled with love. For the last several years there have been many natural disasters there, especially earthquakes. I understand that these events must be appropriate, so I will not ask about their necessity, but I am wondering if there is anything I can do there for the land or for the people? I know that these are times of great change and while I honor them, I cannot help but wish these changes did not include great disasters, too.

It falls to me to tell you that there are yet many more changes to come, especially where these lands are concerned. You call these natural disasters and so I will also refer to them as such. If we assume a metaphor in which all of the continents and countries contribute and assist in the physical birth of the New Age, then Indonesia, its possessions and even some of its nearby neighbors could be considered one of the earth’s umbilical cords. (Please note a hesitation on my part to use the term "new earth" as this has previously been erroneously interpreted as a substitute for the present earth body. I will say again for those who prefer reinforcement that there is one earth, just as there is one you. You have, and will continue to remake yourselves in a variety of creative and endless expressions, and all of these will still be you. Please have faith in your infinite ability to remake yourselves and your experiences, so that in turn you will have faith in the earth as well).

Deep, deep beneath these lands and under the great ocean floor, there are fissures and cracks that reveal openings to the earth within. These are not wounds and they do not require healing. The openings are there to facilitate the release of powerful energies from deep within the earth. These surges are being monitored by an elemental intelligence, a part of my sentience that is aware of itself and is even now shaping its potential future, and that of everything that resides upon and within the earth. Though it is difficult for you to imagine it at this time, these changes are of great benefit to the earth and to the future of mankind. The earth must restore itself and premeditate a new life. As it does so, its habitants will be encouraged to do the same. All changes are aligned with the restoration of current and future resources. As you look beyond the comfort zones and mindsets that predominate the planet still, you will see the necessity of all that is taking place. Decide to be both the participant and the observer and you will see and know much more.

The islands that are located there today were once and long ago located elsewhere, known by other names and inhabited by other people. The continents and lands of the earth are designed to move in whole or in part, above or beneath the seas. Humanity too, has lived above, beneath and within different worlds. It forgets. It remembers. It forgets. It creates. It recreates. The more imperfect the world appears the more perfect humanity will make it, perfecting itself in the process. You will perhaps forgive the appearance of a less than compassionate answer, as I look just beyond the horizon that we both know all too well no longer serves the majority of the planet. Greater tremors yet will rearrange these lands, lifting some of them higher so that they will not disappear beneath the waves even as others do. The catastrophic changes brought about by these events will make land, homes and resources available to its inheritors and progenitors. It is a meritous sacrifice and those who make it today have also reaped the benefits of those who have sacrificed before them. The cycles are well known and well worn, but never repeated. Such in the ingenuity and majesty of All That Is, of which humanity also Is.

The people who make their home there know how to live, perhaps better than others do. They know the value of life, human and otherwise. That is one of the reasons why you are drawn there. You are drawn to the value and quality of life that is there. In other parts of the world and based upon a more modern definition the term, quality of life can mean one’s possessions, time off from work, financial wealth and other fineries. Most of these people know no such finery, but they know life and how to live it. They suffer when it is time to suffer and they celebrate when it is time to celebrate. They live according to the laws of the physical environment that belongs to the eternal moment. Their life is dedicated to both. On these lands you will find very, very young souls and very old souls who are more than willing to teach the old. The old tell of a history that is foreign to the young, one that sounds more mythological than real. Who is to say what is real? Who would have believed that waves could swallow an island a few years ago? Who would doubt that today? The ancient ones know and they are more than willing to share what they know, but there must be those who are willing to listen and to act, otherwise it will not matter if the land rises or falls, do you see?

As you have asked me questions, I will also cause you to reflect and ask yourself a few questions of my own. You need only answer them to yourself and to that which has made you unique, regardless of the name by which you hold the nameless dear: Why do I hold this nation and its people as sacred? Why am I drawn to these lands again and again, as well as to other regions where the very young and very old gather? Why am I consistently invited to witness the cooperative nature in and of all things? Who benefits by this? My counsel continues, even as you continue asking...

It was in other lifetimes that your journey began, it only continues now, as all lifetimes are both original and subsequent. Prior to the last breaking of the continents you were near there and elsewhere too, in a body that was somewhat lighter that the one you now occupy. You ordered yourself to appear as man or woman, depending upon necessity or purpose. You would have thought yourself to have Polynesian features, though even these would have seemed of another time. You were warrior and you were god, at least to those who knew you, and your words were often those of warning. How does one teach a people that they are no longer welcome upon a land? How does one explain that while they are on the back of the great whale now, they will soon be under its belly?

It would be fair to say that you were mostly (though not wholly) unsuccessful in that endeavor. It would not be fair to say that you had failed, although you believed this, and for longer than most who cared for you would have preferred. Such is your choice. It is always is. Do you begin to remember? And now that you do, take care that you do not linger in that memory, for all too soon anguish returns, even if it is no longer your own. Remember, but only so that you will forget. Otherwise, you will lack the certainty that you need in this life, do you see? In order for memories to serve you they must remain soft and pliable, not hard and brittle, so that time can heal them without shattering them.

Now use your imaging station [imagination] to assist you in recognizing the importance of this time and this life. Link thought with dimension and purpose until a clear path begins to emerge, as if one that leads out of the woods and into a clearing. Within you, as within others who will benefit by these words, there is a desire to assist. Know this first. Know this before acting. To know is first nature, and to act is second nature. Be guided by your long-term desires, those that suggest an adventure waits. As the awakening continues a fire will ignite. Born of an eternal flame, you will be guided by dimension first and then direction.

This first response, the one we speak of now, is just that . . . a first . . . of many. Your ongoing connection to source will see to others. Every nuance within the changes you see around you will speak to you in a language that you will recognize as if from long ago. It is not the language of need; let others follow that empty promise until they find its hollow. Instead, follow the language that is called, presence. It is the language of the ancients, the very one they use to alert you of their nearness. There you will discover your next step and perhaps more.

The language of change will continue to speak in small ways and in large. Expect this, for to fear it will create a barrier within and without. Change insists upon a response. It tells you that you cannot overlook it or be other than what and where you are. Be present within change and you will not be at its effect. Learn this and you will teach it. Remake yourself in the light of the new day and you will remake the world in accordance with natural law.

Who are you to claim such responsibility for a land or its people? This time around you are family man, a householder as it were. This time you did not give yourself to the temples, or to the study of the courses of the initiate. Yet as you can well see, this also is an initiation of sorts. This is a time of remaking that which you are, even as the earth continues to do the same. Do you see? You will be called to a variety of different lands and this, the first port of call, is one that captured your heart long ago. Shall I tell you that when long ago you appeared there it was too late? Shall I tell you that even when you called out there was no one left to hear? Shall I whisper that there was not even a deaf ear to hear your pleas?

This land, placed as it is above one of the openings to the earth itself, will benefit by your presence. It remembers you. It knows you. Forward into the future it will be a Mecca of sorts, the kind of place that others will journey to and wonder that the land still feels hallowed. It will be a refuge of sorts, in that it will allow you to disappear if that is what you wish. There will be other lands that offer the same advantage, along with challenges that they alone will speak of. It will also be a refuge to other forms of life. It will harbor and nurture species that have become too few in number to protect themselves. Those that are near extinction, as well as those that may yet remake themselves will seek sanctuary there. It will be a protected land, but that will not be until much later, after some of the other changes have taken place. Place a flag there if you like, a banner that will go unnoticed except by those who know what you know, which is that resource and source are but one. Let the flag be as my own, so that no other nation will claim it.

There are yet many tremors that will shake that land and the waters that surround it. They will register greatly on instruments that record these, and those who study these will be alarmed to be sure. Some of the tremors will rise from the deep of the ocean floor and far below that too. The sounding made by the generation of the magnetic waves will travel to the world’s other oceans and back again. Science may learn much from this if it applies new rules to old thoughts. The people of these lands are as much a part of the water as they are the land. They have been told this, it is a part of their history and their lore, but many no longer believe it. As a part of humanity their voice may quiver and their courage may falter, but they will emerge even from this. They will remember that as vessels upon the earth they are as its pillar, and as vessels of the sea they are as its tiller. Tethered to the earth by a chord of light and sound, they are also nurtured by heaven. Once you have made your peace there with both the future and the past, you will be well prepared to go elsewhere, and your memory will again speak in the language of the ancients. Your presence will guide you and you will know.

Does what you say also apply to the people and lands of Bangladesh? I cannot explain why, but this is another place that is near and dear to me.

Yes and no. This land has a different history. It will be less populated in the future for that is how it once was and how it again wishes to be. This land will flood. Again and again it will flood until it is understood that this is the will of the elements themselves. It is still difficult for humanity to understand that it cannot control the elements and so it will continue to try. This land is given to inundation by water. Science would call it a flood plain, but initiates know otherwise. It is the land of the mother waters. Those that break and flow freely when birth is near. They announce the seasons of rebirth and even the name of the next holy one. No one is listening for this. The language here is also quite ancient. There are few who speak it, and those who do rarely listen. The mother waters nourish the land even as the waters of the Nile did long ago. They push and move everything that is in their way, even as a child does as it surges to draw its first breath.

The world is crowded now and full of people and places. It is not a simple time and a decision to place oneself or one’s family elsewhere is also not simple; for some it is quite impossible. Is the land unforgiving and without compassion when its water breaks? Is it uncaring to look after future generations today? Those who make their home there are part of the great cycle and wise are those who know it. Those who complain to the ancient gods would be better off praying to the new ones, or at least acknowledging that there will be new gods as surely as there are old gods. Those who complain to their neighbors or entreat the soothsayers to yield a different result will be disappointed again this year for nature, mother of the elements, will have her way, just as I now have mine.

The earth must be nourished so that in turn it can also nourish humanity. It will reclaim what is not reasonably yielded. Humanity battles itself for a parcel of land no larger than a postage stamp. It rarely yields to its neighbor or to even to its friend. Land is a valuable asset because it is seen as a fertile resource, as a desert it will be less than worthwhile. Humanity must learn to give so that it can also receive, but this is a lesson hard learned, particularly when lack looms on the horizon instead of abundance.

Receive the abundance of the earth in the ways in which it is offered and the waters will recede. The elements will not claim more than they need and even this will be returned in a condition that is vastly improved from the present one. The earth can house the cold, feed the hungry and drive away thirst, but it will not be controlled by the petty tyrants that king themselves while others starve. Arm yourselves against danger and protect your households, but do not neglect the first house, the home of the in-dwelling spirit, or all else will be for naught.

Land that is not yielded now will later be redistributed as if had. The earth and its resources are on loan. Contrary to some, they will shift and change of their own accord, especially where humanity does not obey its own accords. Have you seen the lakes empty themselves yet? Have you seen the waters appear elsewhere? Watch! There are wonders yet to behold! The wealth of the earth will distribute itself fairly, but humanity must be willing to do the same. In some cases this will mean taking oneself and one’s family on a journey elsewhere. And so this great land of Bangladesh will be deeded back to Gaia. It will return to the earth and other areas will be given. It falls within the great cycles of things to reclaim its own, so it is best to embrace change rather than to resist the inevitable.

I feel that I must continue to question you, even if your answers reinforce what you have already showed me. Perhaps because your channel lives in North America your words are often directed to those who live to the north and to the south. My home is in the Far East and my heart is too. The people here fear our neighbors in North Korea. I have tried not to, but here where there are no barriers I admit otherwise. Can you offer me anything?

You are drawn to areas where there has been, or continues to be, a lack of respect for life and/or that which supports life. Long ago you referred to the land of North Korea as the killing fields, which placed a great polarity upon the land as far as you were concerned. Let us assume for the moment that at one end of the spectrum there is loss of life, while at the other end of the spectrum there is murder, loss and killing. As far as this land is concerned you have placed yourself near the denser edge of the spectrum. That is why you dwell in a country other than the one of your birth, and why you speak for a people and a culture that are adopted at best. You have made them your concern today, because the concern was once your own. You are your own teacher here, and your own healer, as well. Do you see?

Be innocent in your thoughts and the progress will go quickly. Be absolute in your desire and the journey completes. In other words, see before you the land of the innocent and the benevolent, for to see anything else will delay you and otherwise engage you. Why fight the tiger if you don’t have to? There is no one to see you win or lose. Sharpen your blade and then sheath it. That is what a warrior would do. Great wars have been fought for less and blood is well worth protecting. My words protect your memories, but they do not hide them. Look beyond the turmoil and let the thoughts speak.

There is no battle upon the earth that is your own. Do not make one. There is no loss of life to avenge. Put the sword away. Make yourself neutral and walk the middle path. Do not be entreated to the edge of awareness. The path of polarity is not yours this time and you are not here to right a wrong. Lessen the resistance within and you will find an improvement in conditions without. Be creative, which is your natural state, and you will be of great benefit to all concerned.

As to the land itself, it is not armed. It is hungry and is tired. The tiger can be tamed with a little milk, but the milk that has been offered thus far is tainted and those who offer it as a lure hide a collar and a cage. The tiger knows this and would rather starve itself and its people. The tiger is not exceptionally bright. He lives by his instincts and these no longer serve him as well as they once did. The world can live without the tiger, but the tiger cannot live without the world, so he goes on the attack scratching and biting and then retreating again. The tiger does not stalk; it walks calmly and in ceremonial repose. It has no weapons but is flanked by those who do. Its apparent freedom is at the expense of others and makes apologies to none. The tiger roams a cage of its own making. Like a habitat in a zoo, the illusion is a perfect one.

Why are you and others in fear of the great tiger? You are fascinated by what you cannot hunt. You cannot use your sword, nor bring back a trophy. Yours is the path of wisdom undiscovered and realities in resolve. Why does Gaia speak in metaphor? So that you will not catch yourself in your own net! In order to protect you and maintain your innocence! So that you will not speak in haste and cause your return, or worse yet, that of the tiger. You have come to give life and breath, bread and water. Waste nothing.

Let all countries and peoples be guided by a higher authority. Defend none and blame none. Imagine that each carries a torch of a different color. Rename them in your heart and soon they will rename themselves. Let the light speak for itself, it knows exactly where to go. Remember that even the light holds polarity for some, just as darkness does for others. The dramas of the third dimension have played and replayed themselves many times. Do not assist them in doing so again. Look askance, look askew or look away. To do so is to lead the land and its people to a condition of restoration. In the quiet practice of non-interference the seeds of wisdom are planted. Soon you will see the corridors of heaven open to receive even those you would least imagine. The villains of the world have built their castles out of sand! Somehow, they always do.



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