Tony Samara

Tony Samara

Tony Samara is an expert in the field of meditation, which scientists are now beginning to confirm, using MRI or EEG, has a variety of neurological benefits. He believes that illuminating your highest capacities and becoming the greatest possible version of yourself, is a very real possibility.

In the past 30 years Tony Samara has worked with millions of people - those who have attended seminars, retreats and conferences in 25 different countries and also those he works energetically with, including the many who tune into the daily and weekly online Satsangs (which include talks, live meditations and the answering of questions from listeners). He has also been interviewed on several radio shows such as the BBC and CBS as well as on ConsciousTV (UK), Studio 12 TV (Slovenia), HRT2 TV (Croatia) and Sapo TV (Portugal).

Founder of Conscious Meditation, Tony has created innovative trainings adapted and tailored for businesses and individuals to help employees relax and eliminate stress from the workplace. Many businesses are catching on and making meditation a part of their corporate mission.

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