3 Easy Ways to Deepen your Meditation

Recently at a satsang event I was asked: "Why is it that my experience of meditation always feels deeper when attending an event with you?" 

For sure there is no need to light candles, burn incense, play special music or wear specific robes or clothing in the hope that by doing so you will be able to remedy the lack of depth in meditation.

If you find that any or all of the below points affect your meditation spend a few moments practicing the below 3 suggestions for 9 days and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

? Do you find that sometimes meditation can be quite challenging?

? Does your mind feel very busy and cluttered?

? Perhaps you just can't seem to go deeply into a meditative state?

? Do you get easily frustrated and simply feel meditation is not for you?

Firstly, it could be that you are releasing some or a lot of stress from your life experience, which is slowly becoming cleared in your meditation. This will obviously keep bringing you back up to the surface of thinking consciousness and very often stir the mind back to think about this or that.

So you see, it's not a negative, as it may seem, rather a good way to allow your body and mind to release stress. Already understanding this changes everything.

I would now like to share with you these 3 easy ways to deepen your meditation experience.

1) You may wish to help this release of stress by simply tuning into the sound of your every breath, especially focusing on the full out-breath. Doing this at least 9 times.

It could be that your mind, body and nervous system are just over stimulated by the busyness of your life.

2) As with anything important one does, there is a need for a calm physiological preparation, or ritual, before your meditation session. It is natural, although we may not be aware of such, to create rituals even simple ones prior to sleep, a meal, meeting a friend etc.

Here is the preparation ritual: When sitting comfortably in meditation make sure your body is in a relaxed upright position with the back comfortably straight; close your eyes and take three deep breaths, making sure they are deep abdominal breaths.

Next for a second tense various parts of your body one at a time - thighs, hips, arms, hands and shoulders - and each time, after a second, relax as much as you can, breathing out and letting go of all the tension. Wow! Notice how this ritual and preparation takes you naturally to the next level of consciousness - calm awareness - encouraging instant calm in your life and meditation.

3) It could be that your diet is not suited to your nutritional or meditational needs, in that it may include too much sugar, too much meat and a poor variety of fruits and vegetables. It has been well documented that the food you eat makes you feel either calm and balanced or stimulates you to the point of a literal burn out! This is so typical of eating habits today that it is accepted as normal even by the medical profession.

You may wish to consider these three easy healthy dietary habits that will help relax the over- stimulated organs, nervous system and blood system back to a more natural state of calm.

(i) Go vegetarian for breakfast and at least one other meal a day.

(ii) Instead of sugary snacks choose healthy alternatives.

(iii) Include barley grass in your smoothie or as a supplement in easy to swallow tablet form.

In this clip I share with you a surprisingly simple and easy way to deepen your meditation.



Eyewitness 15th August 2014 3:10 pm

My friend, If one is meditating because they think The Universe will notice and bless their efforts they may be sorely disappointed with the results. For me...the whole purpose of meditating is to move shakti energies and heal your body completely so you can manifest experiences that you value and teach others to do the same. It is not to relax or feel better. It is not to de-stress or to have a nice day. Meditation is a spiritual practice designed to move the soul to a transcendence of all suffering and to Realize the Self. You make it sound like something nice to do when you're having a hard day. Those who suffer the most are counting on you to guide them to Real Healing. Thanks. :)

Jim 17th August 2014 8:17 am

Jesus! you guys havent you heard of
Osho's Dynamic Meditation
for the modern man
circumvents all this carry-on
regards Jim

Jim 17th August 2014 8:22 am

So pompous Eyewitness
your really playing with your self
Kind regards Jim

zorro 17th August 2014 8:15 pm

by Eyewitness 15th August 2014 3:10 pm

For me...the whole purpose of meditating is to move shakti energies and heal your body completely so you can manifest experiences that you value and teach others to do the same.

by Eyewitness 12th August 2014 12:11 pm
...If there is only NOW... why am I still suffering? What can I do right NOW today to be a part of all this?? Alas.... I can do nothing, but wait, and watch and surround myself with light. **sigh**

by Eyewitness 12th August 2014 12:28 pm
"I have more energy than anyone Ive ever met and I am completely suicidal every day of my life.

"Dear Sweet One... What does that mean??" Eyewitness 7th August 2014 4:27 pm

by Eyewitness 8th August 2014 5:03 pm
"I seem to have a completely different experience than most souls as I do not feel a connection to any human being in my life... I have no 'friends' in the traditional sense nor do I consider this to be necessary."

Yeah, keep moving that shakti around and heal and manifest, teacher. we're learning!

Eyewitness 2nd November 2015 5:57 pm

Zorro..... I have no idea what you said. I said... I AM SUFFERING and nothing anybody says seems to work for me. You respond with.... Yeah, keep moving that shaki around and heal and manifest, teacher, we're learning. I merely ask for something REAL... not more empty promises. I sat in meditation for 8 hours a day for many months and Nothing Happened. Do You understand my friend?? Are YOU suffering?? I don't think so or you would feel the same way I do and you wouldn't be making fun of a soul in dispair. :)

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