A Deep Passionate Life

‘How can I live a deep, passionate life so that every moment comes from that space where life has complete meaning – not just the meaning that the mind likes to understand, but the meaning that gives this moment it’s completeness.’ How can we do this without going to that depth? You know, it takes courage, deep courage, and a deep awareness that what you are doing is right. It takes a deep belief in yourself.

It’s a little bit complex to explain what to do. Do you just wait until what is safe outside supports you? Do you wait until what seems OK outside supports you through the change? If so, then you’ll wait forever because the mind is never safe.

The mind is fed from the ego, from the sense of control, from a sense of dualism, from a sense of there is a future, but actually, there is no future, there is only this moment! The heart knows that, but the mind can’t go there. So if you stay with that aspect of yourself, there is never a safe thing. There may seem to be safe things because they are the feelings that come from the mind, and you convince yourself that that is OK – it feels good and it feels like it’s possible.

Life is so complex you know, the divine isn’t some sort of joker sitting up there and watching you play games. He, she, it, the big picture, whatever you like to call it, actually doesn’t sit anywhere other than inside of your heart, and it is not a joker, it’s really wanting you to acknowledge its experience.

Then the idea of love, the idealism of love, the picture that we have of love, has no validity, as what happens is that you actually experience love. You open up inside of you to a space that is so real that your mind begins to believe again, believe in that space that it has forgotten, and that is such a power because then what you have done, what you are doing, and what you are creating is a channel where the divine that is deep inside of you is able to express itself. Then what you have is, not just love, not just projection—what you have is the actual expansion of the divine into the experience of the mind and then the mind cannot resist. Real love—no mind can resist it.

Real love breaks all those old structures. Real love is much more powerful than the ego, than the sense of maintaining that status quo. Real love is the strongest force—it’s the creation of life, and when you have that, when you awaken that inside of yourself, then it’s not a hero’s journey that you’re undertaking but it is a real journey that you’re undertaking. A real journey towards coming home back to what is really you.

When you touch that space, the most amazing thing happens; you honour that space and that space is so awakened that it begins to touch every structure in your life so that what seems complex, what seems difficult, what seems impossible, what seems unrealistic, what seems just to be a dream, becomes your reality.


Peter fox 18th December 2015 11:52 am

Beautiful,Tony- Thank you so much.

GAF 21st December 2015 11:41 pm

Very nice.

Idk much about the enneagram of personality, but in my cursory overview of it, something jumped out that relates to this message. The 9 personality types relate to the 7 Deadly Sins plus 2 more. The way that gluttony was defined was profound. It's not about overeating. It's about wanting to sample all of life, but it's done in such a way that the person is kinda surfing life, just skimming the surface, touching on all sorts of experiences but in a very superficial way. They in essence tap into breadth but not depth. They feel like they are really living when they really aren't having deep, meaningful experiences. I term this as "headless chicken" syndrome.

It seemed to me that even tho this is for individual personality typing, the overall collective has a bit of an issue with this busyness thing, this overly active to the point of distraction kind of energy.

And Tony, what you speak of here goes far beyond that also, into getting into the simplicity of life, into the utmost of beingness (whether still or active). How to get there? (continued)

GAF 21st December 2015 11:49 pm

Talk to Mind and Ego. Ask for their cooperation. Let them know what potential benefits there are from allowing your Divine Self to help out more. You'd be surprised just how willing any and all aspects of YOU are to work with You. Honor and respect them and ask them to head in a new direction with you. Calm and sooth them if they get a bit panicky due to conditioning. It may take some time, but you can and will retrain them.

And don't forget your emotions. All of them. They deserve expression, even if they are not "accurate" or "appropriate" to the situations in your life. It's not necessarily about expressing your emotions to someone else. It's about just expressing. Get off to yourself if you need to and let 'er rip - be it bawling, raging, or dancing and singing. Let it all out. Keep FEELING and expressing. Take note of how emotions and spirit have a close connection.


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