Alchemical Light

Throughout the ages people have believed that you can feel light. Whether it be symbolic or actually felt within the heart, there is a sensation to light, when you move beyond the mundane senses. You can feel light within your body and within the consciousness body of yourself - you can feel what light means.

When you breathe in to this light, when you understand this light, then like the mantra, this beautiful light that has been seen throughout the ages as what helps you to be free, and is symbolised in many different ways, becomes an actual experience.

In alchemical mystical philosophies, light is the end product of the transformation that happens when you allow the old aspects of yourself to create light. This means that negative thoughts don't need to be pushed away, rather the negative thoughts need to transform in the same way as the phoenix.

What you have to do is to change the structure that maintains those negatives or limits within yourself, so that the phoenix can rise out of the flames of light, the flames of fire - an ancient symbol that allows you to change any structure. If you believe and trust and can imagine the beauty that is contained within the flame that allows for such transformation, then you can experience the light in the same way as the phoenix.

Instead of being stuck and caught by the limits and darkness of the mundane, you can be free and fly to a higher aspect of yourself - this is higher consciousness and this is what happens when you allow beautiful light to come within your thoughts. The beautiful light allows for this beautiful transformation to happen by the power of light, not by the power of your need to change certain aspects. Throughout the ages, light and/or fire has been seen as your path to moving away from the dualistic nature of darkness and light, good and bad.

This is why I would advise you, when you are meditating (which is a wonderful practice to do) that whenever your mind drifts into the mundane thinking, whenever the mind falls back into the world of pain and suffering bring back the power of light – chant the mantra and bring back the power of light into your body.

This is very easy because light has a magnetic resonance. When you begin to focus on the beautiful light inside of your body, for example, if you focus on the third eye and imagine in this moment a beautiful candle and with your eyes closed, focus on this beautiful light, and as you focus on this light, sense, in the same way as the phoenix, the energy and the life force that is contained within this structure. And bring this structure, bring the light into your body, so that every breath that you take in, is a breath that brings lightness to your body.

What is amazing is that the magnetic resonance within light begins to expand the space inside of your brain, inside of your body, so that you feel lightness, so that you feel bliss, so that you feel the sense of light that is beyond the physical light, the light that is within your heart. It is a wonderful thing because once that light and that sense of bliss begins to open, begins to manifest in this world, through your body, through your mind, through your meditation, you realise that it calls to itself, light from everywhere of the same frequency and so the vibration of your thoughts begins to change. The whole structure of the way you do things begins to change, even if you're not aware through your senses of such transformation, even if you're not aware of the phoenix, the phoenix begins to take shape within your body. Sometimes it takes a little more practice, but the phoenix is learning to fly.

As you breathe in and breathe out, be aware, that every time you drift away from the focus that allows you to be free, simply celebrate the light that is within your being, within the meditation, within the space that you're creating as you focus more deeply on your truth. As your heart begins to resonate with that truth, the truth that is very clear when you let go of all that veils you from being who you really are, then the journey to freedom begins. It takes very little effort, because once you see who you are, once the light shines so brightly that there is no space for darkness, you move to the next level where there is no struggle, where expansion happens by itself, where the light begins to expand simply because of its nature, not because of your desires, or because of your needs or because of your need to move away from suffering or pain, but simply because light is ever, forever, expanding and the magnetic resonance that comes from that space, the more light there is and the more light becomes part of your experience. Then you are not anymore controlled by the ego or the negative thoughts of anger, or jealously or comparing or feeling pained by certain aspects of life - they are no longer relevant. As you breathe in and breathe out and manifest this light inside of yourself, allow the light to move you beyond this physical dimension.

Within meditation, within consciousness you have to understand that there are dimensions that you can experience, you can understand, through allowing yourself to trust that it is OK to let go so deeply that the expansion that happens within your consciousness, is not limited by this physical mundane reality. To do this it is very important that there is no darkness, there is no limitation, there are no negative thoughts.

To be able to travel to other dimensions of consciousness requires that you are free. So whenever the little monkey inside of oneself, the ego mind, begins to play the same tune, the same old paradigm, consciousness recognises that this place - the same old structure - is of no use, it gives it no energy, gives it no attention, gives it no importance. You can watch this as if you're watching a beautiful theatre with no judgment and no energy given to that situation. You just watch from that space of light and freedom and allow yourself to constantly come back to that which allows you to journey deeper - the sound of the mantra.

This is the secret that the ancient mystical people initiated to the many who are ready to understand - that behind the mantra, behind the sound, there is the light of consciousness that allows the mantra not to just be sound but to be light and sound, infused together to create a sacred journey that is the path to awareness, the path to bliss.

The mantra is the creative force that allows for the space to open so that your consciousness can move to these other dimensions. It is the creative force that many sacred texts have spoken about; it is the sound that allows for creation to be understood and within that sound there is a light, and that light is the ever-expanding universe that allows for so much information to be present, that everything makes sense.

Consciousness is not limited to your personality, or your brain, or to your senses. Consciousness is the evolution of humanity in a complete sense of oneness. And this understanding is for you to experience. When we experience this there is a sense of freedom, but we need to let go of the darkness and the sabotage programmes that stop the expansion.

You need to remember that it is not you personally that can travel to these dimensions, but it is the conscious aspect of you, the light within your heart, that allows for you to move deeper into these dimensions.

I feel this is very important in these next coming months - that we understand that spiritual work is a blessing, it is the path to bliss - deep bliss - the path to deep enjoyment of being and that the old paradigms where we struggle, are for sure the path to conflict and separation from that bliss.

When you can put aside the struggle and focus on the celebration of being, then life becomes a more beautiful journey.



Peter fox 4th February 2016 11:49 am

Understood(mainly!)- very helpful and informative. Thank you,Tony.

cyndy 4th February 2016 12:42 pm

Light is coded information. consciousness

zorro 4th February 2016 2:48 pm

Great truth in these words, Tony.

In line with the alchemic advice given, to get the truth out of your words in the best light of their right intentions, while reading this was consciousnessly transforming every "you" that is mentioned to "we", and let it penetrate.


It shifted awareness to something not necessarily inside me, or outside of me, but to something that doesn't exclude myself
or any other person. The voice speaking became "all-inclusive"! (that little monkey in the head you mention).

Love & Light

TonySamara 11th June 2016 9:21 am

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