Aligning Ourselves with the Unknown

The only permanent thing in life is the impermanence and constant change in all levels, which, many times (if not all times), is beyond our sense of control. This is when it is quite clear that our egos are only here to serve a very specific task, which is beyond the structure that holds together the power of the unknown and the mystery of existence.

When we are faced with adversities, great pain and suffering, the loss of our loved ones, what do we do? It is inevitable that we are taken by our intrinsic fears and deep-rooted emotions and we spin in realms that we do not really want to be in and that in a way are only a creation of the mind. If the mind is able to see the big picture then it has a clear alignment with the driving force that leads us all to experience the purity that existence brings us on a daily basis.

When we are in the spin, what do we do? When faced with the unknown and the strong emotions, we have no choice but to be present. In the end there is no choice. Life brings you the right experiences you need to go through no matter what and it is always your choice to create your own reality. If your solar plexus is totally contracted and you cannot breathe, you can choose to breathe more and work harder than ever before to come out of that space. It requires practice to be able to let go of any such patterns, but practice does not come out of words or ideas, but from action. Creative action aligned with deep pain and suffering creates magic. If magic is the focus, i.e. the magic of the unknown, then the outcome is magical.

The outcome is always being more present to what is real, to what is true, and building new constellations which allow us to be more alive and more close to real and tangible love. How can you know true love without knowing true pain and suffering? As Rumi says: “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” The same space that feels pain can feel ecstasy and the same space that is present to the mind is also present to the divine. Where are you going to put your attention?

Love is always the answer, in the end, and in the beginning we just have to be alert and remember this ever-present love that connects us all and the more we focus on this love, the more it grows. If we are totally focused on this love, no matter what, then the outcome is sure to be extraordinarily intimate and one of unity.

Be courageous to be present to whatever is happening in your life, no matter what. Be courageous to step out of the box and say, “I am here, look at me, feel me, honour me and embrace me so totally that you melt in my being.” When we take the step forth and align ourselves with this creative action we manifest the pure intention of existence and we join our hearts with the divine intelligence.

Thank you for your consideration.

Tony Samara



spring 11th May 2012 3:00 pm

Thank you...perfect...beautiful mindfulness in ACTION. The trick now is to do it without the pain :smitten:

TonySamara 11th June 2013 1:32 am

Thank you for your comment and the depth of the possibility.


The Tony Samara Team


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