Awaken the Infinite Breath

Each of us has a personal soul, the atma, and each of us through this soul is also connected to the great soul that is the universe and each soul is a reflection of this great soul. We are all part of that same beautiful big picture, and as you connect to the little aspect of your soul, the personal aspect of your soul, it is your soul that receives the knowledge. It is your soul that receives that wisdom directly from everything around. Not just people, not just others who you may find it difficult to be with, or have conflicts with. When you let go of this external aspect that is on the periphery of the soul, when you come back to your essence, then you realise that from this essence you are connecting to the essence of everything, all life forms. There is no time in this space where essence exists, there is only potential. It is why we are here. We are here to manifest this potential in actual form. So the formless then takes form, but it is spiritualised form, so it is not just a form of the mind in a chaotic space, or the emotions lost in its intensity, but it is a form that is of higher consciousness, and this form then begins to change not only the way you think, but also the structure of your whole being.

This change allows for the energy expansion of consciousness to happen. This is often called the kundalini movement. When our soul is in equilibrium with the soul of all life, then the energy of all life is able to flow through. Our mind is so expanded and our emotions are so free we are able to connect to everything. Knowledge becomes present, potential is actualised, not just as an idea but as a reality that you can partake in through your thinking aspect, through your feeling aspect, through your physical aspect, through the more subtle aspects that then begin to make sense, that guide you to be free of judgment.

To accept everything - that is the divine quality. Acceptance of all is the most divine quality. When you accept yourself you are accepting everything, when you accept another you are accepting everything - everything that is beyond the periphery, everything that connects us deep, deep inside. That is the reason for spiritual work. It is not that we judge others or pretend that we are higher or more developed or more special in any way from anyone else, but it is that we see in a sense of being humble, we see that there is something more in life than that which is obvious - that is actualising potential.

Kabir speaks of this in a very beautiful way, and also in a way that may not make sense perhaps for some people listening only from the mind, it sounds rather circular but he speaks about the supreme soul. Remember the supreme soul is just a way of expressing that it is the soul that goes beyond the personal - or universal potential made manifest as I say. The supreme soul is seen within the soul, the point is seen within the supreme soul, and within the point the reflection is seen again.

So when we understand this, when we understand that the point that I have been speaking about is seen within the supreme soul, when you make that point the quality, the attribute or quality that you are perceiving the world through, and that point is acceptance, then within this point you see again and again a reflection of truth. It is a continuous movement once you set this in motion, a continuous movement towards something that is supremely beautiful, and that is the potential of all life. To be seen in a way that has never ever happened before in history. We have been caught up in perceiving the world as a separate aspect from ourselves. When we embrace the world or the essence of the world in this way, through the qualities that are a reflection of the divine, then we see within everything this beautiful reflection again and again. Every person that we meet, every aspect of life that we encounter - even if it is that of suffering - even if you encounter death within that point, the reflection of supreme knowledge - supreme potential made manifest - gives reason for celebration in the heart. Kabir says … is seen within the soul.

We have to drop this aspect of the mind that is constantly trying to control everything, and come back to that feeling that is connected to the soul. When we do this the point is seeing within the supreme soul. This means that this quality that I am speaking of is not something that you pretend to be. You don’t have to pretend to accept yourself - that is not going to help anyone. Even if it looks good, even if it looks spiritual, that you are doing all the right things. Everything that is on the outside, and sometimes tricking yourself that even on the inside it looks good, it is not going to help you gain the space which allows for manifestation to happen, as manifestation is beyond games. Manifestation is what it is - it is an expansion of consciousness - it cannot be seen in a contracted form or in a limited perspective.

When you allow for this manifestation to happen then you don’t have to do anything as that actual movement happens by itself. Once you are kind to yourself in a very little way, kindness becomes an attribute that is connecting you to the kindness that is deep within the soul, and it becomes a natural flow because it comes from that space, and is reflected again and again in many ways that only make sense when you come to this point. It is very difficult to understand but very simple to put into practice. Drop everything that creates judgment! Drop everything that creates a sense of separation!

(Excerpt from 'Awaken the Infinite Breath a new eBook by Tony Samara)


kay 31st May 2013 10:59 am

Seeing the divine in all things, then seeing the reflection of the divine and the reflection of the reflection ad infinitum . . . that seems to be what this is all about. Thank you, Tony. Beautiful.

shapeshifter 31st May 2013 11:10 am

Thanks Tony.

Hi Kay, how are things in Mississippi?

Pat Timmermans...Purveyor of Endless Possibilities 31st May 2013 11:15 am

"Spot On, Tony..."Endless Possibilities!"

Melissa9 31st May 2013 10:14 pm

Question... let's say that the divine consciousness of the awakened kundalini is aware of the connection ofof all living aspects. Has anybody thought about ( not.that I want his thought of!! ) but a particular karmic pattern is being played out on behalf of all living like say in a butterflies(1) caccoon the moth(2) also resides attached to the back of the butterfly and the drunken moth has kinda radio signal to heard a whole town with its vibration completely following whereer the butterfly goes? All this because the universe needs 2 living opposite to complete the cycle!?? It doesn't seem to be many butterflies without more love.n light. Especially considering the constant influx of of wrong thinking powered by media and what not? Maybe we should visualize the butterfly free flying w/o the residue of moths yuck. That might be a good idea. :)

TonySamara 11th June 2013 1:23 am

Thank you for your comment!

The Tony Samara Team


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