Collective Awakening

I was recently asked, do I need to participate in group activities to awaken? Is there such a thing as a collective awakening?

For me a peace meditation is for all people on this planet. There is no duality in peace.

As Thich Nhat Hahn explains – peace is an extension of oneness. Peace is not conflict but rather the honouring of this oneness. I hope this comes across in my video.

Please realise that my point of view is exactly as some others say, the releasing of ones agenda in union with all other individuals on this planet. This in turn will create a new paradigm that becomes the reality of that moment.

There is no collective or individual, in the end whatever you do is what we all do and what we all do helps you to do what you need to do. It is not necessary in a group or surrounded by individuals as this oneness goes beyond that but for some being in a group is extremely helpful.

I am sorry that for some the experience of working in groups has not been successful but unfortunately this is very much the truth. Just as in all relationships that we face, our cultural limitations create distortions and in the west, group leaders and group energy sometimes becomes more important than the truth and the relationship is based on that.

As you know, a true leader is not really a leader but a friend, a partner. Anyone who proclaims to be a leader and enjoys creating this sort of distortion is simply a slave to their cultural and social expectations rather than their heart and truthful feelings.

I believe that together all conscious people can help create a bridge.

Satsangs and meditations are aspects of relationships rather than separate boxes or meetings that require you to be different or understand things in a way that compromises your essence. The true meaning of satsang is where you are, your essence and being present to wisdom.

This can be done with a teacher, and I believe this to be a very useful way, with the right teacher. It can be done in a relationship, again the right relationship – although all relationships will help you understand your essence or in the support of an energy field that is created by the heartfelt warmth of a group that has as its main intention to bring this awakening.

I hope in your own way that through your practical work and wisdom that you will continue to be present to the work of inner peace each and every day.



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