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If you think about it, almost every thought that you have is a total waste of time. Some thoughts are wonderful but most of them, thoughts of worry or of stress, for example, are a waste of time because your thinking assumes that it knows all possible outcomes or potential. If it did, we would never be able to communicate. If we knew what was going to happen then there would be no need for language. If we really knew what was going to happen, there would only be the need for silence. Deep silence. Just presence.

This is the core of what I"m wanting to communicate with you. Language is so precious and so important. It takes a long time for children to learn a language, to understand it and to comprehend it because language is not just a mental process. You may think that learning a language is simply a matter of learning grammar and simplistic ways of saying things, but the sounds that you create through speaking a language actually touch upon the senses. They touch upon smell for example, upon memories and upon feelings, but most importantly, they touch upon the energy of who you are.

When you communicate in a language, what you are doing is communicating yourself completely, innocently and openly, without hesitation and without limitation. That is the intention behind communication.

As you do that, you are investing your energy through your intention, through your invisible energy that you are putting out to a very specific place inside and outside of yourself. You are investing that energy into a space that becomes creative. Language then becomes like a song and you are not just speaking, which is very boring, you are communicating. You are communicating what we are here to do.

We are here to communicate to one another and not just communicate in the normal sense, but to communicate the beauty and love that is our birthright.


Angelika Lina 26th August 2016 7:06 am

oh my, this article is literally the answer to something that's been going on this morning. I'm practising to communicate more authentically in regards to what is my truth and is important for me to convey. The consequences of that are currently that someone is upset with me and not talking to me. My mind has been trying to bring in guild and all sorts of weird and wonderful emotions, but I'm gently (trying :)) to bring my mind back to my heart. This is pretty much one of the hardest things I've got to learn, so fingers crossed I'll 'get it' this time round.
wish me luck x


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