Conscious Nutrition

A wonderful way to support and encourage greater balance and peace in your life is to be more aware of the subtle, yet profound ways that food is affecting us and the world every day, on a physical, mental and emotional level.

For example, eating heavy, dense food can leave us feeling heavy and dense. Eating more light and vibrant foods encourage us to feel light and more vibrant!

We make life much easier for ourselves on all levels when we give our body optimum foods that require a minimum of effort to digest whilst giving maximum possible nutrition and life-force.

The subject of nutrition is not simply a question of the food we eat at meals. Besides nutrients, foods contain scents, colours and invisible particles that attract pure light, light that is so essential for our joyful life and well-being. The choices we make are thus of great significance.

The difference between flesh-based and vegetarian foods lies in the amount of sunlight they contain. Fruits and vegetables are so steeped in sunlight, that one could say they are a condensed form of light. In order to develop the qualities of the heart, besides eating peacefully, consider eating consciously.

This means bringing in more light by eating foods full of concentrated light. These foods contain the beautiful sounds that connect our hearts to the rhythms and invisible aspects of the Universe. Your future depends on how you eat and what you eat.

Focusing on organic fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season is a way to connect to Nature and it's rhythms and cycles so that one may be in harmony with it. Nature is an omnipresent guide and a reference to how human beings can live harmoniously on the planet.

Optimum Foods

All fresh, ripe fruit and vegetables (raw and local is ideal)

Sprouted seeds, grains and beans (e.g. sunflower seeds, quinoa, mung beans)

Sea Vegetables (e.g. spirulina, dulse, wakame, nori)

Superfoods (e.g. hemp seeds, goji berries, wheatgrass)

Cultured Foods (e.g. sauerkraut, tempeh, kefir)

Such a diet would exclude foods that deplete the body of light such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs and refined foods such as white sugar, white flour, deep frozen and/or processed foods.

Food manufacture is one of the most water intensive activities in the world and it takes far less water to produce plants than meat. A vegetarian diet helps to decrease water consumption and pollution.

The vast amount of land used to raise animals is causing environmental problems such as habitat destruction and deforestation. Going vegetarian will halve the land-use of your diet.

Your body is your temple and every action within the temple, done with conscious intention, creates a more harmonious outcome. The secret to opening the treasure-house of food, is the love and compassion attained within your consciousness. The treasure is the sun, condensed into particles, which we can send to all the centres in our bodies.

By choosing your foods consciously you break the cycle of action and reaction. You become light in the world - dissolving unconsciousness in the light of your new way of eating. You become a reflection of consciousness in a most pure form.

Thank you for your consideration.

Tony Samara


Leonardo Mancilla 16th June 2012 9:56 am

Great article. It is going to be a slow process but, at the end, humanity will recognize the value of eating light, alive food instead of heavy "dead" food. Yesterday, I went with my wife to have dinner with friends that invited us. The food was heavy, abundant and 40% meat. I was wondering this morning why I was feeling so down and lacking energy. And, as always, I opened the SL page, see your message and here is my answer. Thanks a lot for the lesson. Blessings!

Julz 23rd June 2012 12:46 am

Thank you Tony.
I would like to expand a bit more on land use and buying local.
Factory farms, wether they raise cows or grow soybeans, degrade the soil and pollute our water systems.
I agree sea vegetables are good but only if you live by the ocean. The buy local is lost when it gets shipped to Montana. And how many fresh fruits and veggies do you think would grow in Montana? Probably not a lot. But it's a good place to raise a nice grass fed cow. They eat a lot of beef there for sure.
I love banana's but I don't live in the tropics. I live in a moderate climate so I can have the diversity of foods that you wrote about.
I'm an organic farmer and I grow pumpkins, kale, strawberries, turnips, black turtle beans and a whole lot more. I picked this place because I like to eat. The ocean is near by for fish, one neighbor supplys me with chicken eggs and the other neighbor raises beef cows.
Buy food from farms and farmer's market's where you live.Or better yet throw some seeds in the ground.
Happy farmer's = happy food for you! Cheers!

TonySamara 11th June 2013 1:33 am

Thank you for your comment!


The Tony Samara Team


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