Creating a Relationship with the Environment

The environment is the core of our physical reality here in this world - it’s what sustains us, and keeps us alive - and, if we don’t look after this beautiful planet that we live in – nature and everything that nature encompasses – then we lose the physical reality, the core of possibility to keep human beings here alive on this planet.

Nature is beautiful in that sense and needs preserving and much more looking after than we are doing today in the modern world, simply because it is a matter of survival.

We’ve reached a point where it’s no longer possible to ignore the strong signs that are all around us. The world needs the environment to be much more a prominent part of everything than it is today. When we look around what we see is that some people do take this seriously but as a collective humanity, we don’t do that well enough. This responsibility lies of course with everyone but much more with the people who have the power to change things such as business people, governments, politicians, and core people that create what is happening in society today.

The environment is not simply a physical aspect; it’s also about the mental, social and spiritual wellbeing of humanity.  A lot of the depression, the sadness and the confusion that reigns today and the way people are lost is because we have put the environment in a second place or not even in a second place, to everything else. The focus has always been to progress socially rather than to see what that means. To progress socially is to encompass the environment much more as a part of our reality than we have done, in order to live much more in harmony.

It is not that the world needs to come back to a primitive state of affairs but rather that people have not put enough focus into the environment being part of business, being part of school, being part of the creations that we are inventing in the modern world. Not enough structure has been created to make this the number one thing and yet and I feel that humanity will lose the feeling of beauty and the feeling of love, without that being a strong point of action for everyone.

On some level if people can relate to what the environment really means, beyond just looking at trees and seeing that the environment is beautiful if you do this or do that – if people can see the environment as a responsibility for the world today, not just one country or one business, but the world today, to neutralise all the negative that has happened in the past and what is happening at the moment, by investing in the preservation of the wilderness areas, the beauty of all the environment that we have around us that keeps us happy and sane and human beings then you can make it a better place. Choose to add value to the world.


TonySamara 11th June 2016 9:22 am

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