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Fear is a major problem in western and eastern societies, and today even in most native societies, because we get dictated to so much by lacks and limitations based on fear. For example, the fear of not having enough or the fear of being alone or the fear of not being accepted or the fear of not being good enough or the fear of not living to your expectations or someone else's expectations. It can go on forever, there are thousands and thousands of fears. They take up a lot of energy - a lot of physical energy beyond what we realize, a lot of emotional energy and a lot of mental time. They dictate a lot of our actions and to be fearless is an amazing sense of freedom. It's a freedom where it doesn’t mean you're perfect but you can make choices that are not dictated by, I have to do this because if I don't do this then this and this and this will happen.

I find that children are fearless. Children are more creative, more open and more able to adapt to situations very quickly and enjoy those changes much more than some people.

I was reading that because of the economic crisis and other intensities of these times many people are committing suicide because their reality is changing so much and the fear becomes so immense. They don't now how to cope with it and they say, “This is too much for me.”  They can't see that perhaps the situation is a gateway to an immense change and the realization of something that couldn't happen without that change.

For me, being fearless is being open and creative and joyful. When you are able to be free in that sense, you open your mind to a creative knowledge and wisdom that goes beyond what we can normally see.

I've known people who have lost their jobs and it's been a crisis for sure, painful and not nice, but they have told me they would have never changed that experience because what it has shown them is to do something totally different. Something requiring them to reassess their values and reassess their priorities in a way that allowed them to do something that they wouldn't have done before because things were going in a way that was OK. Losing the job had pushed them to the edge and I think that's what letting go of fear is. It's going to the limits of what you feel comfortable with so that you can really look at what is out there and be open to all of the possibilities out there.

But what can you do? You know that you're fearful, that you're afraid, that you're panicked. What is the next step?

One step is not to get so serious. Many people, when a crisis hits and their fear overwhelms them, tend to spend a lot of time trying to resolve the problem using their mind or using the old programs in the mind to try to resolve whatever. They spend time thinking, talking to friends in a way that, really it's useful for a little while but doesn't actually address the problem. So for me, the first step is to move beyond the fear by raising the energy inside of your body.

One way to move that is, moving the body. Rather than sitting down, I would take up an interesting exercise like walking or dancing and just do something. Move, because the movement actually moves things inside of your mind, and breathe - breathe deeply into your belly so that you can see that perhaps there is more than just that old program that is coming up.

Next, it is good to be open and watch the signs around you - watch interesting synchronicities, interesting things that tell you perhaps to move in a direction that seems totally crazy.  Your friends may say ”Are you sure you can do this?” but follow your gut intuition and stay with it; even if it fails once or twice or three times, keep going.

I find that when you totally trust a new situation that people come your way and this is what business people have told me. They've said that they’ve met people, sometimes their own colleagues, who have helped them to start something that they always wanted to do. Actually people help them much more than the mind gives credit to, when the trust is there, rather than when the fear is being experienced - people help, situations arise, and things fall into place.

This has happened to me many, many times to a point now that I don't even worry about anything, I just trust. I know things work out. But its not the hippie sort of, lets just wait and see what happens. You have to actually take those steps.

You have to take action in a real sense.

Feel the intention, know the intention and move forward and not fear failing.

People may criticize what you're doing and maybe you have to downsize and maybe all those luxuries that people say are important become difficult to maintain but somehow (I'm not saying just to simplify life) things fall into place.

My experience was that I said to my family when I was much younger, that I had no intention to go and do what was expected to be my path in some people’s eyes. I just wanted to travel and experience life in a way that is amazing and to open my mind in a different way than doing those normal things that I didn't feel would help me.

I had no money, no way of supporting myself and now twenty years later I'm still doing this, traveling and experiencing life and I'm writing books and I'm doing exactly what I want to do. And had I not gone through this journey that I write about in one of my books, I would never have been able to be where I am now.

The experiences form your whole life. You meet people and you have experiences.

For me, you live once and you might as well live completely and intensely and fully and not let fear stop you from taking those actions that need to be taken for you to live life in a way that makes you happy and free.

I conduct seminars and retreats rather than coaching people one on one in order to work with many people, as there are many people that really need help right now. Generally in places that are beautiful, in nature, car free, industry free, pristine locations for those present to experience something (the beauty of nature) that may be lacking in their daily lives. The retreats and seminars are generally working with fear - letting go of the limitations of fear and seeing the wisdom behind them, seeing what is not really being understood, expressed and completely experienced.

Fear to me, is not negative. Fear is actually like anger.  It is a communication that has a deeper message. Once we let go of the superficial, there is a deeper message that you can understand.

I would like to share with you a meditation that helps to bring us back to the consciousness that many have lost in our civilization. We have lost it as we have developed more and more into a society where everything is fast and everything is about impact rather than actually coming back home to oneself, coming back to the essence.

I would like you to take a few moments to practice this.

Close your eyes because by closing your eyes the senses relax a little bit more. It is good to sit up and good to have your back straight so that you're really focused on the conscious aspect of this meditation.

As you sit up and close your eyes, take a few moments to breathe in - the in breath is very important. So dont just breathe in, in an automatic way, in a mechanical way. This is part of our attention moving always to the external aspects, even the breath then becomes external to you. So when you breathe in, what you are doing is you are bringing everything around you a little bit closer to you. Basically you are saying to yourself, ”I allow my heart to feel more intimate with life. I allow my heart to be more vulnerable to the waves that come and go, that life is always creating around me, with no fear.”

As you breathe in, it’s impossible to feel fear. If you take a deep in-breath what you are doing is allowing the fear to move out of that space that occupies feelings. If you breathe in deeply what you are breathing in is a life force that is very vibrant. Breathe in deeply and then, as you breathe out, let go, breathe out, let go, and imagine that all those aspects of life that are swirling around in your mind, or that are occupying the space of the heart or that are occupying you, or stressing you or creating tension for you, imagine (imagination is very powerful), imagine that  through the out-breath, the fearful aspects are moving out from your body, out from you feelings, out from your mind. It requires a little bit of discipline to do this because it's so easy to drift back into another thought, another feeling, another situation, another idea, another dream.

Rather than drift back, have the intention so clear that all that will happen now is that you are letting go and becoming a channel. Becoming an open vessel for the divine aspect that is inside of your heart. Let go of the mundane, no matter how important it is, no matter how practical those issues are that need to be dealt with. Give your heart a moment to deeply relax, to really come back to itself so that you are doing nothing, all you are doing is breathing in deeply again.

And, as you breathe in deeply, not trying to change anything, not trying to change the thoughts or the feelings, simply allowing the vibrancy of the in-breath to fill your body, what is happening is that you are helping the body move to a higher vibration, to a higher state of being. And this is the only possible way to change any situation around you. This is the way to move beyond it, not to be attached, not to be caught up, not to be stuck or limited by whatever life is throwing at you but rather to completely let go as you breathe in, to completely let go of everything except the gratitude of being alive, because all that counts is this moment. And this moment is your in-breath.

As you breathe in, everything else is of no importance because after the inbreath there is a moment between the in-breath and the outbreath where you can be still. And in that stillness there is an open space, there is a feeling that goes beyond human feelings. There is a deep, divine feeling that begins to bubble up from the depths into this wonderful being that is you. The human aspect that is you. And you begin to feel better.

This is how transformation happens. You transform through joy and happiness.

When we know that time is precious, when we know that life is precious, we utilize this gift in a very special way. We don't waste it, we don't create limitations around it. And that is the out-breath. We let go of whatever stops this feeling. We let go of the limiting negative emotions, of selfishness, of feeling insecure, lack of self-esteem, all of those human aspects that are important but that take us nowhere, let them go.

Take a few moments to bring your consciousness back to the area of the heart, the heart energy point. Feel this in the chest and realize that you are not alone, that by doing this action you are connecting to many, many conscious beings around you who at this moment are celebrating the divine, and you have just been invited to this celebration.

When you breathe in and out and feel good and there is happiness inside of your heart, you celebrate and you invite more people to this wonderful space that is ever expanding, As you move to this space of celebration, take a few moments to bring this awareness into your whole being so that the whole physiology of your body can begin to change.

This meditation takes just a few moments, and it changes much more than you may realize.

In every moment there is a choice. I believe that the world today is beautiful and I celebrate it totally, not with fear but with joy and happiness and a gratitude for being alive. This is what I ask people to consider experiencing.




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Tony Samara is a spiritual master and author born in the UK. He teaches with humour, humility and with infinite patience, empowering the individual with courage, trust and inner strength to continue on this journey back into wholeness, a path that leads towards real freedom.

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