Letting Go of Old Structures

In the world today people are saying to themselves, that we have had enough of the old paradigms and the old systems and we want to change. We don’t know what we want to change, we don’t know how to change but we want to change and that clarity creates a power that has a very real and powerful effect in the world. It changes what most people thought a few years ago was quite impossible to change and that is not even through conscious spiritual work, that is just through the intention being so strong that it changes and pushes away the old paradigms so that there is the possibility and the space that allows the birth of something new.

There are spaces that are opening and in the beginning they seem to be very distant and we cannot connect to them, but as we become more conscious and more clear and put our heartfelt spiritual work into practice then it is possible to utilise our intention to bring forth those changes in a much more conscious way. Then we are walking the path to a depth of our heart and this means that we will be supported.

I believe that we can as human beings assist this movement by being conscious and this is why I would like to share with you a very interesting meditation, which if we put it into practice today and in the future and especially in the next few weeks/months, where there will be more changes, more difficult changes that we will face as a collective group of human beings here on this beautiful earth, then we can move towards the birth of something new rather than get stuck in the fear that the old is there and that we can’t actually deal with it.

We can let go of those old structures and trust that as we jump into the space that is unknown to the mind and the space that is unknown to the innermost part of yourself, that behind all those things there is the heart, and the heart will support you to a beautiful harmony which is present in this moment, and that you can through this meditation bring into more presence not just for yourself but also for the many people who are perhaps dealing with situations that are more difficult than yours, that would feel very happy to receive this beautiful meditation through your intention, through your practice; happy to receive the space that it creates - that is a birth of something that is new no matter what the situation is, however difficult, whatever it is, there is always a beautiful learning that happens and the beautiful transformation that happens that then gives that situation real meaning.

So no matter what is happening in Japan or the Middle East, there is a depth of meaning in that situation that feeds the heart of those individuals that are dealing with this situation and we can help that by connecting from our own heart space through this meditation, through expanding our consciousness so that we are clear where our intention is put so that we join in that transformation that is not just individual to yourself, but that becomes a world transformation that helps us to move beyond the pain and the suffering, back to the space that the heart loves and that is love itself.

The meditation is very easy to do. Just simply find a comfortable space, take a few deep breaths so that you are able to let go of any thoughts, any feelings of any situations that you may have in your mind, in your consciousness. Simply come back to a space that is more peaceful, a space that is more free. As you breathe in and breathe out and feel this space, focus on the third eye - that is the space between the eyebrows, the space that is connected in the sense that is beyond seeing. It is much more the subtle sense of intuition, of seeing into dimensions that are not so clear but require that you simply relax and open to those dimensions so that they speak to you in a much more clear way.

As you focus on the third eye breathe in to this area, breathe in deeply and as you breathe in visualise that the breath is activating this space. As you breathe out let go of any thoughts, any feelings that come up and simply create a sense of presence to this space, the third eye, so that now you can begin to use this space to be very clear that now your whole being can expand.

From this space feel the freedom that goes beyond the physical, beyond the mental, beyond the emotional – feel the freedom like a bird, like an eagle - as you fly deeper into the unseen dimensions that make you, as a human being, very special. Those aspects of yourself that are very deep and very profound, as you go deeper into this space allow yourself to expand as though it is as if your whole being connects to all aspects that are around you.

Touch the beautiful aspects of the universe, the stars, the moon, the galaxies. Touch the space where everything is so free and so open, that this feeling, this power that you now connect to is transmitted to your own body, to your own mind, to your own emotions. Sense the power of the universe, the beautiful stars, the amazing space that is everywhere, that goes beyond our mind thinking, that goes beyond our little emotions. Sense how amazing the divine is.

As you become aware through your expansion of this beautiful space that is everywhere, that transmits to you a sense of power and strength, and through your intention allow that transmission to move to the various parts of your body. Sense the breath carry that beautiful open and powerful space that you are experiencing. Sense the heart open up any contraction, any walls, any pains, any sufferings, any doubts, any feelings of low self-esteem, contraction – sense this disappear as you connect to the expansion into the universe. Sense the beautiful stars and their magnificent light touching your heart so that you are present to reality and not the little pictures of your mind, or the little dramas that can now be completely let go of. Sense this space touch all the organs inside of your body so that even the structure of those organs now receive a new burst of energy - the liver, the kidneys, the glands, the blood system, all aspects of your body sense how easy through the out breath it is to let go of all the contractions and limited fear spaces, and how easy it is to open to the beauty of the divine space that you are seeing through your third eye.

As you do this, sense that your whole body begins to change and so the physical dimension of the world becomes less important as your reference now goes deeper to those dimensions that make you a unique and beautiful human being. Sense how free and open and expansive the body is, as it connects to all beautiful energies that strengthen, that change even the structure that was, to a structure that is. As you breathe in and breathe out, notice that this beautiful energy that you are connecting to through your third eye, expands more and more - you go deeper and deeper into the beauty of the universe. There is more light, there is more space and this gets transmitted to your mind. All those thoughts, all those struggles simply move out as you breathe deeply.

Breathing in and breathing out, move out with the out breath, and now allow this space to move in through the third eye, this beautiful space, the divine space that you are in touch with through the third eye to your mind so that every cell in your brain, every cell in your mind, can connect to a reality that is more profound, more deep, more mystical. There are no more thoughts of fear, there are no more thoughts of pain, or suffering, or doubt. There are no more thoughts that take you away from the present moment of beauty. Allow the mind to trust this as you open up more deeply.

Give yourself a few moments as you breathe in and breathe out to allow this process to move deeper and deeper - to allow the process to move deeper to all parts of your mind, the conscious aspects that you know and even more deeply to the unconscious parts of your mind that are hidden and come up in dreams or in certain situations. Allow time, allow the beautiful universal energy that is everywhere, that keeps you alive, that we call the divine, to move deeper into all spaces within your being. As you breathe in and breathe out, keep in touch with this space through the third eye.

As you take your next deep breath feel this energy move from the third eye down into all parts of your body. Sense this energy being grounded, moving down your spine, down to the feet, moving down to the soles of your feet and see yourself, imagine yourself now moving back to the mundane aspects of your life but with a new sense, with a rebirthed sense of being alive, being connected to energy that makes you so special. See yourself going back to your family, to your partner, to any situation with that new sense of being, and as you do this you slowly transmit this aspect to more and more people.

As you put this meditation into practice several times in the next few weeks, you will find that things begin to change around you. As you touch the divine, the pictures that you hold begin to change and we begin to change the situations around us.

The more people that put this meditation into practice and this way of thinking into practice, the more the people in Japan and various parts of the world begin to feel an invisible love that moves beyond, moves deeper than what we watch on television or what we hear on the radio or what we read in the newspaper and this is so important. It is just like when you have a little child it is very important for you to recognise their being through action, not just by observing but by interacting, by being. This is what the world needs today. As you come back to a real sense of being that is transmitted on the many invisible levels, through the many invisible levels that we are not aware of, to touch many people’s hearts.

I encourage you to practise this meditation.

Thank you.



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Tony Samara

Tony Samara is a spiritual master and author born in the UK. He teaches with humour, humility and with infinite patience, empowering the individual with courage, trust and inner strength to continue on this journey back into wholeness, a path that leads towards real freedom.

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