Radiant Relationships

From the moment we are born, the most important aspect of life becomes relationship. Relationship is central for survival and for a sense of belonging and well-being. To understand relationship is to understand that this is what makes us human.

In the beginning we learn to relate to what is closest and most dear to our hearts and this is the love that a mother has for her child. We understand that relationship is an expression of love, a sharing of love and a communication of love.

Most of us forget this core aspect of relationship, as unfortunately our mothers are human and even though deep inside there is love the mundane and practical expression of this gets distorted and the child begins to need love rather than express love.

This sense of neediness is what our society has condoned as normal and acceptable. Hence it is difficult to see this neediness as it is such a core aspect of how we see the world.

A child gets frustrated when the mother needs time to focus on other things than the relationship to the child. This creates even more need and so the relationship becomes distorted and as the child grows older this distortion carries on to the relationship he/she has with friends and ultimately with the relationship he/she has with their partner.

I see the world today as suffering from a lack of conscious relationship and full of what I term “needy” relationship. I see this as the cause of many worldwide problems that aren’t always attributed directly to this issue.

Let us embrace conscious relationship in all its aspects so that we can release this neediness and allow our lives to become filled with love.



queens4freedom 28th April 2012 1:03 pm

i agree. love and respect for each other!!!! amen!

TonySamara 11th June 2013 1:30 am

Thank you for your comment.

The Tony Samara Team


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