Step Into the Unknown

Every action that humans undertake causes a similar action elsewhere and we are in the midst of a very important moment in history, that is a moment of waking up – a moment of deep inner transformation.

The externals of the world—if you believe that the externals are external—meaning what you see around you, will reflect that back to you. I call this a mirror, a beautiful mirror. You see, if we just look at the mirror and don’t really go deeper than the reflection of this picture that we’re seeing from the mirror and just watch the mirror, then it’s like a theatre. This is karma. The theatre carries on forever and ever and ever. The theatre doesn’t stop. The play keeps going because it’s fed by its own energy and so, the volcano happens and then the earthquake happens, and then other things happen.

I believe that all these things are of course happening on the outside so that we look deep into the mirror, we look deeper into the picture and ask, “What is really being reflected back at humanity?” Because of course we are one. Humanity is you and you are humanity.

What is being reflected back at me? We realise that the way we have lived, meaning the way we utilise our mind and our emotions, needs a radical shift. All those people, those religious leaders, economic leaders and manipulators, brainwashers, those greedy people, selfish people, don’t need to criticise themselves and feel guilty. They need to look deeper into the mirror and ask themselves, “What am I seeing here? What is being reflected back at me?” Wow . . .To do that is quite a revolution. It’s quite a big, step. It sounds very simple but it’s a very big step for most people because to step out of what we know is to step into what we don’t know and noone wants to step into what they don’t know. We refrain from doing this and we remain in the chaos but the chaos around us will only accelerate.

I say this not to sound like some sort of person who’s talking about the doom and gloom that may happen in the future. I’m saying this just so that we can put things into perspective and we can understand how karma creates realities.

You—and I mean you who are reading this today - and people understanding the meaning of what I’m saying—have a choice. You have freedom.

You are not as brainwashed as you believe yourself to be. That picture is not as solid and permanent as you may feel or may think or may sense it to be. You are actually much more free at this moment than ever before. You can take that step into the unknown and that step requires trust, but it also requires you to be a little bit of a rebel. Then you can join me and I’m not feeling alone in my rebellious behaviour. You can join me and begin to question all those things that seem so solid and so permanent. Rather than get lost and distressed into the picture that is being reflected back at you, go deeper beyond and behind the picture that is being created. Go so that you can actually see the energy that is being put out so that it reflects back to you this picture that you believe to be reality.

This is very simple to do because once you start that process, it requires your intention. Intention means that you actually begin to put out a different perspective, a different idea where you see that what you have been doing previously is no longer valid. You put out a different belief system, so as the ashes fall down, as the snow comes down, as the earthquake hits wherever, in Iran, South America, or China, then you can, in that moment, begin to change the picture.

This is what is so fascinating. In that moment, you can actually begin to use intention to celebrate the moment, as that moment is really precious, rather than project a picture onto the outside. Do you follow what I'm saying?

To challenge what you are comfortable with, to challenge yourself so that you come back to a space of joy, a space of ecstasy, a space where the truth reflects to you all that there is. This leads to beautiful harmony and I believe that this is why the volcano is erupting. It's because the earth is asking us, yet again, to remember what harmony is.

These actions are the first steps to create harmony; the first steps that are necessary. You can't just think it, you have to do it; you have to be it. For things to change, you have to be the change! It is no good just waiting for the change, asking other people to change, saying that, “I will only change when other people will change or I will only do it when I can see I'm safe enough to do this, and then I will change, I will only do this when I feel comfortable enough and then I will change”, because this is what the world has done for too long. I'm asking you to be the change now, to take those actions that are required so that those changes become real. That is what a challenge is and that is what life is.

Life is not just about finding the most comfortable place to sit quietly and meditate in the middle of the desert somewhere far away from what is happening. Life is being in the space that is created around you, but being a beacon of light. I hope with these words that this reflection can reflect within, without, above and below and that this reflection has a tremendous effect, not just on you, but as it grows, it has an effect on all people, on your friends, your family and your community so that joy, happiness and love, which is harmony can be again the paradigm, which is the origin of religion, which is spirituality. Thank you.



Toni 25th June 2016 7:15 pm

I agree having thoroughly tested this mirror theory. The reality we create is always a direct reflection of our dna patterns within. I noticed when I changed a pattern within by releasing the emotion in the dna that kept my judgements in play, my reality and the people in it would always change. 20 years ago these shifts were huge, my whole reality would change. Different address, different people, different vocation. Nowadays though, its mostly only tweaks because my physical reality mostly creates love which is the vibrational frequency I choose to live at. Truth created the biggest shifts. If I hold a pure vibration of truth the physical people around me can only reflect the same.

Embracing the emotion is much easier for children than adults. Which is why we cannot realistically expect individuals to change. It is all changing via the generations though. As the old limited generations of fear, force and war die out they are replaced by generations with a greater capacity for love.

I depend on the mirror of reality to see my dna frequency reflected clearly :)

Toni 25th June 2016 8:17 pm

Hi Mariu, I’m home... That last Kali Yuga trip was the pits. You wouldn’t believe the trolls I had to deal with. We got the core mind, so it was worth it.

Trust you, Ben and the kids are well, everything seems the same here just a whole lot more people with facebook cos this second wave is bringing through the bulk of humanity.

I’m impressed with the loving vibration you create with Spirit Library. Your organizational skills and troll defences are second to none and I feel like I can finally put my sword away for good and rest easy.

Thankyou for maintaining this internet space...It feels wonderful to be home. :smitten:

Spirit Library 11th July 2016 8:37 am

Welcome back home, Toni.

A big hug from us both. 

Lots of Love, 

Mariu & Ben

Toni 12th July 2016 8:03 pm

Experiencing tears of joy with your fabulous...Thankyou...Big hugs to you too. :)


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