5 Steps to Living In Joy

Have you ever carried a heavy box and then, when you put it down, your arms still feel the weight of the box? Or you pick something up, expecting it to be heavy, and then nearly drop it because it is much lighter than you expected? This has been a long, arduous, journey for everyone and we have followed the light to the end of the tunnel. Now that we’re there, we have to decide how to proceed. When all of our energy has been expended towards holding the light, what do we do when that is no longer necessary? Then it’s time to celebrate but even that means our journey is finished and we need to find something else to do with our time and energy. The voyage of light and dark has led us to wholeness and now we need to learn how to be in joy. (these irises joyfully bloom in my garden each spring, they are a great source of joy to me and to everyone who admires them. They are perennials, so they come back every year — joy is like that, it doesn’t need a reason but it does require an invitation when we are ready to receive it).

We are so used to working hard that we don’t know how to work ‘soft’ or work in joy. Living under constant pressure has made us wary and watchful and we don’t know how to relax. We can take a cue from today’s generations who have a much more relaxed attitude towards life and they can, because we laid the ground work for them. They know how to be in the flow because we made it possible, but what do we do with ourselves? We need to learn how to be in the flow that we have worked so hard to create too.

A few months ago I rented a car and noticed how the agent was typing because her fingers looked like they were gliding over the keyboard. She didn’t seem to be pressing on the keys at all and her fingers were moving at lightning speed. It was a lot different from the way I type and it should be, since I learned to type on a manual typewriter, where you had to press the keys really hard. She probably learned to type on an computer, ipad, or on her phone, where pressing hard on a key made it repeat the character multiple times. Hard versus soft, pushing versus flow, work versus play, healing versus wholeness — new times require new methods.

It’s a paradigm shift for us, the generations who came here with a big mission that required our willingness to set everything else aside, including joy, to get the job done. The energy shifts we are here to make are now done and what is left will not take the big push that was once necessary. Our new mission is to open the energetic pathways for 5D and above, which are based on joy. These are dimensions without polarity and fear, karma and suffering. But how do we move ahead in life without the things that push us forward? We take the steps to be in joy and move along that energetic pathway. Here are five suggestions:

  1. Decide that you are going to be happy. That sounds too easy but it isn’t. If you start each day deciding that you are going to be happy and are determined to create space for joy in every part of your day, you will find it. We always find what we’re looking for and we receive what we intend. So look for and intend joy and it will be there for you.
  2. Be crystal clear about your intended joyful outcomes. Intention creates our reality and when we are clear about the outcomes we want, we create a direct path for them to manifest. This maintains our focus so we are not taken off course by distractions and it helps us maintain strong boundaries and manage our energy. Be clear that you want joy, joyful, and joy-filled things in your life and create the path for joy.
  3. Mind your own business to stay on your joy path. Setting an intention can make its opposite very clear to us. When we intend joy, we can also become very aware of the unhappiness around us. Our path is our only place of power and we are a better teacher when we set the example, rather than limiting our joy by trying to help others out of pity. We do our best work when we do what we do best, which is living our life and managing our own energy. We can’t make others happy or give them joy, but we can be an example of joy and of joyful living for them.
  4. Use discernment instead of judgment to stay in joy. Judgment is an opinion about whether something is right or wrong and it blocks our energy flow. With discernment we decide whether something is right or wrong for us, and then we can direct our energy flow in the most beneficial way. Discernment gives us a moment to pause before we say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to ensure that what is before us is fully aligned with our intention. Use discernment to stay on your joy path and keep the energy flowing.
  5. Stay detached to avoid distractions. Being detached allows us to care without becoming involved, it’s the difference between compassion and pity. It also gives us ‘clarity check moment’ before we choose to connect with something that will pull us off of our path and out of our energy. When we’re detached we remain on our path and connections flow to us. Distractions pull us off of our path and into situations that drain our energy. We are a joyful inspiration to everyone when we are on our own joy path.

Are you ready to start living in joy? It isn’t a way of avoiding or hiding from the world. But if we can be at any energy level we want to be at, and choose any experience of 3D that we wish, why not experience the world at the highest energy and vibration possible? The world doesn’t need more reminders of its failings and problems, it needs sources of joy to graduate into higher levels of being. We are the world’s teachers and light beacons, so let’s become sources of joy and lead the world into joyful, joy-filled, joyous being and living.



Simeon 17th December 2014 10:08 am

Thank You Jennifer, a wonderful reminder! Blessings to you x

spiritdiver 17th December 2014 8:14 pm

Jennifer, beautiful inspiring message. Joyfully detached is a perfect balance to stay in that energy flow. I like what you said about discernment and i would add following your intuition and heart is where that comes from and is key. Blessings of this christmastide season to you. Leanne


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