December 2016 Energy Report

Every year comes to an end and this is the final month of 2016, a year of clearing and transformation that has been challenging but we’re at the end point. I started to write this report several times and could not finish it for reasons that had to do with the collective intention to stand up for its truth and we have seen a lot of that in recent days. If you’re familiar with the Standing Rock protest against the Dakota Access pipeline route through their water source it was denied today, after the heavy protest and the presence of 2,000 US veterans. This is a significant moment for us and it changes the landscape for 2017. We have been challenged to stand up for what we believe in and for what benefits the collective. Standing up can lead to a standoff or a stand down but one thing we have learned with this situation is that the power rests with us, the people, and in a 5D paradigm power does not corrupt, it unites.

We’re still resonating with the energy from the November 29 new moon that exactly aspected, by square, Neptune, the planet which rules oil and gas, as well as illusion and deception. At the same time we’re under heavy pressure from Mars which is highly active in the next two weeks and aspects, in powerful and positive ways, all of the big planets, especially Pluto (transformation), Uranus (revolution), Eris (warrior for justice), Saturn (logic, discipline, lessons, and reality), and Jupiter (expansion, higher thought) to take a stand for what we believe in and want, now and going forward.

The Mars action is very symbolic because it rules Aries, the sign of the pioneer and the first sign of the zodiac. In Aquarius it is in mutual reception with Uranus, which rules community and the collective, which remains in Aries until May 2018. Mutual reception means that Mars and Uranus are in each other’s signs and that makes December’s first week, when Mars connects exactly with Uranus, extra powerful. We have the planet of action meeting up with the planet of revolution and let’s not forget Eris, the divine feminine warrior energy, who is also conjunct Uranus.  More than action, though, is the Mars/Uranus connection, where one becomes One, uniting the pioneer with the collective, inviting the individual to join the community. This is divine intelligence at work and we’re invited to join the party by acknowledging both our divinity and our humanity, our individuality as well as our membership within the collective.

Is there any relief this month? Yes there is but relief doesn’t come with a massage, hot tea, and a soft cushion for our feet. It often comes from new understandings, realizations, truths, and a desire for change that is so strong we are compelled to create it, usually after we have experienced confusion, pain, and suffering. December is a month that holds the potential for completion and closure that give birth to transformation if we are willing to take action and allow it to happen.

The uniting of people through a common, shared goal is not new but today it is more significant than ever before. We have to realize that we are the creators, we are the powerful ones and it is our collective intention that is the key to a world in which peace, joy, love, and abundance are available to all. We have been through a powerful cycle which began in 2007 and in 2016 we had the final year in that cycle; 2017 starts a new energy cycle.

2016 was a ‘9’ year which symbolizes completion and endings. The most recent 9 year was in 2007, and the new beginning which followed in 2008, a ‘1’ year, was marred by the global banking and economic crisis. Now we’re on the cusp of a new ‘1’ year, another cycle begins and this one requires the collective intention to be an empowering one for everyone. We have experienced the depths of despair, now we’re ready for joy but in a balanced way and that we create for ourselves. How much more do we know today than we did in 2008? How much more connected are we and able to use vehicles for connection like the internet, smartphones, and social media?

The ‘done for you’ model of living was a tempting option and we became couch potatoes, robots, and lost our creativity. It required that we live as disempowered victims, no longer sovereign in our individual and collective realities. Now we are moving into a new energy cycle and faced with a sobering truth, that if we want the feast we have to be willing to spend some time cooking in the kitchen.

This new cycle will flourish with our intention, alignment, and mastery focused thinking. So if we’re ready to explore the benefits of higher vibes, new frequencies, and new potentials, we have the support we need and it’s waiting for us to take action.  This is the difference between singing ‘a capella’ and with a full orchestra. The song is the same but it sounds richer and fuller when everyone in the orchestra is supporting us.

We get more support on December 14 with the Gemini full moon which again aspects all of the large planets (except Neptune), and the Solstice on the 21st which shifts the light/dark balance and we’ll feel that energetically too. We have the gift of a Mercury retrograde starting on the 19th and it’s in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn and the sign of corporations and ‘big business’. More than being a nuisance and interruption to our travel and communications, Mercury rules karma and our connection to it. This Capricorn retrograde is going to bring up issues around corporate karma and the end of the corporate influences that have long played overly powerful roles in society.

Do we want to continue to allow them to run and rule the world or are we ready to stand up energetically and take back our sovereignty which we have been ignoring and sacrificing for so long?  

I believe that the family of humanity is finally seeing the value of connection and how powerful we are when we come together with a shared intention that includes our desire for what we want in our world and expands it to the rest of humanity. Since we are each here for our own healing when we expand what we heal to the rest of humanity we complete our universal healing cycle and that speeds up the ascension process.

What we’ll find this month is that we do not have to work so hard to change the world and it won’t happen with our suffering – the Martyred Healer paradigm is finished. What does change the world is our intention to have a world of balance, equality, congruence, compassion and justice. Our intention to lead a powerful life creates empowerment for us and in the world. So we can’t afford to focus on the problems we see in the world. The only reason we see the problems is we now have access to the solution because we are above the problem’s frequency. We are the ‘chosen ones’ and events this month will reveal that to us. All we have to do is embrace that understanding and use it to take action.

The big moments this month (yes there’s more) happen around Christmas and Hanukah, which occur on the same day this year. It’s also a time when a large percentage of the world’s people are doing and thinking about the same thing. I believe the ‘spirit of the holidays’ will be strong in many people and it will get support by more unusual planetary aspects as all of the major planets (except Neptune) are at or very close to the same degree and are aspecting each other in positive ways. Considering how slowly they move and their long annual retrogrades, this is very unusual indeed.

But it underscores something I have been saying for many months, that we have the support we need to empower the changes we want to make, we just have to know that the power is there, and it is there for us to embrace and use.  

And we live in an energetically synergistic system, where everything works together in support of manifestation, creation, and transformation. So the actions of the planets create a resonance that we can use to empower our own transformation. When we believe we operate in isolation and hold the burdens of the world, we ignore all of the solutions and support that are available to us. We can carry the resonance of the universal energy and activity forward to manifest powerful transformation.

As we close out this month and this year we can look back on what we have achieved in terms of learning, healing, growth, and transformation. While your life may not look different on the outside and you may still have some of the personal challenges you had earlier in the year, are you feeling more empowered to make the changes that will take you into a new paradigm for your life?


QSUSA 5th December 2016 11:56 pm


zorro 6th December 2016 7:08 pm

You are the New Day! We are the New Day, born on a New Day!

QSUSA 6th December 2016 8:38 pm



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