December 2017 Energy Report

It’s the final month of 2017 and if we look back on the past 11 months we have a lot to celebrate, it has been quite a wild ride with lots of progress. When I hear thousands of people say ‘mass awakening’ to describe what they see happening in the world, I know we have succeeded greatly. Now we can use the energy of December to prepare for 2018, representing another level of master as it’s an 11 year. So it’s not surprising that the energy themes for December is grounding, which is transcension, alignment, and integration, and serenity, which is clarity and the state of being ‘composed’.

Let’s look at how December begins – with a Mercury retrograde and a full moon supermoon. Full moons bring up a lot of emotional energy and they also light up the heavens and the earth. With a full moon the Sun shines on the Moon, they reflect each other. And this one is even more special as we look at the connection between the full moon, Mercury retro and Neptune. The full moon sets off Neptune (a square aspect) between the signs Gemini and Sagittarius. The short version of this longer astro story is, Gemini is the mind, Sag is higher thought and both are set off by Neptune, planet of illusion, spirituality, and the spiritual world. Think of it as the difference between low thinking and high thinking, knowing and wisdom, the chaotic, chattering mind and the serene, aware mind.

This full moon on December 3rd is a movement from denial (which is both the inability and the unwillingness to see other potentials) to awareness, a state of expanded knowing, to release the limitations of fear, doubt, and confusion to expand into acceptance, self-awareness, wisdom, and divinity. This is the point of intersection between human and spirit. This has been our soul mission for eons, integrating our divinity in our humanity for the achievement of congruent wholeness, not holiness as the church would have you believe.

And if that isn’t enough we have more action this month (December is a huge turning point to prepare for 2018). Venus, representing value, worthiness, love and self-love, and balance, hits 3 signs this month, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. These are not Venus’ best signs to be in so they challenge her ability to maintain her self-worth and serenity (another December energy theme) in tough situations. They are also the signs that deal with being in the world, especially  Capricorn.

How safe do you feel in the world? Have you been hibernating, afraid to shine your light? Does the world feel cold, ruthless, and dangerous to you? This starts to shift in December, opening to a much larger shift in 2018. We cannot open our hearts until we feel that our spiritual essence is safe and free from attack. One way to protect ourselves is to hibernate, another is to be serene and confident.

I think this is a reflection of what we are seeing in the world, the battle between the people and the ‘deep state’, overthrowing the self-serving politics of governments and agencies for the benefit of humanity. If you don’t already know it, we are involved in this battle right now and while we’re making headway, the battle is not yet won but the light is being spread by many more people now, so the light work that was once the exclusive mission of the light ‘workers’ is now being shared by a greater collective. That’s a relief.

Mars goes into  Scorpio on the 10th and that’s a challenging placement because the planet of war can become a little too brashly confident in the sign of transformation. But it will be balanced out by Jupiter, also in Scorpio. Saturn makes its long-awaited move into Capricorn on the 23rd where it will meet up with Pluto in early 2020.

Saturn/Pluto conjunctions are rare and this one arrives at a pivotal time in our collective evolution and ascension. What happens when the planetary taskmaster meets up with the planet of deep transformation? We don’t have to wait for 2020 as it is beginning right now. Keep those lights shining, they are very necessary to maintain our ascension and 5D integration for the next few years.

The most important energy activity this month is the Pluto/North Node aspect, at 150 degrees it is a very uncomfortable angle which is exact from November 25 to December 5. Take a look at what is happening in the political arena, the ‘mass awakening’ we are seeing in the world, the sexual harassment scandals, the government scandals, this is the result of this aspect. It’s also going to set the stage for what unravels in December, so watch for more reports of dirty deeds to hit the public awareness.

The December 18 new moon lights up Saturn on its last day in Sagittarius as it prepares to move into Capricorn. This is a last hurrah before we get down to work. This fiery new moon also involves Venus, Eris, and Uranus, another reminder that the power of transformation is chugging along. December brings the promise of transformation but we have to hitch our own wagons to that star and keep the energy moving in the direction we want it to go.

December’s first theme is grounding but this is less about maintaining the current stability of your own energy than it is to learn how to maintain that stability as you expand, integrate, align with, and anchor the energy you want to see in your life. If you want peace, love, joy, and prosperity, you have to create those energetic frequencies. They are not a random gift that magically appears in your life. They are a potential and potential without intention is vaporware. Potential needs to be grounded in our reality through intention and the world will be changed through our collective intention to create the world we want to live in.

December’s second theme is serenity which means more than peace, calm, and quiet. It means having clarity and being ‘unclouded’. If we want serenity we have to remove those things that cloud our energy, which is our own fear, self-doubt, and self-judgment. As energetically sovereign beings we are in control of our individual and collective realities. We do get to call the shots, so to speak, but not when we are distracted and disloyal to our own power. No one takes our power from us, we give it away without realizing that in doing so we are robbing ourselves of the joy, love, peace, and prosperity that we wish we had.

Being serene also means releasing your soul trauma, the painful energetic memory of lifetimes of trauma that serves the purpose of creating soul wounds to remind us of the karmic healing that is our life purpose but at some point, it just drags us down energetically. And in order to move farther along the 5D integration and ascension path, we must make a conscious and deliberate choice to release ourselves and everyone involved in this karma. That time has come. Set yourself free by envisioning the energetic outcomes you want in your life and let them become real-ized in your reality.

December has many opportunities for karmic release and forward movement. This does come with some challenges as releasing our karmic ties also shifts all of our relationships. In some cases we move to new levels together; in other cases, we move apart. Don’t fear the outcome, let the energy flow where it needs to for the fulfillment of your joy. Whatever leaves your life gets replaced by something else. Use the energetic potential of December to clear out the dark corners and scary spaces to prepare for a masterful time in 2018 and a new level of 5D integration and ascension for everyone.



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