Depression and Ascension

Depression is something that affects more and more people today. It’s a word we use to describe how we feel when we are sad, listless, unmotivated, restless, and in worse cases, feeling hopeless, powerless, and useless. When we’re depressed it’s hard to get motivated to do anything and we can also be either very teary and emotional or feel dead and lifeless. And it is something more people will experience as we expand our energy fields because the more we become energetically aware and embrace ascension, the greater our risk of being (temporarily) depressed.

Does this mean that if we expand our energy field we risk being depressed? Absolutely, and for several reasons. When we are aware of new levels of energy, which means we have depleted our existing energetic connections, we create two separate energy flows. One flow consists of our own energy and the second flow is the new, higher level of energy. We get depressed  because the higher energy levels compress our energy and make us very aware of its lower vibration. This process literally squeezes any limiting aspects out of us so we can know what they are (like being in a vise or like squeezing toothpaste out of a tube), which is why our life looks so dark and ‘bad’ when we’re depressed. We need to create a connection to the new flow by releasing the things that are lowering our vibration so we can integrate the new energy. The two levels cannot co-exist within us, we have to choose which one we will be at.

As these lower aspects are released we feel them as heavy emotional energy, reminders of our limitations, failures, doubts, confusion and the reality we have at this moment. We are fully aware of everything in our life that isn’t working, doesn’t bring us joy and isn’t very fulfilling. Now we feel stuck and at a standstill—and we are. This is the point where we have to align with the new levels of energy and create the channels to integrate them into our reality so they become our new vibration. If we’re very aware of this process, we open ourselves to new potentials. If not, we get depressed, feel terrible and can travel down a spiral of self judgment and fear that can make us physically and mentally ill.

The reason for depression is that we are no longer energetically aligned and fully connected with our existing energy and vibration. The purpose of depression is to help us become aware of the new energies we can align with. The psychology community defines it as a mind-based issue but it is really energetic. When you feel ‘depressed’, your energy has been compressed and you are fully aware of what can be released to help you align with and integrate the new energies.  Alignment and integration are achieved through intention, awareness, release and grounding. This allows us to connect with new energy and puts us at a higher level of energetic vibration. While it’s happening it can be very uncomfortable and if we remember why it’s happening we can use our depression to release that which doesn’t serve our desire to ascend and prepare ourselves for new and higher vibrating energies to become our new, expanded reality.


LauriLumby 21st August 2012 8:10 am

Jennifer, This has been an on-going struggle for me for the past 12 or so years. It is easy to get caught in the "there must be something wrong with me" trap when feeling the heaviness of depression. This is a great reminder that perhaps depression is more a symptom of our growth than one of moving backwards.

Thank you.

Lauri Lumby

Traveler 21st August 2012 9:30 am

Jennifer, thank you so much for this much needed insight! I've noticed an upswing to some baffling mood swings lately, going from a good day into the darkness with no rational explanation. Spent the weekend purging and acting the hermit, but once again feel great and connected. I now know that the key is acceptance and release and will be more aware of the causes if it happens again.
Much love!

DWilson 21st August 2012 11:46 am

OMG! I am so grateful for this posting, you have no idea! I have been going through a major depression that has only gotten worse over the past few months. My job/profession no longer satisfies me because I have changed so much while I go through the steps to ascension. Further, so many negative things keep happening at work and I can't seem to let them go-so much of it has such an affect on my ego. It's good for purging but man is it painful! When depressed, it's tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And, I do so feel that I am living in 2 different levels of consciousness. I feel like going forward, there's more pain to face but I can NOT go backward. I don't fit in the 3D world anymore. Your article gives me a reason for why this is happening. So, I know I am still on the right track! What a relief!!

Deb xxoo

zendra 21st August 2012 5:28 pm

Thank you so much, Jennifer, this is exactly what I needed to read right now. My struggle has not been long-term (so thankful for that!), but being new to this it left me very confused and in a dark place. I really appreciate what you've written.

spaceangel 21st August 2012 5:47 pm

This was totally me yesterday! Fine again today, great to have some clarity, thanks

spring 22nd August 2012 5:33 am

Couldn't me more experiencing a visit from the 'black dog' last two days....feels awful and would be so easy to believe everything bad the depression tells me about really having to keep my wits about me - everything I thought I'd dealt with from childhood has come back in one swoop - feelings I remember having as a kid I can actually FEEL them again - guess/hope they're coming up for love - but I keep finding myself drowning in the 'feeling' itself if that makes any sense - keep thinking all the work I've done on healing myself is just horseshit and really I'm just the same as I ever was (ha! just remembered a saying I read once - when you see a pile of horseshit(excuse language) look for the gift there must be a pony around somewhere - like that!) Something else I read that is helping me is - 'God does not want you on your knees' - I carry a lot on inbred guilt(catholic upbringing) for - well just about anything/everything - being alive/me - for starters - so that's a good one....phew this ascension stuff is soooo bloomin' hard. Love to everyone x

spring 22nd August 2012 5:46 am

Also want to THANK YOU Jennifer for sharing this post...really really helpful to me, thank you so much :smitten: And for anyone else out there going through this dark sludge, I send you love - we WILL emerge from this. A good mantra I find helpful - 'We are inherently good and deserve blessings'. Also I find straightening my spine and lifting my chest helps lift my mood (when I remember to!!) Love to all xx

Kimberlie 22nd August 2012 1:04 pm

Being two weeks now anti-depressant med's free, I was a bit taken back, thinking that I had made a mistake in letting go of the "toxins" of med's. However, I've considered my choice to detox beneficial for my/our ascension. The sooner I can "clear" away the "muck", the more joyous and free I will become and afterall, isn't this the goal? Loving and respecting self and others, one moment at a time is the path I am walking.
Light and love to all,

Cesar Daniel Brauer 24th August 2012 2:41 pm

There's the 'dark night of the soul' aspect ... please search on-line for it, it is a beautiful take on the very subjective reasons and purposes of being extremely sad, depressed. It is amazing ... that information made so much sense and gave it so much meaning and, to me, a humble/new power ... and hopes ... I even bless these painful, lonely, confusing dark moments, periods of transformative nature, very deep, seriously deep ... very worthy to explore, 'the dark night of the soul'. Much love from/to us!!


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