February 2015 Energy Report

The focus in February is love, which is also the month we celebrate love on Valentine’s Day. Finally, a month that starts out with a soft, powerful energy, opening with a  Neptune/Venus conjunction on the first, a beautiful energy that invites us to explore our creativity and think about how we empower love in our lives, starting with loving ourselves. We think that love happens when we are loved, but it begins with us and how we love ourselves. The world is a mirror of our self love and we have variations on this theme all month. This is spiritual love, that takes romantic love to heights that we believe exist only in fairy tales. We can have this kind of love, if we first give it to ourselves.

The love energy continues throughout the month, with a conjunction of Venus and Mars, the cosmic couple, that starts on February 20 and lasts for about three weeks. This is also an invitation to unite our male/female aspects, to be empowered in both our divine masculine and divine feminine selves. We are preparing to create the divine partnerships that we have wanted for so long. The belief that we need a partner to be loved is what has created so much unfulfillment in this area of our lives. Relationships don’t work out when we want someone to complete or heal some part of us. They can work when both partners  connect as a healed and whole person, so the relationship isn’t responsible for fulfilling us on some level or healing our wounded hearts.

The full moon on February 3 is supportive and expansive. We get a break from all of the energy of clearing and releasing and catch a glimpse of our potential. At 14 degrees of Leo and Aquarius, it adds another layer to the Uranus/Pluto square which is building to its final square next month. March’s square is the only one which features both planets in direct motion, a much needed blastoff into new realities after two years of challenging lessons in 3D polarity paradigms of domination and control, disempowerment and powerlessness. If self love is our greatest challenge, then February brings us to the point where we can finally embody and integrate its lessons. How much are we willing to love ourselves now and to be open to giving and receiving love? What kind of love serves us and our intention and are we willing to be both vulnerable and powerful in all of our relationships, including the one we have with ourselves?

We have the final 0 degree new moon on February 18, in Pisces, that starts moving us towards the completion of this cycle that started in October 2014. The final phase occurs in March, along with the final Uranus/Pluto square, the Solstice, and the new moon at 29 Pisces which is also an eclipse. This is a stepping off point for humanity, the convergence of timelines into a single point of choice. Do we step forward into our multi-dimensional future or step back into the past? We’re living in interesting times and they don’t get much more interesting than this.

Use this month’s energy to keep your focus on the energy of love, which is the true expression of unconditional love. If we focus only on the emotion of love, we can get lost in the memory of how many ways we can experience love as pain. Unconditional love is awareness, expansion, potential, and possibility. How many ways can we create the highest expression of love in our lives? Can we begin with ourselves and create love as the foundation of our realities, beginning with unconditional self love? If we are going to acknowledge ourselves as powerful co-creators of our individual and collective realities, think of what we will be capable of when we use the highest expressions of love energy as our starting point.

It’s all about the love now, as it has always been. The energy of love fuels our soul purpose of ascension and expansion, allowing  us to complete the work of creating heaven on earth that we have come to do. Let’s use the many expressions of love energy this month to create the foundation of joy, love, peace, and abundance that will take us to the end of this cycle and help us begin the new one as powerful co-creators of our new paradigms. Have a wonderful month.


Peter fox 3rd February 2015 6:01 am

Interesting times indeed! Immense possibilities to do what we came to do
Let's do it! Thanks,Jennifer.

cyndy 3rd February 2015 1:10 pm

In the last 2 weeks I found a paper with notes on it. It gave me pause and has been on my mind since I found it.
"Love is divine creative intelligence. That which we experience as Divine Love is the unfolding of an intelligence that creates and evolves through the experience of creation. " -Lightsmith
After reading your article Jennifer it just seems to bring it all together for me and it starts to gel. I feel humbled and excited beyond words to even begin to have an understanding in a sensate way of this. The heart is the receptor.

debs go lightly 3rd February 2015 5:36 pm

Thank you Jennifer your message is calming, strengthening,
peaceful. In the summer weather, plants around us here are flowering so abundantly,
some I haven't seen flower before.
It's as if nature herself is saying 'here it is, here is my
Much love and light to you,



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