Healing the Father Energy

This Sunday is Father's Day, a day when fathers will receive cards and gifts that show their children's appreciation for them. This is an awkward day for many of us, because our relationship with our fathers has not been the loving, kind, compassionate image we have of fathers from Hollywood movies. Some of you had fathers who were abusive, domineering, angry, violent, who were totally absent or who were physically present but emotionally distant. No matter how you feel about your father, it is time to reconcile the father energy so we can know it for what it is, an opportunity for us to experience the male energy and reconcile our relationship with it.
In its highest expression, the father energy is an example of energy in action, complementing the nurturing and creative energy of the feminine. When we are balanced in the expression of our male and female energies we are compassionate and motivated, understanding and creative, moving forward with a clear direction and focused on living our dreams. But this is not the case for many of us because our experience of the male energy is far different.
We have lived with the imbalance of male and female energies for eons, and while that energy is shifting and we have come far, we are haunted by the memories of difficult father relationships. The young male Indigos are focused on presenting a balanced, caring, nurturing male energy to their children. For the rest of us, it is time to clear the father energy so we can shift our own energies from those that we have carried for so long into something that will help us connect with the gifts of the male energy.
On Father's Day you do not have to pretend your father was the kind, compassionate, loving and supportive father the media portrays if he was not. But remember that he was raised with the male dominant mindset and he either expressed it to an extreme or tried to hide it by being distant. Perhaps he felt unable to be a parent and he left, many fathers did that. Whatever your relationship with him was like, you chose him as your father for the lessons he could teach you. And you raised your children to be different. So forgive your father, whatever his transgressions, and give yourself peace on this day. A new aspect of fatherhood is being created that will make your suffering a thing of the past. To all of the fathers, happy father's day.


Ron Laswell 20th June 2009 1:18 pm

My first child was born exactly one year after I first met him while meditating. At that time I was 38 years old. As someone who feels comfortable with both the yin-yang/male-female energies, I raised him, and his brother (who I met in my dreams 8 years later before he was born; I was 46 at that birthing). In spite of my lifestyle choices, both of my children rejected my approaches because they felt I was not "normal". They did not want a dad who could read palms, interpret dreams, do star-charts, speak with disincarnate beings and aliens, and have psychic visions of the future. Plus, I cooked, did the housework, and also cleaned the bathrooms. What a challenge it was! Instead they wanted Boy Scouts, camping, fishing, soccer, basketball, and just hanging with their friends (whose parents were apparently "more normal"). Today, they are 23 and 15. They are very sociable, have never hit or fought with each other, excel at school, don't drink or do drugs and have accepted who we all are. I wish this for all of you. Why be "normal"?

lesha 20th June 2009 5:06 pm

Thank You Ron Laswell
for entering your wonderful gift here as a Father, Inspiring for me to read this as I have a friend on my mind today who is of the same as you, but has done the camping the boy scouts the so called male toughness in every way, so this gives me hope that he too will see it is OK to be "not normal". Thank You!

Andi 30th June 2009 8:36 am

Here in Scotland I did not know such men exsisted. Please could you tell me if there are any children's books that encourage a wider view of the male? Highest regards for your courage :)


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