Imperfections, Frailties, and Failures To The Universe They Are A Place Of Possibility

Everything is changing and upgrading, it is demanding that you listen. Like an old mammy the universe is pulling your ear and twisting your arm to get your attention.   It is demanding that you listen with your heart and not your hard head.  The brain that has kept things secret is now is ready to speak.  It is ready to tell you about yourself.  Who are you really?  Why are you really?  You are so afraid to look at yourself.  You busy yourself in relationships, in cleaning your house, you busy yourself at menial chores.  When you finally stop, you sleep.  When you dream you become busy again.  You do not spend a lot of time or energy thinking about who you are.  You are running from that inside of yourself. 

Everything in your world jumps up in front of you and screams and says, “Look at me!  I am a part of the hologram  you are not dealing with.”  One look and you turn your pretty head and walk away.  To you -- imperfections, frailties, and failures are negative. To the universe, they are a place of possibility.  They are your gifts and they are now demanding to be unwrapped. 

Life is constantly giving to you.  Giving you the miracles that you need to keep you afloat.  The much needed magical thumbs up message in the form of a little rainbow, a little blue bird of happiness, or a beautiful rose.  Something that is for your eyes only your gift.  When the magic of the moment is spoken aloud, it disappears.  How do you take magic and miracles and show and tell them to another?  You cannot.  The Earth is supporting you in all of your shifts.  The heart opens up to a higher level of love.  The notes you sing tomorrow will be sweeter than today. 

It is time to stop running from your humanness.  The hamster gets nowhere in a self-imposed cage. The limitations are self-imposed.  The merry-go-round scenarios are self-imposed.  You are honoring everything in the form of peoples and responsibilities outside of you and not honoring yourself.  It is in that place that your heart will continue to close and you will continue to be sad inside. 

You were taught that being a good person was doing for others and it was selfish to do for self.  You were taught to love thy neighbors as thyself, but do you love yourself?   Is that the way you love your neighbors?  Do you love them to the best of your ability or only love them as much as you love self which is little or none?

You come into a time of loving self but not in a way that is egotistical as was super-imposed upon your DNA, but in a way where you are loving your experience of being human.  You are loving when having a headache because you know that you are responding to something, that your body is giving you a message a signal.  Could be that you have eaten something that is not in agreement with you, or that someone is using your psychic phone line.    Everything in your body speaks to you.  Everything in your world speaks to you.  And reflects back what it is you need.  Respond to that call.  It is an SOS.  It is in Morse Code.  You walk the talk, or so it seems for everyone and everything except you.  Do not give up on who you are.  Do not think there is something wrong with you.  You cannot toss away who you are and become something else.  You are what you are.  Honoring who you are and being who you are in truth will ease the transition.  It is when you go against the grain of self that situations become immoveable like mountains.  Many of you try too hard.  You are trying to BE.  You should not have to try to BE.  It should be an easy thing to do.   It should not be something that causes cosmic constipation and hemorrhoids in your energy field.  Do not strain so hard to BE.  Just relax into it.  It is what you do naturally; it is what you do the best, JUST BE.  You cannot change who you are.

The new sensories that come to you are celestial of proportion, they are galactic sensories, God-like sensories. Each one invites you into a different level of knowing, a level of being. Each one gifts you a little more each minute, of each day until you are more and more comfortable with who you are.  They escort you into a place where you can see yourself lovingly and laugh at your stupidity and so-called fallings and failings as you get up again and do it again. 

How many of the great ones of your Earth did not give up?  You would be sitting by candlelight completely if Edison gave up.  What if everyone had given up?  If they just stopped being who they knew they were born to be.  If they just stopped trying.    We are asking you not to try so hard to be and at the same time not to give up trying.  It is as a river meeting an ocean.  As they meet, the waters churn but eventually all is smoothed out.  Do not try so hard, but do not give up either.   It is the point where the river meets the ocean inside of your self where creation is birthed, and the new is given freedom of flight.

Humans have fought with being their true selves for too long.  And now it is time to relax into who you really are, how you really look, how you really smell, and how you really feel.   Know that at this point of origin you are very loveable and very acceptable.  We ask you to go into the center of the wave.  See it above you.  See it below you, and then ride it.  Do not give up on what you know in your heart is right for you.  Even though you do not see it manifesting, see it as you are watching a movie and you are the star. You are the visionaries, you are the prophecies, and you are the future.  You walk ahead of the pack.  Thank goodness for that.  Do not give up because others do not accept you, or do not understand you.  You are beautiful, beautiful beings.  It is time that you see that and love yourself.  No matter how you look, or how you smell, or how you feel.


Laura Bruce 2nd November 2011 8:27 am

Am reflecting on my latest episode of physical debilitation this past weekend when the inconvenience of my back going out turned rapidly into a pinched nerve that sent me to the ER not knowing what had ruptured. Obviously I'm not getting the message and so my body demands that I pay attention and adjust my attitude and actions. Pain is the signal. Time to step up to the next level of trust without clear visual of what that looks like.
In the movie "Rango" our hero finally gets to the point where he can't fake or bluff his way thru the situation any longer. Doffing his hat and bowing his head, he steps into the traffic, handing his fate to the whims of the Gods; ie: the Higher Self - that part of ourselves which knows what the heck is going on here and can finally guide us in the direction we are so belligerently trying to get to. He comes thru to the other side and who he is and his fate is revealed.
Letting go of who we think we are, the fog lifts and where before there were only glimpses, the full panorama opens before us and ah - the beauty of the divine design! Here are We!

Laura Bruce 2nd November 2011 8:33 am

BTW, The concept of cosmic constipation and hemorroids in our our energy feilds is too damned funny! Love the humor! :roll:

COBALT 2nd November 2011 10:09 am

I am thankful for this reality check. :D

Robin 3rd November 2011 6:55 pm

This is where I'm at...working at "being" just being. Wheather I'm doing or having or getting,,,still being, just being. Hard to explain, cause I all ways thought it was an either or situation. I mean, "being" I somehow interpreted as stillness..sitting still in being. For me now, it's being in my truth, living within my beliefs (and currently they are under the microscope) cause some are out dated and no longer serve my highest and best or anybody else's for that's being in every moment consciously to the best of my ability (mostly not so great) and ah-ha there we have it! The opportunity, provided by the awareness, I need to be more conscious in every moment now. AND it's ok to say I am not the greatest at alot of things but grateful Spirit gives me the ability to become aware and intelligence to understand, and the Grace to be humbled again and again by doing the same things over and over; However small the improvment, I am "Being" better!


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