January 2015 Energy Report

The few times that I have been on roller coasters (I don’t like them very much; they scare me, and I always regret getting on them once the ride starts), I notice that there is a lot of time spent on safety and preparation.  A height check to ensure that participants are tall enough to not fall out, or be thrown out of the seat, the attendant checks every person’s seat restraint, instructions are provided to make sure everyone knows what to do while on the ride, and the ride starts very slowly as it climbs up the first hill. Then in a few harrowing minutes the ride is over. The buildup to January has been slow and at times, the energy may feel like it’s moving slowly, but the ride has begun and we are on it until it comes to a full stop at the end.

Starting with the full moon on January 5, which activates the Uranus/Pluto square, we’re in for a reminder about the ‘power of shared intention’ or the ‘power of the people’. With shared intention and purpose, we are capable of anything, as long as we remember that we are powerful and all have the same source of power. Activation of our power occurs in different ways, sometimes it’s fear, other times it’s pain, or deprivation, loneliness, desperation or that moment when we realize that we’re ‘fed up’ and we’re done. No matter how we arrive at that moment, when we get there we are ready for change and there’s no going back. January may be one of those months.

This full moon is at 14 Cancer/Capricorn and augments the power of the moon, which is our emotional barometer, as well as the Uranus/Pluto square. The moon controls the tides and the weather — as it is controlled by an invisible flow of moisture above the earth’s surface, call the atmospheric river. A lot of emotional energy will be activated and there’s another aspect to the sign of Cancer, whose glyph is the crab, and that is the topic of home. What do certain types of crabs carry on their back? Their home. The theme of this full moon is ‘at home where we are’, or home is where our energy is. That’s something to ponder, isn’t it. Wherever we go we have our ‘home’ with us.

I have been writing, since the 2012 predictions, that the revelation of secrets would gain momentum and it is in full swing now. If it feels like it’s taking a long time, just wait, some of these secrets have been hidden for a long time and a great deal of effort has gone into ensuring that they stay hidden. But the light revels everything and nothing escapes it.

This month all of the planets, except Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo, are in the last four signs of the zodiac, with a concentration in Aquarius this month. These signs represent the world, humanity, and our shared journey from humanity to divinity, from healing to wholeness, from martyred healer to selfish and self aware, and from victim to victor.  Corporations and old controlling structures are represented by Capricorn, social movement or community by Aquarius, and spirituality by Pisces. Right now the only planet in Capricorn is Pluto, bringing transformation through total destruction and annihilation. By the March they’ll all be in Aries, and we will have come full circle, back to the beginning, with a final new moon at 29 Pisces, the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac.

I find it interesting that with all of this Aquarius attention this month, Uranus, its ruler, is firmly in Aries, the sign of the pioneer. In Aries Uranus is empowering the energy flows, from the point of the dogged determination of the pioneer — think of the baby who is determined to walk and never stops trying. Watch for a lot of social movement and demand for change, together with revelations of the back room deals, corporate maneuvering, cronyism, and double dealing that keeps the rich rich and the poor poor. The magnifying glasses are out now and nothing looks good at that level of scrutiny.

We also have another new moon at 0 degrees on January 20, this one is in Aquarius, further setting the foundation for social evolution. Momentum for change is gathering, are we going to wait to see what happens or start our own internal mini revolutions? Change begins with each of us and expands from us. We can either wait for the world to change or  be an example of change for the world — one of them will happen a lot faster than the other. This is the fourth of five new moons at 0 degrees, and 0 is the point of origin. It represents the void, the container for all things, the point of infinite possibility and pure potential. It is the point of manifestation, where energy becomes matter. We have the power to create anything now, all we have to do is choose something. Since October 2014 we have had these 0 degree new moons and each of them building the potential for fresh starts and lasting transformation.

And we can’t forget the first Mercury retrograde of 2015, which begins its shadow on January 6 and starts the retro on January 21,  also in Aquarius. All of the normal Mercury retro rules apply, double check communications and travel plans, back up your computer, allow extra time for unforeseen situations, and pay attention to what returns from the past, as it holds the key to your transformation. I believe that Mercury holds the key to our karmic story, so if any challenging or frustrating issues, people, situations, or relationships arise during this time, look for associated karmic connections and use this period to give yourself closure.

The gap becomes more noticeable this month; this is the disconnect between where we are and where we want to be, our current reality and our new intention, our limitation and our expansion, chaos and peace, love and fear. The bigger the gap the more clarity we have about it, what’s in it, and what it represents to us. The gap cannot be closed when we are afraid or turn on our victim light. It closes when we  let the flow of healing, wholeness, completion, and closure guide us to self awareness and victory. We have to go back to the beginning to start a new journey. One of our choices now is to revolve back into the past or evolve into a new paradigm for humanity.

In January we continue to forge ahead, removing limitations and blocks, one by one, as we set new intentions to replace what is now falling away or being released. The closure you receive this month is permanent but you’re ready and you’re ready for it. Enjoy the journey and it may help to stay focused on what’s ahead, be steadfast in your intention, and not spend too much time looking in the rear view mirror. Have a wonderful month.


keryndawer 11th January 2015 2:32 pm

Hi Jennifer-- as I posted on your website, your daily and weekly New Year messages have helped me tremendously to stay focused on my intentions for the FUTURE, when I feel a world of karma pulling me back. As an adopted child, I feel I especially have karmic debts with family members these past 47 years that I'm ready to release. I may call upon you (your services) for help in doing so in the best possible way.

Love and Blessings xoxo

Deeni 13th January 2015 11:10 am

Thank You, Jennifer.

This message so resonates with me, and is greatly appreciated.

Much Love and Light to All. :)


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