January 2017 Energy Report

January does start off in a powerful way even if it begins with a Mercury retrograde that’s a carryover from January 2016 and a Mars/Neptune conjunction, two polarized planets whose energies are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Together they should create murky, unsettled energy but they will do just the opposite. It’s the first month in a new cycle too, a ‘1’ year that compels us to stretch and soar after going through a very challenging 9 year cycle.  If we’re ready to soar, we will have every opportunity to do that with one caveat, this is a new paradigm and it’s not ‘done for you’, it’s self powered and self empowered. We can go far but we have to provide the motivation, determination, and intention to do that. We do have some help though, with something that happened on January 4th. You can see my YouTube video about it

This month’s energy is all about coming full circle, the novice becomes the master, the alpha meets the omega, and the light challenges the dark. First we begin the year with both a Mercury retrograde and a Mars/Neptune conjunction that I believe sets the tone for the month and the year. We have come through the challenge of the last 9 years, which was not easy, and we’re still here. Maybe we’re a little bruised and humbled but we can’t let that stop us from realizing how much progress we have made. To see that, we have to back two 9 year cycles, to 1999 because that is when the real work began. 

How much has changed in your life since 1999? How much have we changed as a society and a world? We didn’t have social media then, the internet was in its infancy (many people thought it was going to be a passing fad) and only hippies and yuppies ate organic food. Spirituality was for lightworkers and the spiritual groupies, and no one else really cared. And we were all hoping that 2000 and the birth of a new century would create a lot of changes. Well, that did happen. Maybe not as quickly or as easily as we had hoped but it has taken two 9 year cycles for us to get to this point, to make our firm choices for ascension, individually and collectively, and there is no turning back or turning it off. Look at how far we have come today.

This month’s Mercury retrograde echoes the degress of January 2016, as we started and ended that year with Mercury retro in Capricorn so we’re bringing that energy into this new month and year but not to hold us back. It’s more of an opportunity to remind us of what we do and do not want to bring into the new year with us. Mercury retro always brings up the past, slows down the pace, and is about review, reconsider, redo, re-work, release, rest, and relax, often because our plans don’t work out as we wanted them to. And it’s in Capricorn, the sign of Saturn, which is going to be a big player this year. It goes direct on January 8 but the shadow period lasts to the end of the month.

Don’t despair or think you have to wait, this is an especially powerful month for ending karmic ties and connections, and setting plans in motion to be fully in your own power and karma free.

The Mercury/Neptune conjunction is an enlightened step into our divinity because we have Mars, the ruler of the first house and Aries, the pioneer, the ego, the action taker holding hands with Neptune, the rule of the twelfth house and Pisces, the sign of spirituality, illusion, other-worldly and the illusion. This is where we become one and One, the individual joins the collective, not in surrendering its individuality but through the realization that we are all connected, part of a vast community of beings and energies. The “I am” slips gently and effortlessly into ‘We Are”.

We have a full moon on the 12th that aspects nearly all of the bigger planets and especially Chiron, the wounded healer, Chiron is still under exact the influence of a square from Saturn as it was in most of 2016, and it will be a big influence this year too. This isn’t bad, it is the nagging reminder that we have karma to get closure with, it’s one of the purposes of our being here, and we need to keep that energy going. And we’ll get many opportunities to do that this year too as our karma, karmic cycles and contracts, and karmic partners will be constant reminders of this promise. While we probably won’t see instant closure and completion in January (but it is possible), we can make progress.

The new moon on the 28th prepares us for February’s eclipses and is going to bring the illusion to light as it aspects Neptune, which rules illusion, spirituality and the oil industry. Corporations, politics, and government are under heavy aspects all year and it’s not a good time for secrets, lies, hidden agendas, or any activity that is designed to benefit special interests. What is concealed will be revealed and the truth is going to have a way of coming out no matter how much effort is spent to hide it.

Another exciting aspect in January is Mercury ending its retrograde on the galactic center at around 27 Sagittarius, the center point of our galaxy. It’s an auspicious sign for this year too, as it’s the point of  Saturn’s retrograde, where it will sit for two months this year. We are living in tremendously transformation times and this month is just the beginning. Remember to set your intentions for the year but keep them fluid and open because the fun is just beginning. Have a great month.



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