Judging, Judgment and Energy Flows

The amount of darkness, density, corruption, and criminality that is being exposed in the halls of government, film, music, in the US and internationally, is simply astounding.  While it has been going on for a long time, the entire house of cards has come crashing down. Look at how quickly Hollywood went from being celebrated on its ivory tower and is now being trashed around the world, and the ivory tower is smashed to pieces. One revelation was enough to end the cult of celebrity, as I wrote in the November  Energy Report.

How much truth and revelation can we handle? Is it easier to rip off the bandage slowly or quickly? There’s still pain either way, but it doesn’t last as long when the bandaid is removed quickly. Then we have to deal with the pain and figure out what to do next – do we add another bandage or let the wound heal without it? That takes courage and the knowing that we will heal, the belief that we can, and the motivation to keep the energy flowing towards that outcome.

Yes, you may say that is happening in the world, what about what’s going on in my life?  This isn’t about things happening outside of us, this is also happening within our own lives. What we can no longer energetically align with is moving out of the way (or being moved out of the way). Once we choose a more integrated and expansive 5D reality, there is no energetic support for anything that is not aligned with that frequency.

Pay attention to what walks or runs out of your life now and remember it isn’t personal, the energetic alignment needed to keep it there is no longer available, whether it’s because you are no longer giving your energy and power away to support it, or it is acknowledging that it no longer fits into your energetic paradigm. While it is happening in your personal life, it is not about your personal worthiness or value.

What do we do now? Who can we trust and can we trust anyone? Will we ever connect with like spirited people? Yes, but there is a process to all of this. Anger is the first response, and then judgment of those who are involved in these situations. Can’t they just do the ‘right thing’? Can’t they just accept your light, love, and truth? It’s part of the price of ascension we have to be willing to pay, to accept everyone’s energetic sovereignty which includes acknowledging that they may just like being in the dark or not appreciate or value our light.

The other thing we have to accept, and this one is hard, is to avoid allowing our anger to turn into judgment and condemnation. That is not going to help move this energy into a new realm of 3D/5D integration. We need to use the revelations of density and darkness as stepping stones to make empowered choices about what we do want in our individual and collective reality.

As tempting as it may be to want to avenge ourselves and get revenge, that is not the best use of our energy. So rather than thinking about how it would feel to walk them to the jail cell and lock the door, in the case of our public perpetrators, our job is to hand them over at the courthouse steps, so to speak, and let them be dealt with by those who are responsible for that.

On an individual level, allowing others to move on and seeing that movement as creating space in our lives for new high vibration, high-frequency relationships, is much more productive than being angry and feeling taken advantage of.

The universe expands whatever we think about and intend, and we do not want our anger and sense of injustice and disempowerment to be expanded into new realities. As energy masters, we are always in control of our energy frequency, vibration, and flows. So don’t flow your energy into ‘no go’ zones, meaning anything whose result is not going to expand the peace, joy, love, and prosperity in your life.

Our role in the Light Age is to expand the light and make it available for everyone, not to worry about the dark. The darkness always surrenders to the light, it is not only a fact of nature, it is an energetic truth. The brighter you shine, the more light there is for you and for everyone, the more you raise your frequency to become a bigger and more expanded energy container, and you light that path for others. We’re living in amazing times and have wished for this moment for eons. Here we are so let’s make the best of it together.


Toni 9th November 2017 6:19 pm

Yes, its so easy to judge the judgement...just look at religion...What's most important tho is the conscious removal from the DNA... rather than the mental denial that diverts the energy to the organs to fester into dis ease. The recognition is all in that first moment of anger one needs to be conscious of. The anger can then be dropped into grief (death) & removed via tears & phlegm which raises ones frequency physically.

One only has to read a Jacky Collins book to know the truth of Hollywood...not sure why its such a shock to everyone really. Have people really got that much cotton wool in their ears?


Cheri 10th November 2017 1:23 pm

Indeed, crying is so cathartic to our biology in every sense of the word. It is what has been surpressed in the divine masculine wreaking all kinds of anger and violence upon the world in order to express itself naturally.

The English Patient and Like Water for Chocolate all great films to have a good cry. Sweetness, not violence is the true expression of love. There is an innocence lost in the judgement and the suppression of our beautiful feelings and senses which has hampered the integration of both sexes within and kept duality playing without.

Yes you know the sheep Toni, wool grows everywhere hahahaha!!

Toni 10th November 2017 10:19 pm

Hahaha… looks like I had wool in my own brain when I wrote that post…messy english. I hadn't made my bed I realized afterwards...messy bed, messy mind sometimes.

Tis my knowing that suppressed emotion is at the core of all illness & accident. Our masculine aspect sometimes has to go to this point before it can feel safe enough to allow itself to grieve & release.

I heal my body the emotional Louise Hay way…well except for when I attracted a flesh eating creature that was rapidly converting my flesh to puss. Antibiotics was the only thing that worked. I realized I’d taken on so much that to clear it emotionally I would’ve needed to spend 2weeks 24/7 in tears. Ok so I did ask for it by asking God to "bring it on"…what I had left to clear from my bod…hahahehehoho the things we learn in hindsight eh. That little critter sure left its mark.


Cheri 13th November 2017 4:20 pm

Wow Toni that sounds intense!! Most drugs are originally found in nature and are plant based medicines and herbs (well until big pharma started making viruses). I am torn about using them knowing these things were meant to work with our systems and vibrate with us in resonance.

However the whole system was manipulated and fell and our biology took on all the side effects of duality as well. I am amazed at the amount of parasites and tapeworms we are finding within the DNA via these implants and all this synthetic crap genetically engineered and implanted both physically and etherically within our biology.

OMG Toni, this thing is beyond complex and is so deeply embedded in layer after layer within the astral and multidimensionally as well. This is what degraded the DNA to the point of total failure (birth defects and cellular death "cancer"). Of course I am learning everything as we go through all these earth epochs and timeframes, it was an etheric energetic nightmare!!

The entire genetic code had been mapped and entrained, quite insideous and as my voices call it "diabolical

Cheri 13th November 2017 4:40 pm

I am really quite amazed at the extent of the biological intervention and how sophisticated the technology was that brought our biology to its knees.

But it is all a learning experience as this heals, I think we are seeing what can happen when free will is allowed to overtake the free will of another. The universal laws will be amended by what weve learned and the genetic code of course is upgrading to crystalline which is light based and much more resistant to the lower densities of the carbon based atomic structure. We are sealing the DNA to prevent manipulation in the future as the source codes can no longer be compromised.

All is evolution and it takes a grand experiment indeed to keep learning and growing with exciting journeys in physicality to prevent stagnation and lack of growth. However, I hope we won't ever need this level of dysfunction again!!

With love to you Toni and your beautiful Andromedan energy!!

:smitten: :smitten:

Toni 13th November 2017 8:09 pm

Hehehe… diabiological indeed…I gotta take my hat off to the demons…they play a mean game. It only makes us bigger brighter & better in polarity tho. I consider dysfunction (not that I enjoy it) a fast track for evolution compared to the slow pace where it takes millenniums for events to happen. Big pharma synthetics are the perfect place to hide demon nano’s for controlling & culling purposes for those taking that timeline.

When the Star Maya first looked at this Earth assignment it was given a 60% chance of success. When we looked inside however the percentage dropped to 20. Bit like buying a house only to find its structure riddled with white ants. Harmonic Convergence in ‘87 gave us the first critical mass event that started turning our percentage around & from a Galactic position this density octave is now a done deal. The Star Maya who know all within Galactic mind density now have more to learn & experience with this new physical octave of density.


Toni 13th November 2017 8:11 pm

My DNA was sealed around April 2012 after I’d cleared all mission timelines back to the Arthurian intersection. It wasn’t enough tho so a backdoor opened 2015 to clear back to core & has been sealed again around April this year. To crystallize is to seal. Golden Seal is the herb of physical density that assists me with this process.

Those that own big pharma also own vitamin & herb making companies. We have had free will yet it was merely an illusion within a dependant political agenda of limited choice. Demons have always positioned their yes men & money on both sides of the ballot box to assure a win… until Trump, they didn’t see that coming. Hahaha

When I look at the demon structure it’s one layer of control after another up to the top of their pyramid. The masculine mind tends to build DNA structure thus to avoid feeling grief. Control begets control. I’ve noticed men who control their emotions end up with controlling women, boss’s or bigger hegemony.

We’ve experienced the feminine titan world… & wrapping up the masculine god world…in order to unfold a new united world. :)

Toni 13th November 2017 8:12 pm

Hahaha I was going to say bring it on…Hmm second thoughts maybe not…unfolding in perfect time space is preferred thankyou.

Back atcha Beautiful...hugs

:smitten: :smitten:


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