New Beliefs and Sacred Cows

In a recent Facebook post I quoted the August Energy Report by saying ‘We cannot heal the world by putting ourselves on the cross’.  This refers to the end of the Martyred Healer paradigm in which we sacrifice ourselves, our joy, peace of mind and heart in the  name of our ‘light work’, and open ourselves to the Christed Awareness paradigm. It’s a graduation where we become empowered, joyful, light leaders, embodying the sacred and powerful divinity that forces us to choose between service in self limiting sacrifice or in self empowered success. To embody new beliefs we must be willing to  let go of our ‘sacred cows’, ingrained beliefs whose release comes at the cost of changing everything we know about ourselves and the world. It’s a tough choice.    

A few people accused me of being disrespectful of Jesus on the cross and that’s not what I meant at all. But the image of the crucifixion is the Martyred Healer’s logo and that is one of the ‘sacred cows’ we’re going to have to let go of now. Why, with everything else that Jesus did, is the cross his enduring legacy? Why not focus on the miracles, the insistence that he was no greater than any of us, the ‘many mansions’ that we have access to, and the divinity which was his parting gift to us? Because Jesus didn’t come to be ‘the Christ’, he came to teach us about being ‘Christed’, which is the difference between the martyr and the victor, powerless self sacrifice and empowered self awareness.

If we adopt the Christed Awareness paradigm, which is one of the 5D energy models, we have to let go of many sacred cows, including the beliefs that we must suffer, that we aren’t powerful, and that we have no control over our lives. It means that we must take responsibility for ourselves, use our energy wisely, and to be aware, in each moment, that we’re constantly creating the world we live in. There is no  ‘they’ who rule the world, other than those who have amassed all of the money while we were watching reality TV. The real power is something that cannot be controlled but it can be manipulated, only when we’re unaware. Being powerless is another ‘sacred cow’ that we must be willing to release, at the cost of taking total responsibility for our lives.

And then we have to release the belief that we are not worthy, deserving, or capable of a personal, individual Source/God connection, and that we need religion and church for that purpose. Church was once a communal gathering place for like-spirited believers who shared a philosophy. Now it has become an institutionalized corporate  pulpit for power, greed, control, and manipulation. We don’t need religion for God but we can create belief-based communities where our God-selves can connect, that are spiritually aware and embody the best of our divine desire for connection, community, cooperation, and compassion. 

The ‘second coming of Christ’ isn’t going to be Jesus’ rebirth, another one of our ‘sacred cows’, it’s our awakening to our own Christed Awareness and that is part of this ascension cycle phase 2, which we’re entering into now.  We are the resurrection, the ascension, and the second coming. And no, we don’t need to get our white robes and halos out, but we do need to start thinking about doing some emotional and energetic housekeeping to make room for this new paradigm.

Think back to when you know you began your spiritual path, any time around 1979, 1991, and 2003. Was it hard and full of challenges? I know mine was. That’s because we started this journey as Martyred Healers. Now we’re graduating into Light Beacons and our Christed Awareness demands service at a new and higher level. This is about giving and receiving, filling our own plates with the love and compassion that we so joyfully and generously give to others, and giving from our extra, once our own cup is full, instead of from our limited supply.

But as we embrace the new beliefs that are part of these new paradigms, we also have to put our ‘sacred cows’ out to pasture. And any belief that exists to support our limitation, unworthiness, lack of divinity (profanity), weakness, and disconnection is a sacred cow and it cannot be supported in the energy and light of our Christed Awareness life models. Releasing these ingrained beliefs which have been a source of empowerment, in many ways that include disempowerment, for us for a long time, will require careful consideration because as we embody and embrace a new empowering belief, we have to also release an old, sacred cow that has served to limit us in some way, to dim our light, usurp our power, and hold us in subservience to a belief that we are unworthy of the divinity that is the core of our being.

Some people will reach their ‘release limit’ and won’t be able to release some beliefs; others won’t want to release anything — they’ll be waiting for Jesus to appear out of the sky and whisk them away, and some of you have already released every belief and stripped your emotional and energetic house to the bare walls because you’re so ready for this. Remember that evolution and ascension are a collective journey, as well as an individual path. Everyone does what is right and best for them. Decide how empowered you want to be, then let your sacred cows go so you have room in your life and heart for your new Christed Awareness. You have earned it and you deserve it, so get ready for the next phase of your ascension path and humanity’s collective ascension journey, which can be much more fun, fulfilling, and enjoyable than the previous one was. What ‘sacred cows’ are you willing to release to allow your Christed AwarenessTM to shine through?



Paula Boylan 11th August 2015 9:52 am

Amen Jennifer!

I have been feeling this for a few days now. No more martyrdom. It's time to create a fulfilling life so we have some to give only once we are full. Humanity has to learn this very tough lesson and we are here to lead by example.


Anni 11th August 2015 10:01 am

This is extraordinarily timely Jennifer. Having being raised in the catholic faith I have essentially lived my life and made choices based on fear and guilt. And I have been asking myself (a lot) does my creator/source really want me to turn the other cheek until I'm on my knees and riddled with low self esteem... How much crap (excuse the French) does one really have to take from others who constantly dish it out?? And is walking away from this same crap make me wrong and a bad person in the eyes of God because I failed to turn it one more time? I think it's obvious what my "sacred cow" is. But it really takes a lot of courage to give myself permission to walk a different path.
Thank you for this post Jennifer.

zorro 11th August 2015 11:45 am

"It’s a graduation where we become empowered, joyful, light leaders, embodying the sacred and powerful divinity that forces us to choose between service in self limiting sacrifice or in self empowered success. ..But the image of the crucifixion is the Martyred Healer’s logo and that is one of the ‘sacred cows’ we’re going to have to let go of now."

Now wait a minute, Jennifer. I know that we need to upgrade our vision here, but are you trying to say that we cannot bring the "Cross-Eyed-Li-on" through the Lion's Gate? Holy Cow!

Bonnie Waters 12th August 2015 12:27 am

When I first heard the comment, years ago, that we needed to take Jesus down from the cross, probably because of my Catholic upbringing, I found it a rather startling statement. I understood the concept, it even resonated as true, but it took much effort to release the idea that sacrifice and suffering were necessary and good. Jesus' mission was not about Martyrdom, but about embodying the Christ Consciousness - he modelled being "in union with God." ("These things shall ye do and greater.") We are creating "Heaven on Earth" - so what does that look like? Is it lack, suffering, martyrdom, crawling on one's belly in subjugation? No, that would not be heaven. It is about creating joy! We are exchanging the dense program for a lighter one. The shift in consciousness is about each one embracing new concepts as they are ready to - as you say, reviewing and releasing those Sacred Cows that no longer serve the best and highest good. In my reality, I have taken Jesus down from the cross. Thank you for always speaking your truth! You help so many, and are a beacon of light! Love, Bonnie


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