Past, Present and Intuition

It would be nice if we could erase the past and start over without any trace of the pain or memories to remind us of that part of our life. But we know that life doesn’t happen that way. And even when we have dealt with something in what we thought was a decisive way, the past has a way of showing up when we don’t want it to. Why is that? Because the past serves a useful purpose in the present and we need this information to make our choices if we want to avoid repeating the past. Without the lessons of the past, we wouldn’t know the best course to follow today.

When we are in a transition space or at a crossroads the past becomes our best friend because it often reminds us of what we do not want to choose now. While we think that these reminders of the past arise just to show us how we failed or made the wrong choices, at the time, they felt like the only right or best choices we could make. It’s only after we have lived with them and are now at the end of their ‘energy road’ that we want other options. Rather than see this as a failure, we can see it as a reminder of the path which is best left to the past and seek other options.

But if we judge our past as one big failure because we are not happy, rich, and successful today then we are not using the past and its information effectively. We need to look at the energy frequency of our choices, our own vibration, our level of fear, and how clear and confident we were in the past. We also need to look at our expectations of the outcomes and results and what we were willing tolerate or settle for because that is how we made the final decision about our past choices. And we can view our intuition, our internal guidance system, the link between our will, divine will, and spirit, as the bridge that will help us plot the course to a more fulfilling, joyful life than we had in the past. 

On an energetic level, the past sets the energetic frequency baseline for the present, this is the point at which we do not want to go ‘backwards’ or repeat what we experienced in the past. Thus our past is a great starting point for what we wish to create in the present and it also reminds us of what we want to change. Think of something you ‘never want to do again’ and that sets an energetic line in the sand, so to speak, that you know you want to rise above and not cross again by repeating that experience.

And we need to look at our intuition and how we were using it in the past. This is our inner guidance system, that small voice we so often overlook when it says ‘no, don’t do that’ or ‘that is probably not your most powerful choice’.  Have you ever tried to make a choice and kept getting blocked in every direction? Did you have to try really hard to do it anyway? What did you think of your results? That was your intuition in action, trying to guide your choices into a higher aspect but if we don’t listen to it, we’ll get different results than we could have.

When we listen to our intuition we engage our most powerful spiritual connection and begin the process of expanding into new potentials for our life. But if we don’t trust ourselves, if we judge our abilities (and our results from the past), and if we limit our expansion, then rather than a trusted guide, our intuition becomes a nagging voice that tries to stop us from doing what we want.  This is another thing we need to look at very honestly when we’re looking at the past – did we ignore our intuition and do something else? Were we so focused on going our own way that we ignored all other possibilities?  We can also invite our intuition to help us assess our present choices to help us find new avenues of potential and avoid repeating the past we don’t want to repeat.

When we use the combination of the results from the past, the potential for the future and our intuition as our guide to the highest and best outcomes, we have a recipe for manifestation that will help us make more powerful choices. So rather than regretting the past, we can put it to work for us as a benchmark for what we may want to avoid in the present. And that allows us to set the energetic vibration for our next set of choices so the past is not repeated in the present.


cyndy 17th August 2016 1:49 pm

"The mind game consists of the tricks your mind plays on you, making you see reality according to old memories, fears, wounds, prejudices, outworn beliefs, second-hand opinions, and early conditioning. When you are aware your mind is filtering your reality based on the past, you can change it with that awareness. In fact, awareness is the change.
Our meditation today brings us into present awareness." -Chopra


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