Q&A: Do Energy Shifts Create Mental Health Issues?

Dear Jennifer: I have 2 girlfriends whose 19 and 20 year old boys are suddenly experiencing severe mental health issues. One is leaning toward paranoid schizophrenia and the other has severe anxiety, depression, and possibly PTSD after being in a terrible hockey accident. I was wondering whether their conditions were brought on by the energy shifts that we are experiencing, if they are temporary or permanent, whether it is a symptom of being between worlds or living in two worlds, and if there is something they can do, in the way of grounding or energy work, to help them. It’s odd that I have two friends who are dealing with these very scary issues and the prospect of lifetime care for their adult children. Have you been hearing about these kinds of issues and what do other people do?

Jennifer’s Answer: Energy shifts can bring about a host of mental and emotional issues that range in severity from mild to debilitating. Sometimes these conditions are temporary, lasting a day or a few weeks, other times they can be permanent, if the person does not know how to resolve them. People who are prone to these types of conditions can get much worse in the face of big energy downloads, there is an alarming increase in head and brain injuries, and some who are not fully grounded finding themselves in a very scary space between two worlds. I’m not speaking as a psychologist or mental health professional, but as someone who is very aware of the way energy works, the concepts of integration and alignment, multi-dimensionality, and the lack of acknowledgement of any connection between the mind and energy frequency and vibrations by mental health professionals.

The body is highly impacted by shifts in energy at all levels, physical, emotional, and mental, all the way to the cellular, atomic and sub-atomic levels. Every part of the body works with energy — for example, the heart is powered by electricity. Doctors know that a heart can be re-started by electric shock but don’t consider that the energy around us also has an impact on the body. The mind is considered to be held within the brain but it is actually part of the entire body, every cell is part of the mind. When the energy around us shifts, the mind within the body shifts as well, or it tries to align with the shift from its 3D perspective, clinging to the reality it knows while trying to figure out the new reality it is aware of but is not sure how to handle.

Imbalances occur when the mind is not able to align with  new energy frequencies and instead, tries to resist them. Then the mind is then split between the existing reality and a new one, and this creates the feeling of being ‘between two worlds’. But because part of the filters that do not allow the mind to actively see into the spiritual world are partially gone, the person really does hear voices and see things that aren’t visible to the eye. This is one way that schizophrenia manifests.

Head and brain injuries are quite common with these energy shifts. On a physical level, they can be caused by accidents which happen when our depth perception is altered as the mind’s connection with the physical world changes. Have you noticed that you tend to stumble and fall more when there are big energy shifts and/or downloads? That is because the mind’s spatial relationship with the physical changes as it becomes aware of new dimensions that cannot be seen with our eyes. The mind doesn’t know what to do with these new realities so it tries to integrate them into what it knows or ignore them although it can’t do that for long.

While the results of brain injuries and mental imbalances can be devastating, they also happen when the brain is trying to adapt to new energy frequencies but has no reference point for them. Sometimes the brain shuts down, as in the case of a catastrophic injury, and while the person is processing energy, their awareness is no longer physically present. Sometimes the mind tries to work in a normal way, using its known reference points for the new dimensions and energies, so it ‘hears voices’ or sees images that are not part of a physical reality but do exist in energetic space. The person who is experiencing this is really stuck between dimensions or worlds. There is no going back as their awareness is partially open to new dimensions but without some kind of energy work or treatment, they cannot fully integrate this energy into their body/mind reality, so while they are called ‘crazy’ and delusional, they are simply not able to be fully aligned in any reality and are part of several.

This is becoming an increasingly common occurrence that I believe will continue as we process more and higher energy frequencies and downloads. This is why it is important to stay grounded and to be in the flow of energy instead of resisting it. As far as treatment, different types of energy work that focus on rebalancing and recalibrating energy, including acupuncture, working with crystals, grounding, expanding, aligning, and centering, may all be helpful, depending on the person and on their needs. Technologies that measure energetic frequencies and can refine and adjust energy levels may be helpful; there is not enough research being done on this topic right now but I know that this will work. For your friends and their children, there are treatments available but they’re not mainstream and if they are willing to try them, they may find the support, healing, and return to normalcy that they are seeking.


ElizabethQOH 2nd September 2014 9:49 pm

Hi Jennifer,

I am a Psych major and I am currently working on a thesis for my research paper. I must say I was completely astounded by this article as it was written in July. Today I was pondering topics and I wrote down in my notes the question "Is mental health really a disorder or are people connecting with multidimensional parallel time/space realities that are causing mental issues or even permanent states of delusion because they either don't want to become aware of past life trauma and heal or they are shifting into a higher state of consciousness so rapidly and unaware of this happening and due to the lack of professional knowledge and understanding they are unable to be helped?" Yeah! Crazy right!? haha! You stated that there is little research in this area. My question is where can I find the valid research that has been studied? Oh my gosh! I LOVE expansion :D This is super exciting! WhOOp! Thank you for this even if you cannot reference any articles or journals. I am so grateful...<3..._/|\_


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