Release Your Soul Promises Now

Welcome to a new week and more energetic activity as we head into the Equinox on the 22nd of this month. Have you noticed that you are more emotional and sensitive lately? Are you aware of how much energy you are processing and releasing? Did you think you were 'done' with all of this and are more than a little annoyed that you are covering old ground you thought you had already gone over?

We're in the evolutionary process and the multi-dimensional journey is not linear, it is a spiral. Think of this process as the opportunity to view your life and its lessons from a different position on your evolutionary spiral. What new levels of choice and choosing do you have now? What has changed from the past? What new opportunities are part of this new phase? To maintain your energetic balance, be sure to stay focused on your outcome and stay with your intention. This is what you want to stay aligned with and will help you through the integration process too. 

It's the week we have been waiting for, in many ways, as we are going to be seeing some interesting things around soul contracts, which is the topic of today's Archangel Uriel channel. This has been floating around in my head for a few days as I realized that some of the difficulty so many were having was tied to their obligations when, in fact, these were no longer factors for them and they needed to let them go.

Release Your Soul Promises Now

You have been holding soul promises for healing, wholeness, and connection in your soul group since your earliest lifetimes and their release is necessary now. Not because they are fulfilled but because the contracts they are attached to are no longer part of your life path.  Their fulfillment, which is the healing of yourself and of others, has been a reason for and an aspect of your incarnations on the soul group and soul mate levels. But you have made others’ healing your mission and purpose, and prevented your own healing from finalizing because of these promises. It is now creating a challenge for the full unfoldment of the new earth.

These soul promises are fear based agreements to stand by your soul mates, karmic partners, and those who you fear will not claim their power or acknowledge their divinity in this lifetime. You have made these promises to them, so they will honor their soul contracts. Because you know this stands in the way of their evolution and ascension and you have a contract for healing with them, you have been available to them as their source and healing light. But you have also delayed the integration of your own soul growth on behalf of these promises, out of fear that you would leave them behind. No one is left behind and all are where they need to be at this time.

Each person must make their own decision regarding their ascension and it is what decides their level of participation in this aspect of this ascension cycle. If they choose to limit their soul growth, they will have other choices and opportunities. You are aware of this choice and have assisted them with it before, each time watching in great sadness and fear as they rejected the path of ascension and evolution. It is time for you to serve your soul’s needs and decide whether you are going to rise to your own potential, to embrace your own potential and allow yourself to ascend in fulfillment of your desire for ascension.

It does not serve you to limit your growth or possibilities, to remain behind so others can take as long as they need to make this choice. They have time and will continue to have opportunities to choose. You must decide the path that you will take, what you wish to do and the level of new earth energy integration you will enjoy.

Be comforted in knowing that all is well, that you have accomplished your mission and can now move into the energetic space your soul desires for you, one that serves your ascension path and reflects the healing you  have accomplished on your path. Serve your joy, your peace and your desire for ascension. It is time for you now, make this choice for yourself and step onto the ascension path that you have been longing for.


sj williams 20th September 2013 8:42 am

this is a lovely message, thank you. :smitten:

benners 20th September 2013 11:49 am

Thank you Jennifer! This channel is SO pertinent to my life right now. I feel like I've been on the fast track to awakening for the last three years but I've had a couple of contracts that have been holding me back, only because I chose to stay where I was in the connection. I am now in the process of fully releasing them and I feel a surge of momentum because of that. Uriel explained to a "t" what I'm doing right now. Thank you for the guidance :)

Tlightworker 20th September 2013 11:56 am

Thank you and Bless you.

bets 20th September 2013 1:03 pm

This resonated so much. I've been semi-aware of holding back, but this is a much-needed nudge forward. Thank you Jennifer and Archangel Uriel for the encouragement to choose ourselves now.

keryndawer 20th September 2013 5:50 pm

Thank you Jennifer and AA Uriel. You really nailed it...exactly what I've been struggling with . I needed to hear YOU say that it is not only "okay" to release the soul promises that perpetuate my symptoms (e.g. sickness, guilt, worry)-- that are the exact opposite of ascension--but necessary. I truly am no good to those I love (who are "stuck" in destructive places) if I'm not well and I cannot be well when I am forever bound in the quagmire of their struggles/thoughts/actions. I know this will be much easier said than done for me, but you've made it clear there really is no other option. I have to continue on my journey and trust that their time will come when they are ready. Thank you so much for this message. Truly and Lovingly, Keryn

bluefeatheryone 20th September 2013 9:49 pm

I found this message very moving. Thank you, Jennifer. <3

Tiff 21st September 2013 10:21 am

Thank you, AA Uriel and Jennifer :smitten:

Ela Rae 22nd September 2013 4:55 pm

OMG how this speaks to me. I have been "angry" and "judgemental" last full moon and this full moon through this weekend. I "am" mad and angry at 2 different friends. SO frustrated on a level. SO sad, crying and grieving. They have the same tools I do. Yet they continue to engage in destructive behavior. In a way I have been mad at them for staying behind. We have been team/partners. Now I am "leaving" them. I am moving forward with my husband and kids. In a way feeling alone. Missing my friends. But knowing new friends are coming. But I am sad in the moment. Grieving if you will. Not wanting to move on but excited to move on and ready and willing to move on if that makes any sense. LOL The anger and judgemental stuff I am feeling is in a way a last ditch hope they are coming though I know they are not. A panic in a way, pleading and begging in a way. Though I am saying good by to their healing. It is time to step into what I have been called to do. I have everything I need in place NOW. I just need to say "good bye!" Thank you! :)


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