September 2017 Energy Report

We’re in a new month and a new 9 month cycle now, as September opens with a mess of energy (as we say in the South) that appears to be a slide into the dark abyss but is really a big energetic restructure of the entire 3D paradigm. We have some big choices to make in September but we have the tools and knowledge to make them and because we’re starting a new cycle with much more awareness, we can turn the tide of darkness into brilliant light. Self-sovereignty and Divine Congruence (also the theme of 2017) are the key words for September and we’re going to get a chance to test them out in this rather chaotic month.

The first thing I noticed about September is that it has quite a strong 9-1-1 presence as the month begins with 9 -1- 1 (2017 = 1), September 2 is 9 – 2 which equals 11. Then we have September 11, 9-11 which is also the 16th anniversary of the controlled demolition and false flag operation of the WTC on 9-11-2001, and we have another 9-11 date on September 29. 11 is the first master number and this is a month for mastery or, if we get into fear, where we are mastered over. The movement of the 3D/5D integration is very strong now and happening very quickly so expect some shenanigans this month, as you know the dark doesn’t let go of its power and influence willingly or easily.

Then we have the end of the Mercury retro on September 6, at the degree of the August 21 eclipse and Mars is at the same degree. That degree, 29 Leo, is the last degree of the sign of kings and rulers, do you wonder why there is so much effort being made to control humanity? Have you noticed how much Google is censoring the internet in the past few weeks? I have stopped using Google because I can’t get the right search results any more. It’s the end of the era of rulership (3D) and the beginning of self sovereignty and this month brings that up for us to choose what we want to do.

If you watched the aftermath of the Houston flooding, you saw hundreds of people working to help their neighbors and community, whether they lived next door or across the country, from bringing boats to help with rescue to bringing food, supplies, and to volunteer. In the aftermath of the recent manipulated race issues in the US, you also saw people coming together in Houston without regard for race, color, gender, or any other bias. In this time of need people helped each other, long before the government mobilized any resources. This is 5d energy in action and it’s a great thing to see. But wait, there’s more action this month.

Around September 22, also the date of the equinox, every personal planet, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, will be in the sign of Virgo, an earth sign. This is the sign of service or the servant, and it also represents healing, perfection, harvest, and oddly, it is also a sign of fertility. It is the 6th sign of the zodiac, 6 is the number of descension, bringing heaven to earth. During this two day period Jupiter also passes through a portion of Virgo and this is supposedly a fulfillment of Revelation 12 from the bible.

Now I’m not a bible scholar (I have read the bible several times though) and what is important about this period is described in  Revelation 12 as the fight between heaven and earth, between Archangel Michael and the ‘serpent’ meaning satan or the devil. In Revelation 12 it is said that the serpent was driven from heaven to the earth and while the bible and Christians say it’s the story of the serpent (or the devil) being put on the earth, I think, at this time in our ascension cycle, we have created heaven on earth, which is the 3D/5D integration, so it’s actually the ‘serpent’ being driven from the integrated 5D earth.

Here’s where it gets a little weird. If you have read any of David Icke’s work, especially his books from the 1990s and early 2000s, he has described the reptilians that are present on the planet. According to Icke, they are the members of royalty, government leaders, rulers, and anyone in power or in the ‘elite’. And while he was heavily ridiculed for his theories, what he wrote has been proven to be true in the past few years.

So my question is, is this month the end of the control of humanity by the reptilians, archons, and draco energies? That’s something for us to consider. It would certainly be a welcome change and I think it’s happening now as we embrace our divinity to become divine spiritual humans, we also reject the pure 3D aspects of domination, control, and power that has been prevalent in the world for centuries. This is not the new age, we are moving into the Light Age, and the battle is on. Who is winning? We are, considering how much chaos is being created right now.

The issue of the Martyred Healer™ comes to bear in September, and whether we will continue to hold that energy or step into the Christed Awareness™ energy which was Jesus’ true lesson to us. He didn’t come to show us what he could do or how he was better than we are. He always said ‘these things you can do, and more.’ It’s time for us to figure out what the ‘and more’ is because we need to drop the Martyred Healer, Christ on the cross, suffering for the sake of humanity victim consciousness and become the self-aware, self-empowered, self-sovereign light leaders that we are and have always been. 

We can be victims or victors, servants and slaves in service to humanity, victimizing ourselves for others’ healing or to atone for our karmic issues, or we can be Light Beacons, of service to humanity in the form of inspirational wholeness that provides the example of what true empowerment and energetic congruence means.

We are either going to be ruled over or we’ll over-rule that agenda and step into our own power, not to control others but to be self-sovereign, that’s a big theme for the month of September.

I’m not going to say these are not scary times because they are. We are being assaulted from every angle, from weather wars to energy control technologies, to censorship, to a fully propagandized media, war-mongering governments, the specter of a nuclear attack and another world war. 

But here’s the thing about all of these efforts, they don’t work if no one believes or accepts them.

They don’t have any effect when we are in our highest frequencies. All of these technologies designed to create fear and drama work with ELF (extremely low frequency) and VLF (very low frequency) energies. When we are at our highest possible frequency and vibration, they have no effect on us. So we need to focus on being at EHF (extremely high frequency) and VHF (very high frequency) levels to maintain our intention for this ascension cycle to keep moving forward.

You can read about energy control technology and how to control its effects on you in my book, The Human Energy Control Protocols, available in print & Kindle on Amazon at this link.  Visit to get your free gifts with purchase.

September’s busy-ness continues with the final Jupiter-Uranus trine at 27 Libra the last week of September and Pluto goes direct in the last week too, so we now have the great transformer on the side of moving things forward. In October Jupiter moves to Scorpio and we’ll have more emphasis on transformation, as it’s going to empower Pluto (which rules Scorpio) and push the ascension agenda forward.

Our full moon is September 6 which is right on Neptune, the planet that rules spirituality and illusion. What is illusion and what is reality, and what are we going to choose? Is the divine human an illusion or a reality? Are we truly emanations of Source light, which means we are divine too? Or are we reptilian mutations with no power?

The new moon on September 20 highlights the Virgo stellium and it’s harvest time. Are we going to be harvesting our joy or being harvested by the fear? I know that sounds dire but all of the control and manipulation we’re subject to know has a dark purpose and I have always wondered why so much effort and energy are expended to controlling us. What is so special about us and our energy that makes being able to control it so important? And if it’s that important and special, we can claim it for ourselves as co-creators of our individual and collective realities. 

What we’re realizing now (note the word real-ize) is we get to decide and we’re choosing the 5D paradigm of community, collaboration, connection and compassion over the 3D paradigm of domination, control, competition, and greed. Look around you and see who is waking up, ready to reject the 3D paradigms.

Be that shining light that is the first thing they see when they look for an alternative to their chaos, suffering, and fear. Shine brightly for yourself and for the world because we are truly at a pivotal time and have moved way beyond critical mass and are into critical momentum. The ascension train is in high gear and moving at mach speed, no stopping it now no matter what happens.

Stay in your intention for the peace, joy, love, and prosperity you want in your life and that extend to the rest of the world. We have got this covered, as long as we stay strong, stay true to our ascension soul mission, and embrace our Christed Awareness to fulfill the theme of 2017, Divine Congruence. Have a great month.


Toni 5th September 2017 8:33 pm

Why are Michael & Lucifer fighting when they are two parts to a whole? & how come the snake ended up with the bad rap when its the animal that reflects to us the truth of grounded reality?…I also like that I can make a spiral with a snake…a lion or a cow just ain’t gonna work.

Spent probably the past 10 years working on my ELF & VLF frequencies. I got the markers for the frequency from those I experienced compassion with. Compassion allows me to absorb & share the frequency which then starts vibrating my own cells to bring up all within of similar dna ilk… Then its just a matter of embracing the low value, balling my eyes out cos it feels like death, until I return once again to my beautiful valued self.

I feel my S ELF is done now as these low frequencies have become just voices in the wind. It seems polarizing my negative e motion within leaves me with no reactive hook to chaos… just one beautiful day after another.

Lol… I’m thinking its probably why I got hooked into chaos in the first place…I get bored when its always beautiful…

Looks like being a grand harvest :)

bluedragoness 5th September 2017 10:07 pm

I have to say that I disagree in much with many of the points elaborated in this post. Currently, there are thousands of starseeds incarnated in this planet who are of reptilian and draconian lineages and of other lineages. I am myself one of those starseeds who are working consciously each day to integrate and heal all my aspects or Cosmic lifetimes. To generalize claiming that all reptilian and draconian energies are evil further polarizes and creates conflict, and ultimately perpetuates the illusions of separation.

I ask of you and other authors who hold similar beliefs to please respect all races and species and know that Earth is a planet of polarity integration were many human beings who were previously incarnated in other Cosmic sectors as other races intend to coexist harmoniously and in peace.

Many young starseeds who have figured out their reptilian and draco aspects have been greatly discouraged by these kinds of materials. Where is then the love and light?

bluedragoness 5th September 2017 10:10 pm

As for archons, many people who need proper integration and healing see their own aspects as negative entities and label them as such. Please do not keep feeding fear and conflict even further, only because certain groups create chaos. People who acknowledge and recognize their aspects and internalize conflict instead of propagating it further contribute in much to the healing of Earth.

Promote peace, respect and harmony, not conflict and further polarization.

nikos.v.2 6th September 2017 11:42 am

Hi there,

My experience with reptilians (in human form) at least has been of variety...

While everyone used some kind of control without caring so we speak, some also used fear as a means to manipulate things.

(One very knowledgeable one used to say that fear is the blueprint of all living beings. And even if it sounds like a truth , at least on one level, ... it's totally away from my path... and generally well, isn't it absurd ?)


Wishing everybody a good month, and well as simple as possible, where... I consider simplicity a cornerstone to (As my path goes, or for at least) freedom.

And peace <<

Toni 6th September 2017 7:04 pm

The Draconians that caused this were a renegade group. They are not a true reflection of the whole. All species have their black sheep & the black sheep always create change.

Our human bodies contain a blueprint for all frequencies...fear & love. When dna fear is polarized internally it creates love in equal polarity & I believe that is what all starseeds are here to do physically…transmute fear back to love within the 12 dimensional markers that give us this new physical density field. The result is an ascended planet of humans…A Galactic 1st… not possible without the Draconian renegade influence.

In order to transmute fear back to love we have to feel the fear & choose change within the moment rather than perpetuation…

“Where is then the love & light?” That comes after the fear is polarized.


nikos.v.2 6th September 2017 8:38 pm

I hear what you say here Toni and I have to say two things.

First, that for an empath that may be too much of a deal to play with.

And, second, that it sounds reasonable that there is a huge difference between a draconian or however it's/they are called in opposition to a reptile (reptilian) you know only by considering the difference wings play.

Am I being clear ?

... to mere reason .

nikos.v.2 6th September 2017 8:46 pm

It all boils down to self - importance for me ... whatever you consider yourself to be ... lol

nikos.v.2 7th September 2017 11:14 am

(If I may...) here it doesn't matter,

I 'd like to open (?) the topic that passes through many lightbearers to use word, lightworkers...lightbears minds ... (or so I think)

I 'm wondering, as said like I believe quite some other do too if it's a begining or an end ... in our times

Apart from the journey being personal and so on ... and all.

Respectfully, and alone I 'm wondering about this.

If anyone wants to share ......

(Whatever I 'll "catch" I 'll value it)


Cheri 7th September 2017 1:15 pm

Hi all, great discussion and so much truth that most of the best parts of our DNA lie in the diversity and strength of all these beautiful species represented within. In truth all the DNA became polarized and fell in density so attributing it to one or two species would be inaccurate.

In my inner work, I am seeing the serpent literally clearing from the DNA right now and representing to me as a sine wave that was entraining the DNA and disrupting the ability of it to vibrate at a higher rate.

It is all fascinating as it appears to me like we are clearing this mechanical entrainment that kept us from obtaining higher consciousness linked to the garden of eden and the tree of life as depicted throughout our religious text. I am just wondering how this will play out in the end that ended up subjegating women or our abilities within the RNA or mitochondrial DNA perhaps as represented by Eve?

Thank you all for sharing as it is important and so very interesting to hear another's very real perspective in representation!!

Cheri 7th September 2017 1:29 pm

You know Nikos it is my understanding that the term "lightworker" is a very old term that is a trigger for our DNA to activate to higher service. I believe the word "lightbearer" refers to the increased ability of the DNA to absorb and hold the light. I have heard these two terms being used over and over by my multidimensional selves within this energetic clearing work I am doing clearing timelines and within the astral.

I think these terms speak directly to the DNA rather than whatever our literal interpretation is. We all recognize and/or resonate to these terms innately somehow.

I don't know if this speaks to you as our journeys are all so unique based on our experiences yet there is definately stuff we all share in common and wonder about for sure!!

With Warm Regards

nikos.v.2 7th September 2017 1:33 pm


Thank you Cheri

Most honoured perspective above (by the way for me as an individual)

* * *

Cheri 7th September 2017 4:47 pm

Hi Nikos!! I think I missed the proposed topic you wanted to discuss. Sorry about that hahaha!!

You said "I 'm wondering, as said like I believe quite some other do too if it's a begining or an end ... in our times"

This is a huge philosophical discussion on so many levels and I am not sure I understand your meaning. But I am going to comment with you on it because it is nice for me to connect with other lightworkers too!! I think a lot of us are alone in our spiritual understandings with no one to share with at a deep level anyway. And I know Toni will have a good perspective as well.

I think that we are healing and coming to the end of this fruitless reincarnation cycle that had finally stalled out because of all the density taken on by the DNA, the loss of our memories and the disconnection and manipulation of our genetic code, not with the beautiful Dracos or Reptilian Starseed Races but with the Ape or primate DNA that was spliced into our genetics to create a slave race. Now I have nothing against primates but that is when we lost our connection to our source.

Cheri 7th September 2017 5:12 pm

The DNA became scrammbled and disassembled. What we are doing now is integrating the light, clearing old memories and restoring our biology or genetic code to it's original perfection so we never have to experience this level of density ever again. Our DNA is alive and communicates and now that we have reached a critical mass of people awakening, I think we are going to see a much quicker acceleration of this process as we are all healing together. Energy will sync up and start resonating to the higher vibrations rather than the lower ones of the past which changes everything!!

So my point is that it is both an end of ignorance and a beginning of enlightenment. This is how my heart interprets it. Unfortunately there is no manual and we are all trying to figure it out as we go, so it really helps to share because we all interpret the healing we are doing internally differently. I just trust my soul and know that the emotions running through me are temporary as they can change from moment to moment during this restoration process. So we all just hang in there!! :smitten:

bluedragoness 7th September 2017 6:59 pm

I am very happy to read all the comments above and I wish many authors could see these kinds of opinions. I personally do not resonate with much of the lightworker or lightwarrior concept because many who define them, have their own interpretations and many have unfortunately used these terms to dive and separate even further, and to create more fear. Us the good ones versus them the bad ones. Yes there are renegades as many say, but even many of the ancient renegades of other civilizations are now different and not the same ones in physical.

As for the DNA, you guys are awesome, not everyone really understands this topic. I have been in other sites trying to explain what the Cosmic Earth human is made up of, and it is much more than 12 strands. It is made up of so many aspects from so many timelines, too many to recall consciously, but perhaps to better explain it is that there are major aspects of different ancestral races.

bluedragoness 7th September 2017 7:10 pm

The Draconian being is in reality a hybrid of other more ancient species like the Nagas and the Dragons who are also hybrid species coming from the huge serpents and other very strange creatures who originally did not have scales. So you see, it is more like a continuous of DNA that changed as species evolved and interacted with each other.

Reptilian is a too vast way to label hundreds of species of scaly beings, just like how on Earth an iguana cannot be compared to a komodo dragon or a viper.

Earth humans have in their cultural, economic, social and spiritual legacy much of the positive reptilian teachings and paradigms. We all have also some insectoid codes, that enable scientists and architects to create marvels, then the felines, the bird people, and so much more..

Draconians have wings, many horns that rarely can a human mind detect even in astral or with the third eye because it would look a bit scary, while other reptilians, it depends, many also have horns and wings, while others are bald and look more like small dinosaurs, others have very long snouts, etc...there is too much diversity, then the colors of the scales. Some have feathers.

Toni 7th September 2017 7:33 pm

1. Just deal with what you can NiK…by being uniquely you. :thumbs:

2. I have a feeling Blue Dragoness can explain the difference between a Draconian & Reptilian much better than I. Any chance you can oblige us here Blue? We would very much appreciate it.

The beginning or the end? Well its both…the old world is to end as its in polarity to the new world that is timeline anyway... Old & new can not be sustained within the one timeline...yet all timelines of desire are sustained within the whole so it all becomes an individual choice.

What is that you want to create NiK…the world is our oyster…so the saying goes, tho I’ve never really been partial to oysters so I’m going to change that to the world is our diamond now. The world is your diamond NiK, what world do you want to create for yourself?


Toni 7th September 2017 7:49 pm

Lol...we were writing at the same time Blue Dragoness...thank you. Takes me long time to write tho.

Hi Cheri...didn't see you there either before I posted. lol... u go girl xo.

Group Hug...u too NiK. :smitten:

nikos.v.2 7th September 2017 9:30 pm

As far as I can see, Cheri, it's a continuum just passes through a death and new beginging err.. cycle.

Cheri 7th September 2017 9:59 pm

I love hearing about the beautiful Dragon lineage!! Me I have the Seraphim DNA from the bird tribes (lightbody) which evolved from the Pteredactlyl and the Mayan DNA (Spine) which evolved from Aquatic Stingrays. I have seen it all in living color during my awakening when I had full clairvoyant vision into these ancient timelines. I think we all have reptilian DNA especially in brain chemistry and structure.

These are all the original and beautiful creator races that were seeded here from all over the universe as this planet and all it's myriad of exotic species and kingdoms was meant to be a beautiful galactic library of full DNA slendor and diversity!!

This is evolution and we are healing our amazing and unique heritage both biological and ancesteral. But at the soul level folks we are all one.

So let's share all our commonalities and embrace all our diversity because that's what makes life so very interesting!!

Love the share!! Thanks again!!

Cheri 7th September 2017 10:22 pm

I totally hear you Nikos! You are right but we personally are going to see some big changes because this is an evolutionary lifetime! Once this DNA heals and we are back to fully activated 12 strand, triple helix crystalline DNA it will be an amazing transformation!! DNA was originally designed to regenerate. Once the lightbody heals our chakras start spinning so fast that the DNA goes quantum. Our biology becomes immortal in that we can take it with us wherever we may roam without death and decay.

However like you said, it is indeed a continuum and we have come full cycle. The only thing that really changes is the deep wisdom we will have gained from this most painful experience of density and separation. And that is the golden key that will keep it from repeating!! (Fingers and toes crossed hahahaha!!)

nikos.v.2 7th September 2017 10:47 pm

I hear you Cheri.

Don't assume that it's an enolutionary lifetime for all the planet.....


nikos.v.2 7th September 2017 10:49 pm

I hear you Cheri.

Don't assume that it's an evolutionary lifetime for all the planet.....


nikos.v.2 7th September 2017 10:59 pm

And one more thing. I
m not interested in it's ... continuujm, diverse or not.

I have a straight line to infinity... not but my own volition per se... but I think that was my obligatory step in this part of the universe.


nikos.v.2 7th September 2017 11:14 pm

..Of course it's a process, and most of the time -it's- unknown.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

bluedragoness 7th September 2017 11:28 pm

Lol you are welcome Tony.

Cheri you are very awakened to the beauty of the human DNA and all the ancestry. That combination sounds very awesome. I have seen myself so many beings, and memories, from basic animal species, some from other planets, to more humanoid complex ones and I see how Cosmos has been evolving from all kinds of combinations and permutations and now the Cosmic Earth human template is the gift of all these experiences.

We just have to bring all of this to its most highest expression of beauty.

Much love

bluedragoness 7th September 2017 11:33 pm

Oh one more thing is, many of us are consciously closing the wounds from all of those timelines. Tonight with the super solar storms and flares I got to see some very basic insect forms, and somehow felt the painful physical wounds of how insects feed on each other and the fights, from them many of the military and war attitudes were learned. People think that it is all fault of the reptiles but reptiles are more "brute" while insects are natural strategists in war, we can even see this in bee and wasp colonies and their behavior. So our insect parts are healing and finding peace. Then you get for example those angelic stories, and when seeing the behavior of birds, it is very similar to those Biblical stories of angel fights lol. In nature we can find our Cosmic history. This is the reminder that the Annunaki left to us with their Nibiruan ark. People feed each other with only the negative parts but what the Annunaki did was a colossal mission to prepare the ground for the most magnificent project in one planet.

nikos.v.2 8th September 2017 12:40 am

blue dragoness, hi. I feel familiar to you. But that's a long story, it has to to with the blue.

I 'm not a teacher and even if Capricorns like to advice, I mostly keep a hand in my pocket to this too.

Just wanted to say -expression of me at least- that all this beauty, diversity and almost (?) All that is expressed here is on/up - to form.

Consider a different -how to call it - for me it's a way -

a way anyway, possible .

Formlessness -

Well, (as I said this 's just me) but consider beauty through the lens of formlessness ...

...and tell me what you believe if you like . ;) ;)

bluedragoness 8th September 2017 7:54 am

Hello niko!!! I have to say I agree that formlessness, as the foundation of everything, is beautiful, and more when one can feel it, how it permeates everything and how we come from it.

There are levels to formlessness, people call it densities. I like to see it from the perspective of what scientists call dark matter and dark energy.

Dark energy is total formlessness, the beginning of All.

Dark matter is the dark energy that has already been imprinted with information, with experience. Everything in physical, including objects have dark matter blueprint, which is what people in spirituality call "ether", "astral substance", or even the Holy Spirit. That is what our souls are made up of.

I love those two levels of existence so much, but dark matter in lighter densities, or what people call the astral layers can take the shape of the previous experiences in physical. Our souls hold all that vast record, etheric DNA. But it can also become shapeless. :)

spiritdiver 8th September 2017 8:11 am

Very interesting discussion here. And I am not familiar with the thoughts of contemplation regarding replies, spices groups etc. But it does resonate and I feel a connection. Especially with the birds. Like picking up on there presece stronger at certain periods, and now there is an absence, a lull-aby due to the migration instincts in fall.

Chiefly to the discussion, and to those that have shared here...

To Coming full circle, Through formlessness.. Immortality, and to the highest expression of beauty...

What immediately resonated for me was Jupiter's current position/degrees. We are heading into the last stages of Libra from 24 degree. I recognized, a symmetry to the discussion through familiarity, as it crosses my Karmic and Ascendant degree.

The Sabian Symbol and Dane Rudhyahr's keynotes are here to follow, and interpretations are online if any are interested in further discovery.

spiritdiver 8th September 2017 8:32 am


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