The Past is Your Light Map

The love and the light that is required on your ascension journey is reflected in your reality in each moment. You cannot love in the past for that moment is gone. You cannot love in the future because its details have not yet been created and every aspect of the future depends on what you do in each present moment. If you want the future to be joyful, fulfilling, loving, and abundant you must create that energy in this moment. Do not be distracted by what the moment appears to be, its outcome is calling you to send light, to shift its energy by allowing your desires to be your focus, acknowledging what you have created and raising its frequency by sending love and light to its darkest aspects.

Each thing you are aware of and judge is part of the past, and although it appears to be real, present, and permanent, it is only an echo of your most recent manifestation. When you can perceive a result you are looking at the past. When you know an outcome, you are experiencing the result of a manifestation that has already been created. It is through your focus on creation and manifestation in the present moment, being mindful of the past as a map which indicates where you need to focus your light, you heal the past from the present moment and create the future at a higher vibration. If you perceive your reality to lack love, peace, joy and abundance you are aware of where your love and light are needed to create a different outcome in the next present moment. Rather than judge an outcome as good or bad, be aware of where you can send more light, be more empowered, and connect with your inner guidance to create a different outcome.

When you judge the past or criticize your efforts you lock your energy into the past and stay in that moment, which is repeated in the next moment. The past is a map of how you have been using your light and energy and your reality reflects an outcome, an echo of your energetic frequency whose purpose is to show you what you are creating so you can choose to continue in that direction or to do something different.  It is by being fully grounded within each present moment and using what you perceive in the echo you know as the outcome to change your energetic frequency by sending more love and light to yourselves, which changes the outcome in the next moment. A new future is created from love and light, while the past is re-created from judgment and darkness.

Stand in love in each present moment, love each circumstance you judge as limiting, forgive those who hurt you, and send light to each situation so you empower yourself beyond the past, beyond the hurt and judgment and beyond your own fears. You are the light of God and the promise of ascension and it is by standing in the light of your own truth as a child of the Light that you allow that light to empower you beyond fear. As you love in the present moment you allow the future to become an echo of light instead of an echo of darkness and fear. This is how you create heaven on earth, the promise of ascension for you and for the world and how you become the promise of your own light and create your reality from the potential of your highest energetic frequency and vibrations.


gabriele 12th June 2012 4:41 pm

That is the first "map" that makes sense to me. Thanks Jennifer.I will remember it and work with it.

bettina 13th June 2012 8:02 am

:thumbs: :smitten:

Thank you!!!

Yelana 13th June 2012 11:17 pm

Dear Jennifer & Arch Angel Uriel,

"The Past is Your Light Map". I just love the clever way you am'plify such an essen'tial truth. Love your work.

Love you :angel:

Eyewitness 6th December 2012 1:13 pm

I find many of the teachings on here to be too abstract and filled with metaphor to be of any real use to me on my path. Surprisingly, The Archangel Uriel actually speaks to me in ways that make sense and provide me with the actions I can use to change my approach. I remain confused as to the use of the word "love". I am in a body that simply cannot feel this emotion due to decades of panic attacks and social phobia. I feel no personal connection to any human at all. That does not mean I don't care, it just means I do not feel Love. For me, life is about assisting others in being the best they can be and wishing them well. I do this not from a space of warm emotions or feelings but from a space of recognizing the value of cooperation over conflict. I choose to help others because they are in need, without any real benefit to myself. I have no friends or family as I honestly consider the burden of relationship to be much more one of liability than of enjoyment. I have never met anyone on a path similar to mine. I thank you for your words as they help me to understand ways I can grow.


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