Whole and Wholeness

Each aspect of your energy is whole and complete because it resonates at your energetic vibration and frequency. You are in wholeness on each step of your healing journey, aligned with the lessons and purpose of your lifetime in each moment. With each shift in energetic vibration, which happens first on the inner planes of consciousness, you feel out of alignment

The discomfort, doubt and uncertainty which you describe as ‘not being on your path’ are the manifestation of being on two different paths, and attempting to embody two different life purposes associated with different energetic vibrations. It is time to choose the path you will be on but neither one is comfortable. The known path no longer resonates completely with your vibration and the new path is unknown and you are also not wholly in its vibration. Your healing on the known path is complete and it is time to move to another level of wholeness.

The final step of each healing cycle is the embodiment of new energies, which are new potentials you can choose for your next level of energetic alignment. As you make your choice, you are able to experience the new and old energies and decide where you will be. There is no pressure or timeline for this choice and the challenge you face is the release of connections with aspects of your reality that embody the ‘old’ energy, including people, relationships and situations.

You may be the first in your soul group to achieve wholeness at an energetic vibration and this can make you feel very alone. You may try to maintain connections that no longer serve you or your new path, or that you are no longer aligned with. This final release joins ego and spirit in a moment of wholeness, where you are fully aligned and complete, ready to begin another journey into transformation, wholeness, and congruence. This is the path of ascension, and with each level you integrate, align with and master, new levels of energetic vibration are opening so you can become whole and complete at ever higher frequencies and levels of being.


Gary B 26th January 2017 7:09 pm

Short and absolutely Sweet

Thanks Jennifer

Toni 27th January 2017 4:12 am

Yes this is so...its been a week of dragonflies and illusions seeking truth...not to mention fixing all the gaps and blocks in the unfolding timeline to get the energy flowing at this new vibrational frequency... without the glitches of old coming into play that is. Heck of a week...so glad its done and everything's back in order...

On with the love and my new passion thankyou Spirit. :thumbs:


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The Archangel Uriel is here to help humanity through the Shift in Consciousness by interacting with us as we shift into higher dimensions of consciousness. Uriel, one of the seven Archangels that stand at the throne of the Creator, is known as the "Light of God" and governs the Mental Plane.

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