Why Failure is Impossible

It's a full moon as I write this, another powerful alignment that is adding another layer to the mix of energies and experiences we have had in the past few months, all of them pointing us to an invitation to open our collective hearts. Now this doesn't mean we are going to fall in love (although many of you are), it means that we are being given the opportunity to move our energy flow from the limitations of the lower chakras into the expansiveness of the high heart.

We can move from limiting our experience of love as an emotion to explore what it means to be fully immersed in the energy of love. While we need another person to show us emotional love or be very aligned with our own self love to experience it, the energy of love is all encompassing, touching every area of our lives and it is ever present. Watch your inbox for an invitation to my new Raise your Love Vibes program, which you can find out about starting next week! 

In the midst of all of this heart opening potential we are all too often reminded of the potential for failure and all of the emotions that arise from failure, the disappointment, depression, and judgments. Sometimes we are so afraid of failing that we do not even begin and that's sad because to be honest, failure is not possible. This is addressed in this week's article, which you can read below.

Why Failure is Impossible

Failure is our biggest fear and yet it is not something that we ever experience, in the real sense of the word. Why? Because no matter what we think doesn’t work out, we never go back to the very beginning, the point where we don’t know anything. When we ‘fail’, we go back to our most recent point of transformation, the point where we started this portion of our journey. What do we call an experience when the outcome doesn’t meet our expectations? How about a re-adjustment, a change in plans, a re-work or a re-consideration because it is not, and can never be, a total failure.

What does failure mean? In general, we use the word fail to describe something that didn’t turn out as we had hoped or planned. But where was the point of failure, in the plan or the outcome? The outcome can never be more than the plan and the plans we create reflect our awareness and vibration in that moment.

Once we are on a path, we begin to assess our progress and if we don’t like the direction, speed, or destination, we call it a failure but it is actually an opportunity to reconsider our plan and make adjustments using the new energy and points of alignment that we gained from making the journey. We need to integrate what we have learned so far, make adjustments as necessary, create a new plan and begin again. But we don’t begin at the very beginning, we begin again at the place where we stopped.

Then we move forward until we need to integrate more energy to be able to continue to move forward. This is not unlike driving a car on a road trip and having to stop and fill the car with gas before continuing onward. Is it a failure because the journey could not be completed with a single tank of gas? It depends on how far we’re going, the size of the gas tank, how we’re driving, whether the air conditioning is on, whether the road is hilly, and the car’s gas mileage. Our journeys are very similar to this, with just as many or more variables.

The journey is always farther than we think it will be and it takes longer than we plan for, possibly because we always want to do everything in the shortest time possible. But we need these pauses that we can be tempted to call failures, to compel us to consider adjustments in our path and plan. We have many clues that the plan needs changing along the way, when we aren’t happy, we feel stuck, we can’t move forward, things get really hard, or nothing works as we want it to or think it should. Those are not points of failure, they are points for reconsideration of the plan and the outcome, to ensure that they’re aligned and that we are aligned with them.

We can’t create an outcome that is better than the plan and every plan, no matter how well considered, is limited to the energy we embody at the time we make it. So rather than spend our time criticizing, judging, and berating ourselves as a failure, we would be better off considering the pause as a pit stop on our life’s road trip and use the time accordingly, to check our tires (reconsider the plan), get something to eat (refresh ourselves), use the restroom (eliminate what is no longer necessary), review the map (make sure we’re still on track for the destination), and maybe even take a little nap, just to make sure we’re in top form for the next phase of the journey. Remember that the point of any journey is not the destination, it’s the journey itself.


Radiant Love Energy 18th November 2013 1:14 pm

Great message, Jennifer - thank you! I've really been feeling the energy of this full moon. Definitely a powerful alignment... :angel:

laughlight 19th November 2013 1:33 pm

so genius lol
& exactly WHY I have followed you all this time ~
brilliant explanation why we shall find no fault with anything we do in our lives

you reaffirm humanity so forgivingly when you share this with us

thank you


keryndawer 19th November 2013 3:31 pm

I feel this so truly and deeply Jennifer and always try to convey this to others. Sadly so many see life as a "one shot" win or lose deal. Your lovely metaphor for the "no failure" journey of life illustrates beautifully how life is about changing, learning and growing but never failure. Thank you.


Tiff 20th November 2013 5:05 am

Excellent message. Thank you, Jennifer.


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