You Are a Word of God

You are a Word of God, an expression of divine light and unconditional love in human form. The mission you have undertaken in this and in each lifetime is not to blindly follow the Word of God, to do as you are told and follow a path that is created for you or on your behalf. Your mission is to be a Word of God, as a singular and unique expression of God or Source in human form. This Word is your unique Source power connection, it is through the Word that you create heaven on earth and present your gifts to the world. You as a Word of God embody a unique light in the world. What word do you wish to be and how do you wish to embody it? The choice is yours. The Word gives you power; how you choose to embody and use it allows you to access its power.

Your human presence is a vessel for spirit, a container for the energy of the light and truth that the world needs to rise beyond its humanity and embrace its divinity. This is not written as the Word of God that all of humanity should follow, it is created through the individual lights that you are as a Word of God, each one of them a divine ambassador of light, who bring divine light and truth to the world. Without you spirit has no access to the  material world; without spirit you are ego-led and without access to your divine purpose or direction. As a Word of God you embody spirit, provide it with intention, focus and expression. You as a Word of God is you as Source in action.

The Word you are is your choice; you can embody any aspect of Source energy you choose, joy, peace, love, abundance are some options. Be aware that there is no judgment in Source energy so the Word is also present in those who teach through fear and separation. The purpose of the mission is reconnection and ascension and that is accomplished in many different ways. To be a Word of God means to know yourselves as divine and to be willing to express your divinity in the world, through the life you live, your choices and intention. This does not require you to be good or ‘holy’, it requires that you acknowledge yourselves as whole, embodying your humanity and your divinity, in a co-creative partnership that allows the highest expression of your Source connection and an intention to be a vessel of divine energy and light.

Choose the Word you wish to be and embrace its energy. Change your choice as you feel inspired to be more fully in your purpose of being a co-creator with your divine connection. In an infinite and abundant Universe, there are infinite and abundant opportunities to learn, heal, transform and ascend and as you undertake this within your own journey, you also create it for the world. There are no limitations to your ability to express Source energy and when you are the best most powerful and highest expression of yourself as a divine human, and vessel for and of Source, you are the  highest and most powerful word of God, expressed as you.



kerry1953 9th April 2013 8:11 am

I disagree with this lady..about our reason to be on earth. Some of us just want to be ourselves and do our thing and be loved and that is is.

LordJesusChrist 10th April 2013 4:14 am

The Good Force be with you!

Thank you, Archangel Uriel by Jennifer, for a great article!
As the Word of God, I say, "Stay happy, healthy & wise as always now and forever!"

Live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom
:smitten: :) :coolsmiley :angel: :thumbs:


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