Abraham-Hicks: Is 2012 "the time of Awakening"?

Is 2012 "the time of Awakening"? The answer is unequivocally -- "yes!"

Abraham says, "We've been calling it 'the time of awakening' -- the time of realizing who you really are -- a time of more deliberate awareness and a time of greater sensitivity to broader perspective."

"Humanity has always had access to this non-physical energy stream, but if you're not consciously aware of it, you're not AWAKE to it."

Abraham goes on to say that "it's not that things have changed from a non-physical viewpoint, it's that more humans are becoming consciously AWARE of their relationship with what is non-physical".

"It isn't that things are changing so much, it's that your ability to SEE them is changing. You are tuning your frequencies higher and higher so that the gap between what is physical and what is non-physical, is less."

Abraham goes on to stress that it's not a quantum leap in consciousness that is taking place, but rather, an easing into it. "It's all about aligning, which is what we are calling 'the art of allowing' -- the art of allowing that broader perspective that is really you -- that you've been honing for all of the days of this life and long before -- the art of allowing yourself to be in vibrational sync with ALL that you have become."

Excerpted from the August 2012 Alaskan Cruise.

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