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Video > Dealing With the Angry Vibe on the Planet This Week

This week my inbox has been filled with emails from people asking about the angry and frustrated vibe on the planet. Here is the angel's take on it, as well as tips from me on how to handle anger – both yours and anything aimed at you. 

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Video > Tapping into Streams of Well Being

While we're all dealing with concerns about the coronavirus, and must pay attention to the human methods of dealing with it, there are simply spiritual techniques that can help you tap into a vibration much higher than the problem.

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Video > Tuning into Love and a Gaze

Enjoy a brief discussion on how to tune into love and easily ask the angels for help to recalibrate your energy. Then enjoy a life gaze (energy transmission) to help you feel the love!

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Video > The universe answers every request... & How I Beat the Flu in 2 days!

The universe immediately begins to answer every request! A few weeks ago I asked for more mastery over my body and got both a path to get there, and a good challenge to see how I was doing. Enjoy this talk and a live gaze!

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Video > Ann Albers MIni Meditation - Calming Anxiety

Enjoy a brief meditation to help calm the adrenals and add more peace to your day.

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Video > Ann Albers Mini Meditation - Peace and Power up

Use this mini-meditation to quickly create mental and emotional peace, and to physically energize yourself. Quick and easy, but effective!

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