June 2013 Monthly Visions: Waving not Drowning

This is the video version of the written Monthly Visions found here.



SpiritScribe 24th June 2013 2:09 am

Your message was very much right on target with what I've been experiencing for a week or so. I listened to part of your message with my eyes closed and resting, but at 21 minutes I started paying very close attention. I couldn't help but notice a form of energy manifesting to your right and moving around on several occasions. Had you noticed this? It's about a foot high and has a slight yellowish tint to it. Times are:

21:00 Forms in frame on your right (on couch), moves up
23:14 Above your head, moves to your right out of the frame
23:18 Moves back into frame, down toward script
24:14 Barely into frame, to your right, moves upward
28:08 Shadow moves into frame from above your head, moves straight down until the bottom of the frame where it "wiggles" a bit and the video starts to jump.

Not meaning to detract from your message at all, just wanted to point out something fascinating. Maybe one of your guides coming around you? As many people that have viewed this, I'm surprised someone else didn't mention it!

Bless you for sharing your message!

Don11 28th June 2013 10:29 pm


Thank you so much for pointing all that out! I have noticed orbs showing up in the last few monthly visions, but they have been smaller. I hadn't gone through this whole video so hadn't noticed these ones...wow, very interesting!! It is a lovely feeling to know 'they' are around during the monthly visions recordings!

Much love,

Dana xo


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