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Video > The Detoxification of Earth

The Detoxification of Earth - New phase 2032

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Video > Heart Opening Exercise from "Transform your Life"

Open your heart visualisation and take down your armour to spread love.

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Video > Enlightenment To End Guns in the World

Let's use light to help end guns in the world. Light needs to be sent. 

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Video > Guided Meditation to Accelerate Your Journey to the Light

In this calming meditation featuring Diana Cooper and Tim Whild, you’ll be guided through all 12 chakras to accelerate your journey to the pure white light of your soul.

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Video > Diana Cooper - An Angelic Perspective

An Angelic Perspective on what happens in life. 

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Video > Diana Cooper: 2012-2032 Transition To The Golden Age

Lilou Macè interviews Diana Cooper on 2012 and the changes that will be occurring between now and 2032, as we enter the Golden Age.

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Video > Diana Cooper talks about Archangel Gabriel's Orbs

Diana Cooper talks about Archangel Gabriel's Orbs and explains how to contact the Archangel to receive his precious help.

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Video > Diana Cooper: Unicorns and Enlightenment

Diana Cooper talks about Unicorns and Enlightenment. The Unicorns are 7th dimension creatures that can help us remove the veils of illusions from the third eye. Once you remove the first they will stay with you until you remove them all.

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Video > Diana Cooper Interview on VirtualLight Nov 2009

Angels are appearing now to give us more information to prepare for 2012.  New energies are coming and if we are ready, they will shift many people to the 5th dimension and into ascension. Diana's message in her book explains in detail about the transition as we root ourselves down into the earth.

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