December 2021 Ascension Report

Hallo Friends,

I have just spent a wonderful few days in Glastonbury with my dogs. My room overlooked the tour. It felt amazing to be within the energy of the portal that connects directly to the cosmic heart. On our first day there Venus, Sugar and I climbed to the top of the Tor and here is a photo of them to prove it!

We even walked past Gog and Magog, the only remaining 1000 year old Avalon Oaks and visited the dragon, while looking at crystals. It was so wonderfully refreshing to see DOGS WELCOME on shop and café doors and everywhere we went we felt welcome. We enjoyed the best ever food at the dog friendly Queen of Cups. In fact it was so good that I took my family there for lunch the following day.

I soon realised it was not by chance that I was in Glastonbury, the heart chakra of Earth.

Glastonbury, Avebury and Stonehenge are all extraordinary portals within one Great Portal. I passed Stonehenge on my way and then talked to someone who was raving about Avebury. Glastonbury is an amazing and powerful portal through which cosmic love energy enters earth. Avebury is also a special intergalactic portal and is starting to return to its original role as the welcome portal for this universe for beings from the stars. Stonehenge is an awesome two-way inter-dimensional portal and much more. At the winter solstice it is in direct alignment with the Sun and the Great Central Sun, that are beaming through energies for soul freedom. This is incredibly important now as right after the solstice, on Christmas Eve, the forces of control and freedom clash in a major way.

So for the winter solstice when spirit asked me to do a Zoom I knew it had to be through Stonehenge to access the energies of soul freedom. To my surprise Paul the Venetian kept coming to me. He carries the Flame of Freedom for humanity.

I realised that I had been brought to Glastonbury specifically to prepare for the awesome energies the Illumined Ones want to bring through for the Zoom. Six Great Masters are sending out a clarion call to join them at the Winter Solstice. They wish to place the Flame of Freedom in the energy fields of lightworkers – to prepare everyone for the golden future ahead and also to give us keys to help to build the great 7D cosmic web round the universe. This is being prepared and built right now and will be fully activated for the new golden age.

Here are the six Masters who are waiting to illuminate us.

Lord Voosloo was the greatest, highest frequency High Priest ever to incarnate in Golden Atlantis. At that time he brought with him the keys and codes to jump shift Atlantis into the legendary era we remember, when people created extraordinary crystal technology and activated incredible psychic abilities. He has returned now as Master of the 8th ray to help us to jump shift into the new Golden Age at an even higher frequency than we had in Golden Atlantis. He wishes to download for us the latest keys and codes for our spiritual advancement.

Paul the Venetian carries the Flame of Freedom, a magnificent bright yellow, pink and orange flame that sets people’s souls free. Throughout his incarnations he has been concerned with liberty and freedom. I do not work with him very often so I was surprised when he entered my inner world and was very persistent. I suppose I should not have been surprised for right now, humanity has collectively signed up for the great challenge of Control v Freedom. You may well find your personal life is tested in this way as a reflection of the big test for the world. He was very insistent that he wanted to place the Flame of Freedom over those who are ready to rise above the control energies on Earth at this time. The winter solstice is a particularly auspicious time to do this as Glastonbury is directly aligned with the Sun on this day. The Sun carries codes of soul freedom.

Lord Kumeka was instrumental in setting up the last experiment of Atlantis that culminated in the Golden Era. He is a 10th dimensional Master, working on the topaz blue ray of enlightenment, purification and freedom. He has all the knowledge and experience that we need right now and is helping to create the blueprint for the New Age, so that it can be activated. Amongst other things he is ready to download parts of the blueprint to those individuals who are ready to receive it. With this they can do their part in helping the planet prepare for the golden future.

El Morya is the Manu, the perfected 5D human, with 12 strands of DNA and 12 chakras fully operational. When you stand in his energy fields with pure intent, he will light you up with these codes and higher possibilities.

Jesus is now the Bringer of Cosmic Love, who carries the highest vibration of Christ light. When you meet him in the etheric above Glastonbury Tor where the Ray of Love from the Cosmic Heart pours into this planet, miracles of love can happen. It enables you to spread higher love.

Commander Ashtar is the commander of the Intergalactic Fleet of Spacecraft that protect Earth and patrol the universe. He will travel with you into the cosmos to build and strengthen the universal web of light. You can add pure love and human wisdom to the web that connects the stars. This will anchor it more strongly into Earth at Stonehenge and enable us to take our place in the universe.

With love and beautiful blessings




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