July Ascension Report

Dear Friends

Over the past 10,000 yrs since fall At, humanity become disconnected with nature.

Yet nature provides for us, heals and soothes us.  Without it we do not survive.

Now at last, as many people have stayed at home, nature has been reenergised.

Waters cleaner, more fish. Air cleaner, more birds.  Animals reclaiming former territory.  A wave of consciousness has spread across the world encouraging us to grow our own vegetables.  People are even watching more nature programmes on television.  One of the huge benefits of the lockdown is the reconnect with the natural world and hopefully this will continue.  In fact it is imperative for our future.

There is so much talk of a second wave of Corona.  Will it happen?  This entirely depends on us.  If we learn the lessons of the first wave, then we do not need a second wave.  Currently we are on track for more lessons either through a second wave or something else.  We really are seeing the predicted world changes happening in front of our very eyes.

Huge amounts of anger that have been repressed for aeons are now surfacing.  All this time the powers in charge have controlled and squashed the feelings of injustice etc.  But this can no longer be crushed and people power will be heard.  Before long we are going to look back and say, ‘Did we really give people so much power? How come we allowed ourselves to be treated like that?

With unicorn love and blessings




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Diana Cooper

Diana Cooper

Diana Cooper received an angel visitation during a time of personal crisis, which changed her life. Author of 17 books in over 20 languages, she has inspired thousands of people to fulfil their spiritual potential.  Well known for her work with angels, ascension and the wisdom of Atlantis, she was asked by the unicorns to write her new book The Wonder of Unicorns.

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