CrystalColorScope Forecast & Predictions for August 2019

Which crystals will help you navigate this month's astro-numerological influences?

The beginning of the month is flavored by last month’s Leo New Moon marking a time of creativity and fun. Jupiter moves direct on the 11th impacting your beliefs, bringing change and allowing you to stretch both your vision of where you’re heading. On the same day, Uranus planet of awakening and surprises turns retrograde for 5 months guiding you to take a look at your personal freedom.

The Aquarius Full Moon on the 15th signals a time of connection with others and maybe a desire to be part of a greater whole. Venus planet of love and finances moves into Virgo on the 21st beginning a time of channeling love for others into service, a theme that is heightened with the New Moon in Virgo on the 30th.

Using your intuition select CRYSTAL 1, 2, or 3 for a personal message and notice which astrological or numerological influence it relates to. All of the crystals have a message for everyone, but there might be a specific message that is for you from one of these crystals.

If you picked 1 – 3:33

If you picked 2 – 7:47

If you picked 3 – 9:30

Gift your friends with a message too, thank you! 

LOVE + Blessings

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